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  1. They have two outlots available.
  2. I was out in Muskegon yesterday, and stopped by the Norton Shores store to see how the renovation is going there. The northern addition with the new grocery section is already nearing completion. Looking through the wall inside, It appears that the addition is maybe a couple weeks away from being ready for the move. The lights are on and coolers are installed. You can see from this view how much of the old building will be demolished once the grocery section moves. The former seasonal area has already been demolished. In addition, interior renovations of the retail area are starting (removing tiles and painting the ceiling, replacing floor tiles, etc.).
  3. They used to be higher up on that list (#9 at one time I believe), but that's in part due to a number of formerly public companies (Chrysler for example) going private in recent time.
  4. I believe that there are international freight flights (FedEx, UPS, etc.), but no passenger flights.
  5. GRR is not a hub airport for any airline, so nobody is normally going to have a layover here.
  6. The only place in the eastern UP big enough for Meijer is Sault Ste. Marie. Mackinaw City and St. Ignace even combined would be too small of a market.
  7. Looking at the satellite image of this location, I'm not surprised. It's pretty much out in the middle of nowhere. Meijer probably speculated that there would be more retail development in that area that never materialized.
  8. That number is several years out of date. Michigan already has 4 of these interchanges: M-6/Kalamazoo Rd. here in GR, and I-96/Beck Rd., US-23/M-59, and I-94/US-24 in the Detroit metro area. The closest example of what the 44th St. interchange will be like is the I-96/Beck Rd. interchange.
  9. I believe that the recently opened Allen Park store is LEED certified.
  10. I know that. What I meant was that the store was built as a supercenter from the ground up, not expanded from an existing supermarket.
  11. Here is a list that I compiled from old city directories a while back: 1 - Greenville 2 - Cedar Springs 3 - Ionia 4 - 4242 Division Ave. S. 5 - 2815 Woodward Ave. SW 6 - 80 Ottawa NW 7 - 425 Fuller NE 8 - 1645 Eastern SE 9 - 1620 Leonard NW 10 - 4365 Lake Michigan Dr. 11 - 1540 28th Street SE 12 - 3757 Plainfield Ave NE 13 - 376 Apple Ave, Muskegon 14 - 1950 Sanford, Muskegon 15 - 3000 Walker NW (Gas station) 16 - W Columbia Ave, Battle Creek 17 - 91 Douglas Ave, Holland 18 - 430 N. Beacon, Grand Haven I'm pretty certain that Norton Shores (#19) was the first store built as a Thrifty Acres from the beginning.
  12. Same owners, new plan: Developer proposes Standale strip mall
  13. Like any store brand merchandise they are made by an anonymous manufacturer and packaged with the store's brand. In Meijer's case, they sometimes use the alias "Wholesale Merchandise" for items that don't use the Meijer name and logo, like tools.
  14. Your dates are a little off on the Cascade store. It was built in the mid 80's (store #50). It's original facade was similar to the Clyde Park store, with the curved glass atrium entries and dark brown brick. The renovation and expansion to the village format was done in 2000-2001. This was a major renovation on the same scale that the Alpine store is receiving now. A smaller renovation was done in 2003 to apply the prototype Rockwell format to the store and build the addition to the seasonal area sticking out into the garden center.
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