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  1. Was at Haywood today and NY and Company is closing. That’s a pretty big spot to fill and probably not that desirable on the lower level near J.C. Penney.
  2. Michael Kors at Haywood is closed and signage removed. Read the at the company was reopening most of its stores. I guess this one didn’t make the cut. Lots of empty space on the lower level. Really dark when you walk though.
  3. The lower building across the street is turning out nicely. Any ideas who any of the tenants will be? Would be nice to get a Trader Joe’s there or a retailer currently missing from the market and tends to set up in downtowns. Like Urban Outfitters. Or a food court environment like Ponce City Market. https://poncecitymarket.com/
  4. Joe's Crab Shack has closed permanently. I rode by this afternoon and the signs were coming down. This location has also been removed from the website. Sad to see such a large building in a good location empty. Anyone heard anything?
  5. greenvilleguy

    245 E Broad

    Haha. I didn't realize we had an "East Downtown Innovation District."
  6. This looks like the property between the Tru by Hilton that burned and the TD campus, correct? Unless the hotel in the site plan is Tru?
  7. Where did you find that site plan? Below is the only one I can find: https://www.sitecenters.com/properties/the-point https://images.sitecenters.com/property/assets/30340_SitePlan.pdf
  8. Maybe I missed it but I didn't realize the restaurants for the AC Hotel had been determined. Below is from the AC Greenville's website.
  9. Is there enough space for an urban Target? Per Wiki, "the majority of "small-format" CityTarget stores are roughly 80,000 square feet." It looks like the largest space available at Camperdown is 15,481 sq ft (link below). I, too, was thinking Urban Outfitters for that space since the square footage is average for an U.O. store. Also, there is already an Anthropologie downtown although i don't know how busy they are. Seems to always have customers inside. https://www.collettre.com/images/Properties/Camperdown_Flyer___09_18_19_reduced.pdf https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Target_Corporation#cite_note-65
  10. I was in ORVIS yesterday and one of the employees said ScanSource is moving their upper management offices into the space to the side and above ORVIS. can anyone confirm?
  11. Just saw this afternoon where construction is happening in the two story space between orvis and Tupelo honey. Any ideas?
  12. It looks like we finally have some updates! O-Ku and Insomnia Cookies for the Plaza level and another Rick Erwin's restaurant coming also. I wonder if we'll get any retail...looks like we have the restaurant part under control. https://www.collettre.com/images/Properties/Camperdown_Flyer___04_04_19.pdf
  13. Does anyone have an idea when they will announce other retail/restaurant tenants? I thought we would have heard something by now.
  14. Did anyone notice the "proposed cinema" next to TopGolf or has this already been mentioned? https://www.theshoppingcentergroup.com/property-search/?propertyId=278862-sale
  15. The Woodhouse Day Spa coming soon https://www.woodhousespas.com/ Also, per the latest lease brochure, there is a deal pending for the old Toys R Us location. At 59,000 sq ft it must be some kind of anchor store? https://www.theshoppingcentergroup.com/property-search/?propertyId=252929-lease
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