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  1. National Harbor is also pretty successful in PRince George’s County. Also, Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.
  2. Triangle Business Journal Jul 15, 2021 A proposed mixed-use development in downtown Wilson recently took the next step toward becoming a reality. Last week, the Wilson Planning & Design Review Board approved the design for Centro at Pine-Nash, a mixed-use apartment complex at the intersection of Pine and Nash streets. The 5-story complex is planned to have 240 apartment units with commercial space on the ground floor. "We are currently anticipating that being about five tenants, two of which we're putting in infrastructure for restaurant space," said Ashley Young, an a
  3. Not enough to undo his horrible, evil legacy. Good riddance.
  4. It turned out to be a brilliant decision. Glad CLT has big urban foresight and vision. Arlington, Rosslyn to Ballston confirms this.
  5. RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – Fidelity Investments is adding another 500 jobs at its Triangle campus and adding additional business capabilities, the company announced today. The jobs are being added to “support continued customer growth and interactions,” the company says, and hiring “is happening immediately.” “The 500 jobs will be part of a new business function for Fidelity Investments’ portfolio in North Carolina, which until now, has focused on technology that supports all company business lines, as well as customer service for 401(k) and other workplace clients,” Fidelity said. “Th
  6. Sims is also booming https://restorationnewsmedia.com/wilsontimes/news/sims-sees-building-boom-for-new-homes-4121?utm_source=Daily Briefing &utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=March2021
  7. With four new subdivisions in the works in Middlesex and Spring Hope and a $5 million proposal to fix Bailey’s sewer system in the pipeline, southern Nash County is set to see a housing boom. More than 400 new homes are either breaking ground or in the planning stages in Middlesex and Spring Hope. Bailey is left out of new homebuilding due to a state-enforced sewer moratorium. Few new houses are going up in Bailey, but existing home prices are through the roof, said Bailey Mayor Thomas Richards. A home on Williams Street built two years ago for $175,000 sold recently for $225,00
  8. Will the Wadesboro Bypass be a freeway?
  9. Really? I welcome the development. Sure, I prefer dense urban core development around mass transit, but I also want to see smaller, outlying counties and municipalities growing too. It certainly beats the alternative. I’m progrowth.
  10. Wow, Austin looks phenomenal! Austin is a more progressive city than Nashville, and its progressiveness accelerates each day. It’s also in what looks like a newly purple state that is trending more liberal, whereas Nashville is in a deep red state.
  11. Orange County needs to stop being so reflexively antidevopment. It’s stymying economic opportunities for the county, especially blue collar and modest income residents.
  12. The Orange County commissioners talked for over three hours Tuesday about a 2.3 million-square-foot commercial development near Hillsborough but postponed a decision to Oct. 20. Research Triangle Logistics Park, slated for the southeastern corner of Old N.C. 86 and Interstate 40, would have twice the square footage of The Streets at Southpoint mall and shopping center. The commissioners are being asked to approve a master plan and conditional zoning for the project, which the developer said could attract warehouse, light industry and research companies. TOP ARTICLES
  13. Industrial developments have popped up throughout the Charlotte region in recent years, especially along interstates and highways. Another has now taken hold in Anson County. Atlantic Gateway Logistics Park has been in the works for about four years, said John Marek, executive director of the Anson Economic DevelopmentPartnership. Now, it is being rolled out as a strong spot along U.S. Highway 74 for industrial space. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2020/09/24/anson-county-atlantic-gateway-logistics-park.html
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