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  1. A little off-target here, but... ATLBrain, this isn't directed at you, specifically, but at the concept of foreign buyers being the salvation of some of the higher end projects either planned or underway in the downtown area. (West End Summit, in particular, is one that comes to mind.) I've always found that idea interesting. How many folks from outside the US who can afford buying condos in the $500,000 and up market are interested in spending that kind of money in Nashville? Would these buyers typically be looking at second or vacation homes? Is Nashville enough of a vacation destination such that these buyers would be looking to invest in an urban residence? I compare these to folks buying at one of the shores (Carolina coasts, Mississippi or Alabama on the Gulf, etc.) or in the mountains (Asheville, NC, would be one example). What envision as more traditional vacation home destinations Is Nashville, or any other second tier city (as opposed to the top tiers of NY, Chicago, LA, San Fran, etc) able to draw investments of this magnitude? I'm an urban guy, and try to envision what I would want to do should I have that kind of money. It's an interesting discussion. Curious...
  2. Anyone hearing anything about the project running into "challenges"? Advance sales just being too slow? Overheard pieces of conversations at a recent gathering of Nashville "in the know" folks and they did not sound very optimistic about Signature. I know, nothing but rumors, but so much of the real estate market is just that! Curious...
  3. I live in Nashville - moved here in the late '80s. I had thought I'd be long gone by now, but it's a very easy place to live. I travel for work, so I can get my "fix" for big cities out of my system. I then can come home to a nice, affordable place that I really like. I had previously lived in Raleigh, NC, St. Paul, MN, and Philadelphia in reverse chronological order, after leaving the small town of Uniontown, PA after graduating from high school.
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