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  1. NCDOT adds “Constructing part of the U.S. 74 Wadesboro Bypass in Anson County” to its new draft plan: https://www.ncdot.gov/news/press-releases/Pages/2019/2019-01-10-draft-stip.aspx The Rockingham bypass project that was slated to begin in 2026 will be accelerated to begin as early as this fall as part of the Department of Transportation’s 2020-2029 State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) to be announced Thursday. The bypass project is the same that created the infamous curve on U.S. 220 South where at least two tractor trailers have gone over the guardrail and many other vehicles have wrecked since its opening last summer. Under the new STIP, the rest of the project will go out to bid this fall and begin construction at the end of this year or early next year, six years earlier than it it was previously scheduled to begin. https://www.yourdailyjournal.com/news/84661/bypass-project-around-rockingham-accelerated-from-2026-to-2020
  2. NCDOT adds “Constructing part of the U.S. 74 Wadesboro Bypass in Anson County” to its new draft plan: https://www.ncdot.gov/news/press-releases/Pages/2019/2019-01-10-draft-stip.aspx
  3. Yes, gridlock here is so bad that buses are caught in the same traffic everyone else is. The Metro has been plagued by incessant problems that delay trains.
  4. I was about to ask why they didn’t issue a transponder that works in Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware?
  5. Word on the street is that the US Census has added Anson County back to Charlotte's MSA. Madison County, VA is reportedly added to DC's Metro. Anyone able to confirm this?
  6. The N.C. Department of Transportation announced Thursday two highway projects intended to ease traffic and make traveling through Richmond County safer. One project will convert U.S. 74 from Hamlet to Laurinburg — now a four-lane highway — into an interstate highway with ramps, loops and bridges, said NCDOT spokesman Andrew Barksdale, The project is intended to begin in 2028. “For this section, it will be $136 million,” Barksdale said. “It will be a lot safer and a lot quicker” getting onto the highway from new ramps and bridges, he said, rather than side roads where people tend to stop rather than merge. The project also will benefit Richmond County, he said, because drivers will be able to get to beaches quicker, and goods will travel to Wilmington ports faster. https://www.yourdailyjournal.com/news/82618/dot-will-extend-interstate-east-of-hamlet
  7. They really should have extended the Monroe Expressway over past Wadesboro, actually to the Rockingham Bypass across the Pee Dee River.
  8. A new apartment complex is on the horizon for western Wilson as long as the project makes it over a few hurdles. Wilson Planning and Design Review Board members put the initial stamp of approval on Clairmont Place Apartments Tuesday night with the approval of a rezoning request and a design review. The three-building Clairmont project would house 72 units on 3.76 acres at 3702 Ashbrook Drive NW. “This development is a workforce housing project, which is a competitive process every year in the state for the use of tax credits to help with financing. Those guidelines require certain amenities surrounding the properties,” said Bill Scantland of the BTR Communities Group, which is planning the development. “We have experience through one of my partners with other developments here in Wilson and it is a good community to work with. And we have to show through market studies that there is a demand for this type of development and that need is very strong here.” The heavily wooded lot already was zoned for residential mixed-use, but the Unified Development Ordinance stipulates multiple family projects with more than eight units in 20,000-square-foot buildings are required to get board approval. Scantland said the long, skinny property lends itself to larger three-story buildings rather than smaller buildings. The planned buildings, though, are larger in size than across the street at Thornberry Park Apartments or west at Ravenswood Apartments http://www.wilsontimes.com/browse.html?search_filter=construction&page_size=20&search_filter_mode=and&date_start_n=12&date_start_j=31&date_start_Y=2017&sub_type=stories%2Cphotos%2Cvideos%2Cmaps%2Cprintissues%2Cspecialsections&page=2
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