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  1. So we have pyramid scheme arena, timeshare stadium, and camping world all on one street... we doing it Orlando!
  2. Hahahaha love the photoshop there. And no I have my own bike that I got at Kyle’s bike shop... there is actually a Facebook group dedicated to the weird places Lime bikes are left all over Orlando https://www.facebook.com/groups/381800455722453/?ref=share
  3. Looking from near the Orlando city stadium. Massive and beautiful !
  4. Looking from parramore, it’s impresive the impact this is starting to have !
  5. I counted 14 stories as I drove by today if I remember correctly
  6. Construction coming along for the Harry Potter dark ride. Who has the inside scoop?? Spill it!
  7. Pictures from the rooftop of a certain brewery I may or may not be involved with down the street
  8. Downtown UCF and creative village and a sneak peak from a brewery that may or may not be U/C down the block
  9. This has been one of the most interesting reads and historical delineation on here in a while. Great stuff everyone. I was a kid during the heyday of church street so my memories are exactly of that.... perhaps why I always think of it so fondly and want to see the preservation of it Does anyone else remember that ridiculous train Perlman had on the track at church street? I also remember club Paris and that obnoxious dog statue out front of the ballroom. Perhaps the reason why I’m more ok with seeing that part of Orlando “history” go
  10. Starting to make a noticeable impact. Also not sure what was awkwardly swinging from the crane but it did not inspire confidence from the crane operator.
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