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  1. greenvilleguy

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    An article from September popped up recently and when I read it , I noticed something I hadn't seen before: "Retailers have shown 'tons of interest,' but 'because of what’s happening in retail, we don’t want to take the risk of signing a lease with somebody that’s not here'. " The way I read that is they aren't interested in retail that is not currently located in Greenville. Am I reading too much into it? While I think some of the mall stores would do well downtown, I hope the retail component of this development is not just a shuffling of stores already in this market. Hoping to see something new to the market.
  2. greenvilleguy

    Haywood Rd Redevelopment

    I know Haywood is a strong mall but it’s s little concerning to me that in the last year they’ve lost a couple of moderately high end stores, like Coach, L’Occitane, and now JCrew, and the only new store is LEGO. Will it negatively impact the possibility of landing other stores like Vineyard Vines, Sur La Table, etc in the market?
  3. greenvilleguy

    Haywood Rd Redevelopment

    J.Crew is closing at the end of the month. Apparently Simon wasn’t willing to negotiate a new lease with them. Also, a bar is opening on the corner beside the new Bath and Body Works. An alcohol license has been requested.
  4. greenvilleguy

    Haywood Rd Redevelopment

    I noticed yesterday that the temporary store occupying the old Ann Taylor spot has been relocated to the old Palmetto Moon spot. I can't imagine them making this move unless a permanent vendor has signed for the Ann Taylor location? Any news? That's a pretty big spot in a prime location. Hopefully something new like Vineyard Vines, Eddie Bauer, or Tommy Bahama and not just a relocation of an existing store. I don't know...just speculating.
  5. greenvilleguy

    Is Haywood the next McAlister?

    Panera is moving into a freestanding location out in the parking lot near Wells Fargo in the next year or so. The new location will have a drive thru. I asked one of the employees why they were moving and she said "the mall is kicking us and lens crafters out. I guess Cheesecake Factory can pay more per square foot". I asked if I heard her right and she said "you didn't hear it from me". Not necessarily 100% confidence but she obviously heard it from somewhere. She was older and said she had never even heard of Cheesecake Factory until panera got the news. Take it as you will...
  6. I heard Orvis was interested in the large space on the back corner (Laurens and Washington). When I called the Asheville location the associate said there was a rumor that Greenville would be getting a location but she wouldn't specify where. Orvis would be great there!!
  7. greenvilleguy

    South Ridge (Church St. and University Ridge)

    Why "value oriented" retail? Does that mean something like Family Dollar?
  8. greenvilleguy


    You are both correct. When the two stores first closed they emptied them out and took all the furniture back to the warehouses. A liquidation company bought the all the furniture in the warehouses including brands other than Thomasville and Drexel. The liquidation company is now renting the buildings and using then to sell all the furniture. I only saw 1 piece of actual thomasville furniture in the thomasville store. The rest of it was junk. Sad.
  9. greenvilleguy

    CONSTRUCTION THREAD: Magnolia Park Town Center

    What is Babaziki Restaurant Services? The UBJ says they are at Magnolia Park with Firebirds and Bad Daddy's. It doesn't speak of Toby Keith's or Dave and Busters at all.
  10. greenvilleguy

    CONSTRUCTION THREAD: Magnolia Park Town Center

    Or maybe they are trying to create more of a lifestyle center than just retail. Even though they don't have housing I guess BCBS might bring in people who wouldn't ordinarily visit MP to shop. The whole development seems to be catering to a broader band of people. Maybe it will work. I'm still just confused...
  11. greenvilleguy

    CONSTRUCTION THREAD: Magnolia Park Town Center

    I can't figure out what direction this development is going (other that the downward spiral from what we were initially given). I guess any kind of business is welcome, retail or not.
  12. greenvilleguy

    CONSTRUCTION THREAD: Magnolia Park Town Center

    Menin has signed leases with Jared, Golfsmith, and Blue Cross Blue Shield according to the Menin website. I wonder if Golfsmith will go into one of the buildings between Toys R Us and Cabela's?
  13. greenvilleguy

    Haywood Mall Retail

    I heard yesterday that Victoria's Secret will soon be renovating and downsizing, leaving a substantial available space. Also they wanted to use the old Bakers spot as a temporary location but the landlord said it had already been leased. Anyone know anything?
  14. greenvilleguy

    CONSTRUCTION THREAD: Magnolia Park Town Center

    Sports Authority will be closing for good on February 23rd. They are not reopening anywhere else on the site.
  15. greenvilleguy

    CONSTRUCTION THREAD: Magnolia Park Town Center

    I've searched for the logo that looks like a guitar but I can't find it. Is there any way to enlarge the map without making the images blury?