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  1. We got word today at universal that we are probably going to be out of work til at least May 8th ..... so as a Tipped employee we are going to be hit the hardest by this. No idea how in the world this is all going to shake out. We are getting changing responses and statements non stop. it seems our parks are going to be closed for at least another month or two. Head is spinning still by all this
  2. Photos from immerse last weekend with the stage set up out front.... love the use of this space and curious what they will do with it moving forward and the completion of the other hall. Original renderings had massive buildings on the two green spaces flanking either side... has there been an update or vision for the use of this space in front moving forward. Especially when they finish construction and open that space back up.
  3. Because photo updates are fun and the roof is just about done!
  4. The rendering is stunning and would make me feel better about losing the current building
  5. Dang. That’s crazy. I love T town still. It’s cone a LONG way over the last few years... I visited family there a few months ago and it’s pretty unreal. Of note that makes Tulsa especially interesting to us is that our Packing District is following the same blueprints as Tulsa’s “The Gathering Place” which was voted best new attraction in America. Truly spectacular and demonstrates the potential of the Packing District. My pictures aren’t all that great, but even with miserable conditions out the place was absolutely bustling and gorgeous... totally get that “Central Park” feel. Also the rooftop picture is from Welltown Brewing downtown. It’s part of the old industrial area that’s getting revitalized.... and yah. Thanks for adding that WTC tidbit. Makes it so very unique. The security around that building was especially heightened for a long while following 9/11 Not to derail too much here but I’m anxious to see an official release with the new renderings... absolutely love the concept and statement that the first one makes. I still lament the Tradition Towers... of all projects to die, that is the one I would bring back
  6. As mentioned above it is indeed the same architect and very haunting reminder of the WTC... seeing it In person is humbling and powerful. Overall Tulsa has some of the most beautiful and unique architecture I’ve seen. Its interesting watching the growth of our young city as we don’t have a lot of these elements. I’m still very bullish in our overall direction
  7. That's home town. It’s an interesting downtown with unique history, with incredible preserved Art Deco and distinct architectural elements. Also much taller buildings... yet the downtown life is a fraction of what we have. I’ve seen this across many mid major cities across the US.
  8. Peaking up over the tree line, looking from post parkside
  9. So we have pyramid scheme arena, timeshare stadium, and camping world all on one street... we doing it Orlando!
  10. Hahahaha love the photoshop there. And no I have my own bike that I got at Kyle’s bike shop... there is actually a Facebook group dedicated to the weird places Lime bikes are left all over Orlando https://www.facebook.com/groups/381800455722453/?ref=share
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