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  1. I have to agree with you as well RALNATIVE its not just you! Yea Wakefield isnt urban blah blah and is certainly typical of suburbia, but it is still a notable district of Raleigh.
  2. I like the look but not the cost! Hopefully they can find some way to incorporate retail into the building to generate some tax revenue out of that place. A donut shop would be perfect!
  3. The website http://www.blountstreetcommons.com
  4. phase 2 looks like it could signify Raleigh. I really cant wait for this, the convention center, hotel, condos to be done. Fayetteville St will be the new glenwood.
  5. Speaking of devloping the east side, what development is going on at Tryon and 401 near the Wal-mart and behind the ran down shopping center. The ran down shopping center is so bad I don't even know what retail is available there besides a Wendys, a jiffy lube(i think) and a gas station and yes Bojangles is across the street. But anyhow there is alot of land being cleared there. If anyone knows let me know, maybe Wal-Mart is relocating there or something.
  6. does anybody have any new construction images of fayetteville street???
  7. Can somebody post this picture???
  8. Sweeeet! I really like the look of the 20 story building. Looks different than any other building here in Raleigh, not the same old boxy building. Its a great entrance to fayetteville street as well with all of that retail.
  9. The thing I like about these buildings is the bottom. Look at all of that retail stretched out across fayetteville st., and think the new marriott will have retail opposite of this site with retail on the bottom. Go a block down and there is the new art structure. Im getting excited about the potential fayetteville st. has.
  10. Wow higher than that, where does this rumor come from??
  11. Maybe I missed this but I was looking on Emporis.com and it looks like some height was added to these buildings of Site 1. I think they were originally 10-story twin buildings. Now one tower is 19 floors, and the other is 15 floors. It looks like though site 4 is still the same height. Hopefully site 4 will go up quickly so it will hide the view of the new cc hotel.
  12. Thats the only thing I worry about too, but the people that use the roads will be paying for there future transportation I guess.
  13. I like the idea of the toll, I really dont want to wait till 2020something for an outer loop to be developed. If it can speed up this quick than so be it as long as they take away the tolls when they are completed with it. I mean if NCDOT does not have the funds I think that is an appropriate resolution. If you have been to Chicago, I don't think people will stop driving a toll road because there is a cheaper route. Its all about how fast and how convenient... <----(what America is based on)
  14. I want to see great restaurants like a good ol carolina bbq place with outdoor dining something that highlights North Carolina food. Upscale shopping like you have around Georgetown in DC (Polo etc.). Also a 24 hour street with coffee shops opening early right after the bars on the street close at 2 in the morning. Hotels, and condos above all of it. I like how the street lights look with the acorn and the view of the Cap. Building and the BTI center.
  15. I'm not sure if this has been posted anywhere but it gives you a little bit more insight and vision to the alternative plan. Anyhow its a PDF file and heres the link. Alternative Plan - City Of Raleigh (Dorthea Dix)
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