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  1. Leslie Robertson of Twin Towers fame did the engineering on the Bank of China ... another pretty talented designer
  2. In design, there is function and there is form. On the form side there is is the building shape and then there is the gingerbread which is like the little pagoda roof and ornamentation that people associate with buildings like Broadcast House. Actually, there is often more in common with the core of buildings than many people imagine. Column spacing, floor to floor height and live load capacity of the floor often dictate the potential use (or re-use) of a building. In downtown buildings, the shape of the site usually dictates most of the footprint of the building. Many times some efficiency is lost in a building conversion but at a cost savings over complete demolition and re-construction. That having been said, the "ugly buildings" in that 30-60 year timeframe are often re-skinned into a more contemporary architectural style only to be de-skinned and returned to their original look 30 years later. Even the "Butt Ugly" building is a potential gem in the rough. Given the current state of the economy, I'd be inclined to take a second look at re-cycling a building like the Broadcast House. As for Bushnell Towers, I worked with that architect on a different project and found him to be incredibly gifted. Don't under-estimate the developer's role in the process...
  3. One of the interesting things about that building is that the construction technique used was lift slab - banned in this State after the collapse of L'Ambiance Plaza. In the late 70's I worked for an architectural firm in there.
  4. Perhaps it would be better for the developer to pay for the work completed prior to "getting more work done"...
  5. Don't discount the fact that the current spike in building materials will go straight to the bottom line of any new development projects which will in turn have to be made up for in higher rents. Also, some of the renting of larger units has been a result of renters stepping up from smaller units. A waiting list is a good thing if it is not too large.
  6. You ignored the 170 student/intern rooms that are part of the Sage Allen project...
  7. That flight has been referred to as "an experiment."
  8. I am not certain if the law has changed but I own a small plane and ran a small private public use airport in Connecticut from 1991 through the early 2000's. There was a State Statute that prohibited non State owned airports from receiving Federal funds in theory to allow the State to receive more (Windor Locks, Hartford, New Haven, Willimantic, Oxford, Danbury, Bridgeport, Danielson and New London). Other states do not have this regulation and that may account for some of the disparity. That law may have been changed or may be under review as I am aware of a program that provides Federal funds for municipalities to purchase small airports and there are some applications in the works.
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