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  1. Looking for the back side of creative village
  2. Fun fact. I was born at the city of faith hospital where these hands are for the very brief period it was a hospital. Also as far as I know the only jewish child born at this hospital moved to orlando when I was 9 and haven’t looked back
  3. Lord. I’ve seen some stuff in my UCF days. This comment makes me both laugh and remember my college days fondly. And oh so glad I’m far past those days
  4. The other angle. I was with Brandon at pop Parlour when we heard a massive bang. you can see the tire tracks on the sidewalk. They were inches away from taking out a group sitting at that table its a miracle no one was seriously injured (one dude was hit but walked away with just some cuts and I imagine bruises) IMG_5558.MOV
  5. It’s pretty massive looking when on orange. how many more floors does it have to go? This goes a long way to making the corridor feel cohesive.
  6. Took a scoot ride here yesterday with @popsiclebrandon it felt like we were in a whole new / different city. very impressive size and scale.
  7. This 1000% There has been a distinct paradigm shift in how we view the working office environment. We are now bearing witness to the death of the American Office. I don’t think we ever return to what it was before, no so I think we really should. A Friend who works at Publix said that productively almost doubled since they started remote working. That being said, places like publix have too much money invested in their brick and mortar locations to abandon it, so places like that I imagine will return to the office space.
  8. Am I the only one or do photos not seem to capture the impact it has to the area? Looking from my place at post parkside at lake Eola, it feels so much larger and impactful than any photo I take can seem to really capture. all the same, thrilled to have this coming along and hopefully what it will add to the area. thanks to IamFloridaBorn for all the amazing photos as well
  9. Good stuff Brandon. How long did it take us to figure out we are both on here?
  10. View from across the lake. Love the way lake Eola is being boxed In
  11. View from post parkside and for giggles the sunset from the new block party thing they are doing at the round about by world of beer and true cedar or Lebanon
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