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  1. The soon to be named Arkansas Transportation Department made a good call on the renovation of I49 between Mountainburg and Greenland. The road surface compares to driving on new construction. Its been a pain with the one lane driving at times but the end result is fantastic. The choice to use asphalt on the big reconstruction project along I40 and other interstates in Arkansas is coming back to bite the department. The road surface is deteriorating in places as is to be expected with asphalt. Reconstruction with concrete would have lasted much longer. The choice to use asphalt was made because it was cheaper, quicker and more miles of interstate could be repaired. The downside is that the roads are going to need another major repair job when money is even tighter now than years ago. Hopefully some of the stretches of interstate most in need such as I40 between I49 and I540 can be redone with concrete the next time around. That stretch doubles as the E/W and N/S route in that area. I'm sure there are other instances of interstate that do double duty that could use a more permanent fix, also.
  2. The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Kind of the wrong forum to use for WM bashing and scare posts.
  3. I see- its the city being proactive in guiding development. They may as well do away with the old zoning regs instead of piecemeal approach.
  4. There are about half dozen city rezoning signs along N. College from Maple to North St- both sides of the street. Some are on developed lots and even one on the parking lot at the SE corner of College and North. Can't imagine them all being owned by the same person. Wonder what is going on?
  5. More on the Arkansas Children's Northwest progress.
  6. I went to the Walton Arts Center re-opening last weekend and was thrilled to see that the renovations went far beyond superficial improvements to the visible parts of the center. Major improvements to the backstage infrastructure mean that the facility will be able to handle the requirements of modern Broadway productions and the Starr Theater will be a true black box amenity while Baum Walker is hosting. The lobby is beautiful and much more accessible to Dickson Street. I will always think that Fayetteville would have been the better place for the large theater that will be built in Bentonville but since that debate was concluded years ago I'm thrilled that Fayetteville has a first class PAC that any city would be happy to have. NWA is growing to the point where it should be able to support two high quality PAC's and they both thrive.
  7. Good pics. That area is going through a dramatic growth spurt that will lead to more development. The Buffalo Wild Wings is starting actual construction and a Generations Bank branch is going next to the new UA credit union headquarters. Its great seeing the residential development in a mostly commercial area.
  8. It looks like the Sam's Club construction may be starting on 56th St. It appears the main access may be on 56th and a right turn only exit on to 412 will be built although they may just be wishful thinking on my part.
  9. That area will develop quickly in the years to come and it is good to see that it will be planned and not haphazard. I do wonder if Johnson didn't miss an opportunity to be a bigger player in the area's development when it chose not to push for Main Street to be a major corridor from 49 to 71B and to extend Gregg in Fayetteville to Carley in Springdale. Johnson would have been the crossroads of the southern end of the NWA metro. But- I'm talking the past- let's focus on the future.
  10. The City needs to update their website. The master street plan I see doesn't show that extension of Appleby but it does show Leverett extending over Fulbright and splitting to connect to Van Asche with frontage streets over to Gregg. It also shows Drake being extended through the park over to Gregg- not sure if that is still a plan or not. I'm thinking that the state has already acquired the land needed for the 49/Fulbright interchange so that acreage isn't included in the 185 acres.
  11. That is interesting. I didn't realize there was that much acreage there. I know the 49/Fulbright interchange redo is going to take some of it on the north side but that is still a huge property. With the railroad on the Gregg side and Drake being a narrow street there will be access issues to be addressed but the city council will jump at the chance to have that zoning on it. It will indeed change the cityscape when you come over the hill on 49.
  12. Still no pics but we know it will be a 5 story building with lots of glass. That land is the high point for that area so it should be a impressive sight from I49.
  13. Haven't seen pics posted any where. The one posted when the announcement was made is the new addition at little Rock( didn't realize it at the time ha)
  14. You are right that it doesn't mean that it has to be big box with more parking than needed. Portions can still be rezoned and with the change in parking regulations and the use of variances the City could get much of what they want. It will take working together instead as adversaries. That area won't be a big regional draw until better access off I49 is built and the best way to do that is to figure out how to extend Joyce Blvd over to a new interchange with I49. It would be expensive but would pay off big in the long run.
  15. Strange- my last post shows a time stamp of 3:33 AM until I log in to the UP site; then it shows the actual time I posted of 9:33 PM. I knew I wasn't sleep posting again. ha