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  1. This is the website for this project http://www.dinersteincompanies.com/fw/main/Home-1330.html
  2. I just read in the Watermark Magazine that a Hamburger Mary's Rest will be opening up on the old Too Jay's spot in April 08.. anybody have the inside track?
  3. He makes me sick. When I opened up my newspaper today at school the rage consumed me. So I emailed my commissioner, and hopefully helped just a little bit. Greed is a disgusting thing, and unfortunately money talks.
  4. Yes sir. The contemporary at disney. It is apparently going to be for members of the Disney Vacation Club only
  5. the contemporary is in the demo phase. They are removing the old two story portion (the "north wing") and making way for a new tower.
  6. The buildings are coming down...major demolition work was going on today.
  7. site between the southtrust and presidential
  8. stevecrew0518

    55 West

    My friend is buying a condo in 55 West and he told me that the current structures will be demolished within the next few weeks
  9. stevecrew0518

    55 West

    www.fiftyfivewest.com is back up and running.
  10. Anyone heard anything about the renovations of the TD waterhouse centre, the football stadium or the performing arts center?
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