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  1. Wow! Did you read the part about cavalry soldiers carving their names into the tree trunks? It would be neat to poke around back there. Prime Haunted grand rapids territory.
  2. I know that they had been struggling since they opened. There was a new baby, and health issues, and the business never seemed to take off. It's too bad, I hate to see a business close so soon after it opens. They will be missed.
  3. That's too bad about the laundry mat, he's a nice guy. I would love to a see a restaurant there, though... I know that parcel could be key in improving the little section of caulkins street there. Hopefully somebody community minded buys it. How much are they asking?
  4. Have you guys heard about the new coffee shop going in over here? The owners (recent Kendal grads) just secured the space. Its the pink building that "girls with style" used to be in- I think its around 1039 wealthy or so. Its going to be called "The Stray Dog". Its going be be the closest thing to the rebirth of Socrates that we can hope for- news stand, coffee shop, hip folks, various forms of artsy-ness. I think it will create great synergy with the Meanwhile Bar. Another place to hang out in the Wealthy Theater district, helping to define it as an arts and entertainment district. Keep
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