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  1. reednavy05

    Nashville International Airport

    I agree, Air Canada, how appropraite, from TN north for the next several days, we just need twisted airlines or something tornado related. Sad situation, but welcome to an El Nino winter.
  2. reednavy05

    Nashville International Airport

    Very very nice with the snow. Why must I be down in Florida, we had tornadoes early this morning, the FedEx plane lokks stuning in contrast to the white snow, very good job.
  3. reednavy05

    Wishful Thinking

    That was actually a Albertson's grocery store, the original Wal-Mart was attached to the Stones River Mall, the old Dilliard's to be exact. Bojangles is thriving down here in Jacksonville,FL
  4. reednavy05

    Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    And at the same time, Marina City Center is still listed as proposed. WES will get built, at least the IC Hotel and Summit Condominium Tower, now the office tower, it all depends on who the anchor tenant will be.
  5. reednavy05

    Nashville International Airport

    It would be a plus for me. Lots of Navy people in Norfolk use SWA to travel to Jacksonville, New Orleans, and other Navy cities. It would definetly be a plus for Nashville.
  6. reednavy05

    Signature Tower

    Fantastic news, but this pushing back, sounds quite familiar. I say no more.
  7. reednavy05

    Murfreesboro - More Info On Mall Expansion

    Yes there is, I was just waiting for someone else to spot that. The Avenues will probably contain your Coll Springs like stores, but with SRM, it might get more exclusive clientel, hopefully thats the case.
  8. reednavy05

    Murfreesboro: Construction Begins On The Avenue

    Yes it opened as a Wal-Mart and oddly, it was connected to the mall, you got me. But of course they relocated down the street.
  9. reednavy05

    Murfreesboro: Construction Begins On The Avenue

    I remember that back in the day, I think SRM has made just a smidge of progress, you think?
  10. reednavy05

    Murfreesboro: Construction Begins On The Avenue

    Ishould've elaborated more. Tuscan-inspired interior decor. Sweeping high ceilings and Italian tile floors and plush furniture and kids play areas. The food court is going to be impressive, they are possibly removing they're removing the center court fountain. The renderings are very very pleasing to the eye, and it partly reminds me of the Cheescake Factory building in Green Hills. Build up yall, I can't wait to come home.
  11. reednavy05

    Murfreesboro: Construction Begins On The Avenue

    The Stones River Mall website has a new video of what's to come. It pops up in an extra window, so don't close the window. The interior is going to die for when completed.
  12. reednavy05

    Rutherford County building moratorium

    Like I said all this bickering between city and county can be solved by merging into a Metropolitan style government.They're gunna get annexed at some point, so just shut up and get over it, I understand their stance, but its going to happen regardless of if, but when
  13. reednavy05

    Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    The only reason why they are here is because they bought SouthTrust. They are expanding in the Nashville market. Look around town and I'm sure you'll see several signs stating financing by Wachovia. They are mainly the Eastern Seaboard market, but expanding to the whole South now with the SouthTrust acquisition completed. There is still hope for this project, its still floping like a fish on a dry dock. Exactly, with Southtrust and First Union bought, they got their signage on two prominent downtown Jacksonville buildings, Riverplace Tower and Wachovia Center, so they have excellent exposure from The I-95 Fuller Warren Bridge, Main St. and Acosta Bridges.
  14. This frankly is the damn dumbest way I have ever heard in history to stop growth. Putting an end to growth for a specific period of time is the best way for Rutherford County to ruin it's chances of growing in the national spotlight. This brings up the issue of Metro style government, yall read this from the Daily News Journal
  15. reednavy05

    Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    I've heard he's in talks with Wachovia. Their current TN operations building near the arcade is too small now, so they are lookin to expand, it would be a lofty location. Look at Charlotte, we know Wachovia loves lofty,spacious buildings.