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  1. I wouldn't call this suburban sprawl. It ls long been in the city limits, although it has been low density up to just a few years ago. I grew up in a neighborhood nearby off of North Church St during the '80s. At that time this area was a kind of unofficial commercial center for Northwest Greensboro. With all the recent growth, it will become more dense, a welcome development for Greensboro. The city needs to do more to make parts of Greensboro walkable that are outside the core. This area in particular is both a traffic and pedestrian nightmare.
  2. At this early stage, I'm hoping the rendering represents the scale more than the actual design of the buildings - especially the glass tower which I think looks...well rather generic. If a large tenant like Truist signs on, the actual design might be more distinctive. Either way, this is great for Greensboro.
  3. It's good to see that High Point is on it's way to having a year round downtown for all it's citizens.
  4. This is a beautiful building and will go a long way to visually solidifying Durham's dispersed skyline. I always thought downtown Durham's street grid was interesting and this tower sorta highlights that - lots of potential. Watch out Greensboro, Durham will soon be taller and already has more density!
  5. gso27

    Cincinnati Skyline

    Cincinnati, OH and Covington, KY skylines from Devou Park.
  6. I have to agree with Rufus. The final design is a bit uninspiring. It could well be a courthouse or some other government building just looking at this entrance rendering. Durham's has more visual impact or the kind of impact that suggests high art inside. Although I'm sure the building will be state of the art, I just wish more of that art was in the facade. Still, this is great for Greensboro.
  7. I have to agree with Citiboi. Part of what makes downtown High Point and to some smaller extent Winston-Salem so interesting is the density of buildings 4 to 10 stories tall. Greensboro lacks any real density beyond Elm Street, so any new large mid-rise buildings are welcomed (even this ugly jail to some extent). What it offers to the urban streetscape is debatable, but structures of this scale will boost the base of Greensboro's skyline by filling in the many gaps that are visible from certain vantage points. Beyond aesthethics, as land prices rise downtown, more and larger multi-use facilities should increase the foot traffic downtown at all times of the day. I think Greensboro will see more mid-rise development, and hopefully something taller in the future. I get excited with any new developments downtown and I'm even more grateful considering the current economic climate, so there's nothing wrong with getting a little excited with each new announcement.
  8. It's a excellent view of the skyline, but a little too Photoshoped for my tastes. I'm surprised the CVB would use that shot when I've seen the same photo with a normal (yet still dramatic) sky. I hope to take this same shot with a train moving through the station eventually.
  9. The commuter rail plan might have been too grand for it's own good. A simple line linking Downtown Greensboro, (then eventually Winston and High-Point) with the airport might have been a better start.
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