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  1. Who the hell has a car service outside of NY/LA?? It's one of those things that is shocking and outrageous until I take a second to think about it. Then it becomes completely unsurprising (but still outrageous).
  2. I don't remember...and that's why someone not drunk should tell us what happened. Now that I think about it though, I'm pretty sure they were talking about South Attleboro. I'd never been to the Visitor's Center before. It's really nice and worth checking out.
  3. I didn't get there until 7:45, so I missed the main presentation. There were about 20 people there, none of whom seemed very upset, so I don't think anything outrageous was said. There is funding in place for train stations in Warwick and Wickford Junction, and Pawtucket/CF is third after them. The MBTA has agreed to have a Pwkt/CF stop if they stay on the main train track, which seems to be doable. Any funding for this project would be unrelated to any train expansion to Fall River/New Bedford. Some kind of development is going to be built in Attleboro by the train station, but they are not adding a ton of parking with this development, so as ridership increases, a Pwtk/CF station makes sense. Someone mentioned that 90% of cars in the South Attleboro train station parking lot have RI plates, so obviously RIers use the train. The presenter seemed pretty upbeat and a lot of people were talking about the need for advocacy on a state and federal level to make sure this gets done. The reason I was late was that I had a cocktail party to go to at the G-Tech building from 6-7, so hopefully I was the drunkest person at the train meeting and a more sober person will have more details.
  4. I think the woman in question was not a nutjob, but she was very angry. She clearly throught that this was all about the *building* and was angry that people not from her neighborhood were standing in the way of economic development there. She felt that we (the people at the meeting) cared more about buildings than people. She was so angry that she couldn't/didn't hear what all the other speakers were saying about having the historic train station drive economic development in the area. I think this is a real problem. I don't know how I would have tried to convince her that the development plan with the train station is better for economic development, especially given how angry she was, but I wish I knew a good way to do it. She did say something about increased traffic being dangerous, and asked, "Would you want your kids growing up two blocks from a train station?" I wonder if the Pawtucket Foundation and similar groups do any outreach to get residents of nearby neighborhoods to understand that it's not just about the building...
  5. 4 in favor 3 oppossed. Still failed cos they need 5 votes to pass
  6. I'm at the meeting now. All but 2 of the speakers have supported preserving the stn. 2 speakers from the neighborhood around the stn. talked about development being the overriding concern. The lawyer for the owner is talking now .
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