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  1. i believe the Malco in Rogers on 46th street is what fuels Rogers' restraunt row. I work in retail in the Scottsdale Center, and alot of our friday and saturday business is from movie and restraunt goers.
  2. the LIDS store in the promenade is about double the size of the HAT WORLD in the fayetteville mall. they are the same company.
  3. just to clarify, you're talking about the o'charleys in fayetteville, not the rogers location, right?
  4. its small, but they try to make everyone think its big
  5. In-n-Out is the shiz. thats one of the reasons i miss california, In-n-Out's are everywhere out there
  6. i remeber people camping out when the first Rogers location opened a few years ago. people will do anything for free stuff
  7. ive wondered about that big concrete building too. im not quite sure what it is, but its pretty big.
  8. Andy's is awesome!! in rogers it has also became sort of a hang out for people with modded cars and motorcycles. people go there to show off their cars and bikes.
  9. ya i agree, a big fountain display would be rather "snazzy" if i do say so myself
  10. mmmmm.....cardboard pizza and cheap arcade games.....sweeeeet.
  11. so maybe open sometime in the summer or fall of 2008.
  12. just trying to get some sort of timeline in my head. If they submit their large scale plan within the next few weeks, we could see construction start this spring, march or april, which means an opening sometime in early 2008, right? does anyone have a good guess as to how long it takes to build a supertarget? again, im just trying to get a rough timeline put together.
  13. anyone have any idea on when we might see constrution start on the SuperTarget?
  14. I dont know if this has already been said, but the Gap in the Scottdale Center is closing and moving to the Prominade. The Shoe Dept. that shares the same building as the Gap in Scottsdale Center is supposed to stay open. Makes me wonder what, if anything, will take Gap's place in the Scottsdale Center.
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