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  1. Correction on the above comment, looks like we lost Iron Man 3 to Wilmington, forgot what it was we lost to Atlanta.
  2. There is actually a strong Film work force in Charlotte. The current tax incentive only helps. Mostly with the higher budget movies of coarse. There are plans for some more projects. You would be surprised, but there are usually a lot of smaller movies filmed here, with ever now and again a larger movie comes in. Hunger Games will be a BIG movie, they are planning on doing at least 2 more to my knowledge. Whether they come back to NC to film is yet to be determined. We lost Iron Man 3 to Atlanta, I guess their deal looked better to the movie studio, but currently Charlotte filming is up the past few years. Although not as exciting, there is a lot of Nascar related national commercials filmed in Charlotte.
  3. That would be Homeland, Hunger Games is done filming. Homeland will be filming until November. It's a Showtime series that they are filming in Charlotte. You can watch the full episode season premiere here. http://www.sho.com/site/order/preview.do#/Homeland_s01_e01
  4. Went to Midwood Smokehouse. I really enjoyed the brisket I had. Will be back to try more food.
  5. Anyone know anything about "Sauceman's" Looks like they are close to opening up. It says Pizza & BB Grill on their awnings. Corner of West @ Tryon.
  6. They have a website. Nothing much to look at but hopefully we'll get at least a menu to look at soon. I'm always excited to try something new and hopefully different.
  7. Well I can't knock this place until I try it. But it appears this establishment is owned by the same people that own Braswell's on Montford. Having never been there either I can't say I can knock that place either. Personally if I'm on that side of town I would prefer to go to Sir Ed's though. I can't say that Whiskey Warehouse is something that particularity is appealing to me, nor does a whiskey slurpee machine entice me to want to visit this place. Yes Plaza-Midwood is changing, and so is the clientele. Look at Thomas Street, there are definitely less tattooed patrons there than 5 years ago and more buttoned up bankers that frequent the place. But there are also more option now in PM to go to now like Snug, Beaver, Soul, etc. that where not there 5 years ago, so I'm okay with that as long as they can coexist, and as long as I can go to a sports bar in the neighborhood without getting into a fight with some obnoxious drunk that feels they deserve the right to be an obnoxious drunk because their favorite team happens to be losing. I'm all for sports bars with peaceful, respectful patrons. Luckily I have not experienced that many sports bar in Charlotte that possess that kind of behavior, but at the same time I think I at all cost try to avoid them.
  8. I think the old Beazer Site, where the Coffee Cup would be the perfect place. They could have the stadium, and add some restaurants, retail, mixed use density. Panthers could also benefit from this.
  9. Not new, but East Blvd Bar & Grill has opened in their new location next to 131 Main.
  10. I drove up Elizabeth the other night, and I have to say that I am very impressed with the bright street lights. I really hope another anchoring type development would come in. It's a shame the Whole Foods development fell through. This is such a promising corridor.
  11. So I heard a rumor that Lang van was going to be the restaurant that will open in the former Creation spot. Of coarse this is just a rumor but would be a nice addition to that neighborhood.
  12. Haven't been to Punta Cana but I've heard some good things about it. The Caribbean place near Midtown is called Austins Caribbean and is take-out only. Haven't been there either but I hear it's pretty good. There's also Mama's Caribbean on Central near Pecan which has seating. I have been there, but it's been a while. From what I remember I liked their food.
  13. Went to Soul, liked the vibe. Kinda reminded me of Tutto Mundo. Didn't eat a great deal of food, but everything sounded and looked wonderful. But they serve Roasted Bone Marrow. Yeah it sounds weird, but I think it's really good. If you like Pate or Foie Gras then you would probably like Roasted Bone Marrow as it's served with bread as a spread. The thing I liked about the menu was you could get something cheap like pita & tzatziki sauce for $2, or a shwarma for $4-6 bucks to something more expensive like the Bone Marrow for $7, or even sushi.
  14. I finally got to check this place out. They had music playing when I went. Unfortunately it was a nice day and we wanted to sit outside. They didn't really have any outdoor seating. All in all a great addition to Plaza Midwood. I do hope they add some outdoor seating though. That's one of the main draws with the Caribou on East Blvd.
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