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  1. My wife and I were at the movies last weekend and was telling her that imax was gonna be going in. The lady in front of me overheard this and told me that they are not now. She works for the cinema and told us that they missed the dimensions by a foot to be an imax theatre. Anyone know if this is true? From the link above, it says that imax is still going in. This is just what one person said, just curious to see if its still coming.
  2. Don't know it it has anything to do with the campus, but noticed the past couple days the Waffle House on Laurens Rd. and 85 interchange has been closed. There is a large dumpster out front now. Didnt know if they are remodeling and need to remove the tar covered ceilings and walls or if something is going there related to ICAR.
  3. I too agree. My wife tried to contact WYFF last night and let them know how she felt by missing the beginning of Chuck. She dont watch too much TV, just Chuck, Lost and Heros. Anyone know what happened at the beggining?
  4. Sounds good about the Sears store. I hope its a sgood as the one in Atlanta.
  5. Exciting game indeed! Good to see that Lin is gonna represent Greenville in the futures game. If im not mistaken they are gonna open the ballpark to the public after the game on the 4th. So if your there for the game stick around there will be plenty to do. Good seats to watch fireworks.
  6. Yes GvilleSC, the mortar between the bricks. Mostly its concrete color, but this building is pink with dark brick.
  7. Does anyone know of a building in Greenville that has pink mortar? If im not mistaken its supposed to be off Haywood somewhere. Was talking to someone and they mentioned it. I would like to see the buiding if it exists.
  8. The camera platforms are new this year. They are finally giving live game feed to the tvs in the suites and in the 500 Club.
  9. I have not heard of G Magazine, where do I find it. I did a google search for info on it and seems like there is another magazine called G magazine. Caution if you search for it.
  10. While I was working at the Drive game sunday a hawk was slowly flying over the field. I guess it was checking things out.
  11. Nevermind looks like a new thread was started about the new name.
  12. The greyhounds are still around. They been holding tryouts and practices lately too.
  13. Go figure What corner would not be complete without a Walgreens or a CVS.
  14. I tried searching but came up with nothing, but does anyone know what is going on along Laurens Rd. and Parkins Mill Rd. First it was the citgo on the corner being demolished and now all the way down to the old feed store is being tore down. The property dosent look too deep but looks like its gonna have some good frontage along Laurens Rd.
  15. Tonight was a complete sell out. If i'm not mistaken they broke the all time attendance record, 6500 people.
  16. Does anyone know who to contact about price info for the apartments, and when they will be available?
  17. EDIT- Since Rested Traveler and I posted the sane thing as me at the same time, and since he put the links up.
  18. Charlie Theres a thread here somewhere thats a Simpsonville Developments, I think Georgia Commons was discused in there. Can't remember if there is any info in the thread or not.
  19. I followed RT's link on page 5 but it came up link not found. I was wondering where I could find more info on the trails and where they are. Where would be the closest place if i'm in Simpsonville, to get on the trails and how far would it take me? I never really paid much attention to the trails thread but here lately I been really interested in them.
  20. Someone linked the SC.gov page on fark.com and they are having a good time giving their opinions on the plates. I personally think they need to fire their designer/children.
  21. Thanks. After I posted his site came up for me.
  22. 'Have you all seen the awesome aerial shot of Greenville's downtown skyline on the Magnolia Park Town Center website? It is the very best I have seen from that angle!" Is there any way to be able to get that photo? Would like to put it on my desktop.
  23. I agree.The bridge would really look awesome with a slight remodel and new lights running down both sides would really make it look like a whole new bridge.
  24. If i'm not mistaken, thers a law saying that you have to be at least 10 feet away from a structure when using a grill (open flame). When I first moved to SC. I didn't know that and I had a big argument with my apt. manager. He told me that I had to be in a parking space out front of my apt. I told him that every one would be all up in my grill. I thought it was funny but he didn't seem to get it. So I went out and got a nice electric grill and kept it on my balcony. As soon as he came to complain I had to argue with him that theres no law saying anything about using an electric grill. And that was the end of it, I still enjoy as he walks by and give him a cheers and smile at him while I'm grillin.
  25. Since I took the night off Saturday, and wasn't in town to hear anything about the game, but when I went to work at the stadium today. I seen an outline of a person on the center field wall. I was taliking to my boss and he told me that Jason Place ran full speed into the wall Saturday night. Some of the other players put up a "chalk" outline of his body on the wall. Not sure If it stayed up during the game, but it was pretty funny to see it when we first got there.
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