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  1. The Ponce City Market location reminds me of the plaza level at Camperdown. One of the spaces below the apartment or office buildings would be great. They could keep it as industrial as they want with the build out and they would have built in foot traffic.
  2. Byrd’s Famous Cookies for Pink Azalea. https://www.byrdcookiecompany.com/visit
  3. Just left the mall and Lane Bryant is also permanently closed. That’s a pretty large empty space on the upper level.
  4. I thought The Lost Cajun was on one side and Berkshire Hathaway was on the other. Did one of those vacate?
  5. There are several good mainstream retailers that could be good for downtown without compromising its charm. Warby Parker is definitely one. Also, West Elm would be a good choice given the amount of available space in Camperdown. Although they are part of the Williams-Sonoma family, they don't seem to be tied to Simon. Their location at Ponce City Market comes to mind. Chubbies would be another. I don't know if they are currently expanding but the 15K sqft available under the apartment building would be a great location for Urban Outfitters. A Onward Reserve, which has a location in Cle
  6. I was in Gaffney the same weekend the Asheville store closed and oulet location was also closed and all merchandise and tables removed. I looked in the window and the only thing remaining was the cashwrap in the center of the store.
  7. Forgot to mention, I heard from an employee at one of Rick Erwin's other restaurants that Saltwater Grill will not reopen. Have not confirmed though. It was a little pricey for the mall but I was hoping it would make it. That was one of his most expensive build-outs. I've always thought Haywood was a strong mall but not sure how many blows it can suffer.
  8. Add Clarks and Nina's to the growing list of closures at Haywood. Also, the coming soon sign for Revelator Coffee is gone. Lululemon popup for the old Justice space.
  9. I heard from a server at one of Rick Erwin's restaurants that Nantucket is moving into this development. I remember seeing his name listed on one of the spaces a while back (along with O-Ku and Insomnia Cookies) but it was later removed. I assumed it would be a new concept but it seems like just changing locations.
  10. Seems like I remember an article like that about Liquid Highway on E North St when Starbucks opened right beside them. Maybe the one at Camperdown will be inside the AC Hotel with street/plaza access like the Hyatt location. Aren't both hotels owned by the same company?
  11. Just saw on Greenville Today this morning that Starbucks is rumored to be in the Camperdown project. I have not heard this and did not see on preliminary site plans. If this is true, this will make 5 locations downtown, including the Pete Hollis location and rumored drive thru location by Fluor Field. Camperdown would be literally one block away from the Riverplace location. Can downtown support so many coffee shops in such a small area without hurting the local shops? Also, any word on when the retail tenants will be announced?
  12. Hahaha. So somebody mentions Trump and the first thing you do is mention being a slave? I suppose everyone that disagrees with you is homophobic, xenophobic, misogynist, etc., etc., etc........... I guess the one thing we have in common is I’m not going to apologize for how I feel either. I’m just going to choose NOT to be a victim. But you do you.
  13. Hahaha again....typical. Why don’t we stick to the subject? I happen to like Trump AND the mural. I guess it’s witty to end my response with “just saying”. By the way, maybe stop getting all your news from the Huffington Post.
  14. Typical generic lib response. That never gets old <<yawn>>. Keep of the good work. People like you think you’re being witty but are really divisive...not Trump. The only thing you’re a “slave” to is your party, which has taught you to be a victim. Just saying.
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