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  1. The website shows 6 floors: 43/44, 45/46, and 47/48. Move your mouse up to the very top of the rendering to the part that's partially hidden. Also, I'm pretty sure the penthouses will be custom-designed, so there probably aren't any layouts to put on the website.
  2. What land deal? I thought he paid a pretty penny for the dirt...
  3. BryanH is dead on. Metro, you happened to pick the least pedestrian friendly ingress/egress point in the whole center to criticize. The grades are such that stairs were absolutely necessary here, and I don't see any blank walls, I see lots of storefronts and signage spots. There's no way to fit 300,000 sf of retail all facing inwards in this thing.
  4. The sales center opens to the general public tomorrow.
  5. I don't know if anyone noticed, but The Ledge loft condos went on sale today from Blvd Centro. http://www.blvdcentro.com/ledge/ledge.htm Anyone know anything about this project? They're targeting Spring 08 to close. Personally, I like the look of the building in the renderings and the loft concept, and the floor plans are decent as well. Thoughts?
  6. http://www.blackfinnnyc.com/home.cfm Looks like a pretty cool place - I'd definitely at least try it out. The menu looks pretty standard, but if the atmosphere is right, it could be great. I assume they'll adjust prices for the Charlotte market...
  7. here's a question - what does everyone think is the best floor and view as an investment opportunity at 210 trade from 400+? for the sake of argument, let's say price is not an issue, but penthouses are out. do people typically snatch up the highest levels first in a building this tall? what are the pros/cons? opinions?
  8. is that a guess, or confirmed?
  9. anyone have any idea who's developing it??
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    Gotta get those precious soil samples!
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