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  1. I'm glad that you're not distancing Charlotte from NC, the greatest state in the country. I don't like the "Charlotte USA" signs in the airport nor the marketing campaign from which it came. The whole country is enamored with NC, and well they should be.
  2. Sorry I commented. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I hope all of you have a chance to visit RDU sometime. It is one of the nicest airports (not including the new terminal) in the country. The highway approach, ramps, landscaping and backdrop of trees are stunning and an incredible "front door" welcome to North Carolina. But then again, Charlotte USA doesn't like to be associated with NC, lol.
  3. I flew in and out of Charlotte last Wednesday and last night. Skyline, gorgeous, except I would like for the Duke Energy tower to only be lit in white light. The pink and purple blinking show last night was ridiculous. It ruins the elegance of the entire skyline in my opinion. Also, CLT needs to plant some grass and do some landscaping to hide all of the red clay around the runways. It looks awful. Compare CLT to Atlanta and even more so, RDU where it's beautifully landscaped with shrubs, grass and with a backdrop of uninterrupted pine trees. CLT is so busy, and between the lackluster appearance of the terminals and the airfield, it doesn't look good for Charlotte and North Carolina. If nothing else, I would replace the ceiling tiles and carpet in the terminals, then plant some grass to cover the exposed areas of dirt/red clay around the runways.
  4. No, I don't. I am enjoying seeing Raleigh become a mid-size metropolitan area. But I've never heard its citizens discussing its downtown skyline and tall buildings, nor can i recall Raleigh ever trying to promote itself as a "World city" or comparing itself to Atlanta. I think all of North Carolina is content with and proud of Charlotte being its big city.
  5. I drove home to Raleigh and Louisburg last weekend from Atlanta. I chose to take NC49/US64 from Charlotte rather than I-85. I have to say it was quite pleasant and I'll probably do it again in the future. I think it was about 50 miles shorter than the other route. It was neat to see tiny "foothills" poking up from the landscape seemingly all the way to Wake County from the West. Definitely different looking from I-85. Also it was interesting to see Shearon Harris's cooling tower repeatedly starting about 30 miles away. I now understand why the Triangle's growth has disproportionately been to the South and West of Raleigh. It's absolutely beautiful coming into Wake County on US-64. Much nicer than US-1 that's for sure. The newest section of the widened US-401 North into Rolesville looks very nice. I love how that highway has concrete curbs, and the new section has concrete curbed islands for left turns. Very unusual to me. They did a decent job with the I-40/Wade Ave split reconstruction, although I'm disappointed that there's no diagramatical signage in advance of the interchange which I think would be helpful 1 or 2 miles beforehand. The replacement signage on I-40 near downtown is acceptable, but what I LOVE is the gigantic new signs for I-540 North and South on I-40. They look great. Returning to Atlanta on I-85 I'm happy to report that the last remaining 4-lane sections of the interstate are being widened, and the new Yadkin River Bridge looks about 50% complete. While here in Georgia, they talk about fixing problems for years and nothing actually gets done, North Carolina went from not knowing how to pay for the Yadkin Br. replacement just 2 years ago to being halfway finished building a new one. NC rocks!
  6. Which part am I 100% WRONG on? -Surmising about their projections? -Acknowledging 4 distinct, growing towns comprising the Triangle? I grew up in Raleigh so I know becoming a big city with tall buildings is the last thing on people's minds. So I'm not WRONG on that one.
  7. NCDOT's 2040 population projections across the state probably was based less on real scientific projections than merely identifying needs. The Triangle's 4 distinct cities(Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill) are spread out, and they are growing through their individual popularity. Obviously they're wondering if the Triangle's 4 nodes of growth could outpace the one big metropolis of Charlotte. Also they're disregarding across the SC line, because the NCDOT only cares about its roads. As far as "boosterism" goes, Raleigh and the Triangle have always been content as small towns/cities. There is absolutely 0% public sentiment in Raleigh for tall skyscrapers or the "World Class" moniker. Population projections even 30 years down the road are surprisingly accurate. Usually the Census isn't ever off by more than 200,000 or so as far as state projections. "BTW To be frank - I don't see the point of trying to strir the pot of city v city/area v area in N.C" Everyone here loves reports like NCDOT 2040, and everyone loves demographics here also.
  8. This is sure to get you Charlotteans riled up: NCDOT's transportation 2040 report projects Raleigh-Durham (I assume the combined MSA's of Raleigh-Cary and Durham-Chapel Hill) to grow by 84% and become the state's most populous region with 3.2 million residents. http://www.ncdot.gov/performance/reform/2040Plan/default.html That said, I was amazed to see that $23 Billion will be spent between 2011-2015 on highways and bridges. Here in Georgia, I bet they won't spend 1/4 that much. Here in Metro Atlanta, they don't plan on building anything that isn't from private investors.
  9. My comment about flyovers didn't pertain to the turbine proposed for I-485/I-85. Raleigh has countless interchanges that need left flyovers as opposed to the old-fashioned cloverleafs. Some examples include the I-40 interchanges at RDU Intl Airport, Wade Ave at I-440, etc. Charlotte's I-77/I-85 interchange needs its ramps rebuilt with more gentle curves, yet NCDOT never has enough money to do these things. The state's spread out population evidently spreads out needs as well (too thinly, unfortunately).
  10. What I don't understand is how Texas is able to build (almost literally) hundreds of fancy interchanges with umpteen flyovers, as if they were nothing.... Meanwhile Georgia and NC will go decades without a necessary and important flyover between two highways because they didn't have the extra $30 million that one flyover would cost. On Metro Atlanta's wishlist for transportation projects that 10 counties will vote for or against a 1 cent sales tax next year, is an "improvement" to the I-285/ GA400 interchange. Its projected cost is $500 million for the one interchange.
  11. Well Raleigh's 23 mile long Beltline is merely an arc joined to I-40 at each end, and of course you know that Raleigh's outerloop will be 60% a toll road. A quite expensive one at that, about 20-30 cents per mile for 18 miles (the final eastern I-540 segment has yet to be finalized). The Triad seems to have the most roads despite ranking 3rd in metro population.
  12. Wrong....The lion's share of current and future transportation dollars and projects are all in the Metrolina region.
  13. The diverging diamond has had good results in Missouri and the few other places it has been implemented. Supposedly it has improved flow by 50%. It's quite clever in how all protected left turn signals are eliminated from the intersection.
  14. NC50 from Raleigh to Creedmoor/Henderson is a deadly highway. I don't I've ever felt so scared on such a narrow roadway. It is much narrower than US401 to Louisburg.
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