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  1. Hey Jeeper12 I think you posted a fair and balanced reply. And I am in no means attacking you. However, a couple months ago we had someone here stating that they had heard from a credible source that the Sig was dead, and that an announcement would be made within 2 weeks. When pressed about it the person said that they had connections with a local Real Estate company. Well, over 2 months later, no such announcement has been made. So I think it is fair to want to know something about ones sources. At the same time, when reliable sources state things, they get called for being reliabl
  2. NewTowner, I agree with you 100%. I'd love to see the street that the Schermerhorn sits on looking like this. I think this sort of architecture would really suit it. It'd be great if the stadium were in the same architectural family (in the same way that Soldier Field fits in with the museums on the museum campus in Chicago). But it seems that they are going to be going for the "urban/warehouse/industrial" look. I do like modern (and Classical, and all styles in between... well.. most ....), but I think the "urban/warehouse/industrial" look is what the Gulch is doing... I don't see h
  3. Great point Smeagolsfree!!! And by the way, NARNIA ROCKS!!!! hehehheheeh
  4. Ok... I LOVE the Sig... I LOVE the interior "look" of the units, as shown in the video and in the picture gallery. However, I have to agree with NewTowner. I also found the music to be totally out of place. The building has enough of a modern edge (especially the interior, with the sleek kitchen, and contemporary furnishings) to make the classical music really feel out of place. Its almost like they are trying to convince people that its this really refined space (not implying that it isn't). But it feels forced. Persoanlly, I think some smooth jazz would have been a MUCH MUCH better
  5. LOVE IT!!!! Way to go Nashville!!!!! Wohooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Wow!!! Really?!? That's awesome! So, is it going to be constructed? If so, when will it be done? It is simply gorgeous!!
  7. Hey NashvilleWill, I agree with you that it would be neat if Union Stations where a transit hub once again. But since thats probably impossible (due to ownership, etc...) how would you feel about having THIS for a transit station? Is that not AWESOME?!?!?! I know you're against having the transit station by the river... but that would look super cool next to the water... looks almost like sails. VERY COOL!!!
  8. I REALLY like that idea. I think those old streetcars have a great look... as do those modern ones! Really great suggestion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Don't know if you guys caught it, but yesterdays City Paper had an article about ridership being UP on Nashville Buses this year. Seems the high gas prices are starting to get people out of their cars and using Public Transportation more often. Should bode well for the Star.
  10. sorry.... I meant to include bus vouchers in it... I know that in Brazil it is a Transportation Voucher, and is accepted by every mode of transportation.
  11. Hey guys, I was thinking about what the city could do to stimulate the use of the commuter rail.. and I remembered that when I was visiting Brasil (and I know this to be the case in Japan as well), I went to my uncles job and found out that over there the employers actually give all their employees transportation vouchers. These are "benefits", as well as are the meal vouchers (for lunch everyday). EVERY single employer in Brazil is OBLIGATED to provide transportation vouchers (even if the person owns a car). The state makes them available at a discount, and it ends up being very afforda
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