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  1. CARMAX COMING TO COLUMBUS!!!!!! Carmax will be opening up a new Columbus location by next spring along North Veterens Parkway across from Hughston hospital next to Advanced Auto parts. This will be the chains first Columbus location. The old lowes building will be torn down next to the property and hopefully other developments can go there no date for construction to begin yet, but should begin soon if opening date is in the spring.
  2. The new Gateway being built above I-185 at Victory Drive
  3. BURLINGTON COAT FACTORY TO OPEN IN BRITT DAVID It became official yesterday that the former hobby lobby site will become a new burlington coat factory. The store confirmed it saying the store will be a 70,000 square foot location opening on Novemeber 4th, It will feature the companies brand new prototype design. A job fair will be held sometime next month and the store should employ around 75 people. Officials say that the company had been trying to expand into Columbus for five years and at one point was suppose to go into cross country plaza at the location that was occupied by steve and barrys. They have now been waiting for a location large enough to open up and when Hobby Lobby opened it was the perfect fit. Dr. Agarwal applied for the permit on the building because he is an executive with palm estate realty which owns the Britt david shopping center. This is truly a great addition to Columbus. Hopefully more national retailers are in the works.
  4. the land at the intersection of moon and whittlesley is going to be a new car dealership. It will be home to Kia autosport of Columbus. They have outgrown the midtown location. On a seperate note construction has started on the old hobby lobby store on airport thruway n e idea what is going there
  5. New photo of the Day for june 28th Broadway at 11th Street
  6. New Columbus Area Photo of the Day for June 11, 2011 Columbus' New Carver High School Construction
  7. Yea I to have heard rumors about the land near chik fila I have heard that arbys and dunkin donuts have been seeking a site in that area. On a seperate note ihop is adding another location ons gateway drive in front of walmart
  8. Well Good news the I-14 project is not dead. The FHA just held a webinar this past Thursday to discuss the impact of the project. some notes from that meeting are being used in the study impact. Other Webinars will be held down the line the direct link is listed below to the site; FHA I-14 Link
  9. I totally agree I-85 is already a great route thru the Lagrange West Point area. Columbus is a much larger city and needs the interstate more. I don't know if anyone else has realize just how much heavier traffic is getting in the city of Columbus. I think GDOT finally has though if anyone has noticed the construction on 185 between St Marys Road and Victory Drive DOT has installed freeway cameras as well as traffic message boards although not up and running yet. Look at business throughout both cities and it is easy to see that Columbus is much more in theway of a business hub than Lagrange as well as transportation hub. I-14 will be built thru Columbus not lagrange. After all alot of that old blood that stopped the orginal interstate in this city has died off and seems like things can get done better here.
  10. The following article ran on WTVM on March 25th. Towards the end of the article you will see where they say that it will be a 2 story publix store I don't know how they will play it with 2 floors, but I have seen a 2 story Walmart store before not in this region of the country though.
  11. Well looks like Freedom Furniture and Electronics will be replacing Books a Million at cross country plaza. The store only has one other Georgia location and it is in Hinesville. On their website it shows 12 stores ranging from California to Virginia mostly in large military communities. I guess anything is better than having a large vacant store front. A similar store US Discounters opened on Gentian Blvd several years ago and they have done very well in the city. Also in the cross country development I think it will be unique to have a two story publix store there
  12. I-14 is not a dead project The following article ran on local ABC affliate WTVM on Tuesday March 29th
  13. Bad news today the Books a million store in cross country plaza will be closing on APril 15th for good. The developer says a new store will be coming to the location but is not releasing any details yet as to which one
  14. New Photo of the day for Feb. 1, 2011 13th Street Bridge over Chattahoochee River
  15. New Photo of the Day for Jan. 20, 2011 View of Downtown Columbus, Found this one through a google search
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