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  1. The Shoppes at Cedar Street - Newington

    Is it going to still look like this?
  2. The Shoppes at Cedar Street - Newington

    It looks like construction is picking up again after stopping in July. Is there any new news about this? Will it still be what they envisioned a few years ago?
  3. Trumbull Street pet store opens.

    Sounds pretty cool!
  4. Newington - East Cedar Street shops

    For the past couple of months, there has been a frenzie of activity at the corner of East Cedar Street and Russell Road for that development, and then about two weeks ago it seems the work came to a standstill and all the equipment is gone. Any idea what's going on? Can everyone see this topic?
  5. HFD/Conn Economic development

    "New Haven Savings's a very nice bank." Now that jingle will be two banks removed from its origin.
  6. Hartford Hospital Acquisitions and Expansion Developments

    HH also has a campus of some kind in Newington...part of it is the Jefferson House. I wonder why it wasn't listed?
  7. Hartford Hospital Acquisitions and Expansion Developments

    There are two hospitals that make up The Hospitals of Central Connecticut, correct? Will their names be changed to Hartford Hospital of New Britain...or something like that? How will that work?
  8. Bring Back The Whale!!!

    I have a few of those Junior Whalers cars somewhere in a box. The singer was Tony "Red Shoes" Harrington. I remember he sang a song at the last Whalers game. The only line I remember was, "Hartford's got the Whalers" and thinking..."not anymore we don't...why is he singing this?" But if it was from a song he wrote back in the 80s, it now makes sense. I had never heard of it before.
  9. Bring Back The Whale!!!

    Cool site. This is the ornament I had that broke: This is the one I still have:
  10. Bring Back The Whale!!!

    I'm in the process of cleaning my basement and came across a box I haven't opened in years. In it were two travel coffee mugs in mint condition with the Whalers logo, name, and "1996-97 Season" on the front and Dunkin' Donuts on the back. I also found a ceramic coffee mug in perfect condition. I just wish my three-year-old son didn't destroy the white Christmas ornament I had with the 80s logo on it. (I didn't think he could reach that far up the tree. When I heard a big CRUNCH coming from the living room in December, I just knew what it was!) I still have the clear one with little blue and green streamers inside and the newer logo on the front.
  11. IN PROGRESS: Front Street @ Adriaen's Landing

    What about ESPN's involvement. Is that dead?
  12. Bring Back The Whale!!!

    Well said, I agree.
  13. Bring Back The Whale!!!

    Nothing as of right now.
  14. Bradley International Airport

    Great news! We have to get the ball rolling on this.
  15. Bring Back The Whale!!!

    I can't see a team ever going to Vegas, either.