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  1. M. Brown i recall you saying something about a permission wall for graffiti in Manchester, is there any chance you could get some pictures of that?
  2. That first pic with the North church is great. The first bridge in that picture is the Sarah Long bridge or middle bridge, the road that travels it is the route 1 bypass, the second bridge is the I-95 pisquatiqua river bridge. I personaly always fealt that portsmouth gave off the aura of being bigger than it is. Great pics!
  3. My dad works there too, he use to work for tycom before that scandal thing.
  4. The color and angle on the first one are great, and i love the second one, Great Pics! M Brown.
  5. No one has posted in awhile so im going to post a couple more The ballpark. onstruction of the Hilton with scoreboard and stadium lights. Wouldn't this make an awseome hotel and lounge
  6. Everett Turnpike coming into Manchester
  7. Those buildings are not ugly, they have character.
  8. Those 2 story buildings on Elm bug me thou, i hopethey get replaced.
  9. Yeah but i read one of the keys to FCBP in Mac Town was that it was built for expansion.
  10. You would be lucky to rent a cardboard box from a hobo in Boston for under a 1000.
  11. It wont take me away from the Sea Dogs, i am in portland alot , and plus i dont think this team will effect the seacoast area, are hub is Portsmouth were i live, so until portsmouth gets a team ill probably split my faith between the New Hampshire team and The Portland team, but i definitly prefer the Monarchs over the Pirates.
  12. Probably why it didnt say much about on the site.
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