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  1. I still love this sign...pride to our city of Hartford...with no ridiculous "CT" after it. I also like how they spell out "New York City." A pet peeve of mine, however, is how ever sign in Connecticut following this route refers to the city as "N. Y. City." It looks lazy, especially when there is plenty of room. Just spell it out. hartford_sign.dib.bmp
  2. Great news! We have to get the ball rolling on this.
  3. I like that idea...for radio, too. Cold Pizza is based in New York City. How about Mike & Mike based in Hartford?
  4. Hello, this is Mark. I just wanted everyone to know that I have changed accounts. Up until now, I have been Captain59. I have changed to my ID on various Whalers and hockey boards, Mr. Brass Bonanza, since the Whalers and NHL are being talked about more and more here. I tried to change my user name or close my Captain59 account, but it won't let me. So that will remain dormant and I will use this ID for now on. I just wish I didn't have to start my post count all over again!
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