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  1. mikeyjd


    Dockery has been bragging about having 26 nays for a while now. She is full of it. It will be close, but she doesn't have that many votes.
  2. mikeyjd


    I think the residential condos have already been changed to rentals; however, that was done a while ago, and still no progress.
  3. The rendering they have been showing for the new arena looks very similar to the Pepsi Center in Denver, IMO
  4. mikeyjd

    55 West

    Walked by 55W at lunch today, there is some glass installed on what appears to be the first residential floor. Looks nice, very dark, black in color.
  5. More details about the agreement: WESH 2's website is reporting that the City has signed a lease to build a new sports and entertainment complex at the corner of Church and Hughey! http://www.wesh.com/news/9965157/detail.html
  6. mikeyjd

    The VUE

    Was downtown today. The Vue's first floor steel girders are being put up by workers!!!
  7. To me the ideal spot is in the corner on the west side of I-4 at the 408/I-4 Interchange in the spot south of CityView/Huges Square. The view of downtown coming in from I-4 from the southside of town would be unreal with the development downtown on the east side and a new stadium on the west side. The only downside I can see to something like that is what people have mentioned on this board about how the stuff that is on the west side already acts as a barrier to development and my proposal wouldnt help that at all, it would just be really aesthetically pleasing. In the end though, if
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