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  1. Citi goes first. Locking down the foundation permit is definitely not a waste of time. The revisions have been submitted to address the comments by the various disciplines with a target completion by the city of the 4th. Everything they've listed is for the most part a quick fix and fairly typical for the City of Orlando. Once the foundation permit is issued its a green light for construction. There is potentially 5-7 months of construction that can ride on that alone. In the meantime the A/E are working together to iron out the final design details on the buildings main permit. This is a go.
  2. I wouldn't expect to see this or any other project on that site anytime soon. This was for lack of a better term, an assemblage transaction. It's a land flip opportunity.
  3. I've gotta keep my first post brief due to some time constraints. That said, the PAC will be built (date yet to be determined, sooner than later though). As always, I will update as much as I am allowed. Happy Holidays
  4. S.R. 50 overpass Oops! "State contractors are trying to figure out whether it can be cut to fit without jeopardizing safety." (Um, camber anyone?)
  5. orlandonative

    55 West

    The price of progress and the price of getting the building built. Had they nixed (sp?) the public access to that garage the building would have never been built. Development is a very strange business, even the slightest conflict can derail an entire project. Case and point there is a tall building downtown which i'll leave nameless that at the 11th hour wasn't going to get built over a sum of money less than 100k. It's crazy.
  6. orlandonative

    Amway Center

    Just my opinion, but I think they should have rotated the building 90 degrees clockwise, left the tower feature and outdoor bar where they are and carried the glass facade up the north side. As it stands now the best looking section of the building will only be visible coming WB on I-4 and for a brief moment at that. Whatever...at least it is being built.
  7. orlandonative

    55 West

    That Hughey route is a breeze. I'd almost bet that getting home to Dynetech at 5:00pm on Friday would take twice as long, thats assuming of course that your Eastern Conference Champion Orlando Magic aren't playing (had to get that in ) then you'll be hating life.
  8. Haven't posted in a while, but I have had the opportunity to sit in on these meetings regarding the current state of the PAC. The letter above, while not suprising is factual. Based on all of the current data that has been reviewed the project has been delayed 6 months minimum at this time. They'll run the story tomorrow.
  9. orlandonative

    Amway Center

    The base for the second crane is upright and in place.
  10. orlandonative

    Amway Center

    The base for the second crane is at center court.
  11. orlandonative

    Amway Center

    I almost forgot what one of those look like in our skyline, good to see.
  12. orlandonative

    Amway Center

    Hey sunshine can you change this thread title to the standard under construction set up? Construction Thread-Orlando-Events Center (or New Arena, sounds less touristy) Just wondering because this project is rising pretty fast.
  13. The theater is definetly a go. Whiting Turner is taking prices as we speak.
  14. The movie theater is not dead. Thats all I can say at this point.
  15. Get used to the idea of rail....it's coming, that said....i've got five on it.
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