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  1. Wonder why the ones in South & Central Florida are so sub-par? The business model for the Jax stores are very different from what you guys describe. It is identical to a Macy's here as far as clothing selection.
  2. Yeah, Belk is definately not on JCPenny's level. They are Macy's without the name. It is hard to speak to the quality of the few in Orlando, but the one at the Avenues is very nice. They sell everything that Macy's does like Chip & Pepper, Kate Spade, 7 for all mankind, lacoste, and others. They are expanding into a new space to up their game. Since some of the brands they carry will have boutiques in the fall, such as Lacoste, they need to still remain competitive. They will also be competing with Avenues Walk, another upscale town center, when it opens across the highway next fall; not to mention phase III of the Town Center, which will include Macy's, Nordstrom & Neiman Marcus.
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