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  1. I read that article yesterday. I have made my contacts aware of my position and look to be at the meeting tomorrow night. Jeff
  2. I'm glad to know that Arts & Crafts and Prairie styles have not been relegated to quaint historical trivia. It is by far my favorite architectural style for residential. Art Deco being my favorite for commercial. Let me know if you need resources for architectural detail. I have a ton of sources.
  3. Which Design Center are we talking about? Is this the one downtown by Dollar Saver? Because if so, it doesn't specialize in merchandise display design. It's a multicompany design center for interiors/custom builders. Kitchen Distributors/White River Hardwoods/Pella Windows/Metro Builders and many more have displays in the building. Trust me I know. I've been working on it for almost 2 years and we've been doing design work for almost 5 years.
  4. Not really sure, drove by there today. I think it is just a dense neighborhood. More houses on smaller lots. 1/4 acre is pretty much the standard in Benton Co. with mid range neighborhoods. Keeps the value down to 200K-250K. A much more marketable house. That can make it seem NU. However, I don't think it can be considered NU unless you consider you should be able to walk to Pinnacle. That's the whole concept of NU, right? Access to facilities, thereby limiting the need to travel for basic needs. I don't think that is there intention.
  5. I go by there every once in a while for variety. Most of my commute takes me to East Rogers, thank goodness. Don't think I like congestion. That's why I left Atlanta.
  6. Has anyone heard the status of the Nock/Alexander development on Rupple Rd. They called it "woodstock" in the NW Arkansas Times a few weeks ago. It was getting some flack about the road improvements required for increased traffic flow on Rupple. It went before the City Council last week. No word about its status, as far as I know. Anyone?
  7. HiEf


    Hello, fellow urbanites. I just discovered this site after living in NWA for 10 years. Glad to see other people see urbanization as a welcome addition here. I have been reading through the forums for about a day or so. I would like to see a sub forum or thread regarding smarth growth and sustainability. I grew up in Atlanta and lived near the Research Triangle in NC. I believe that growth is good, but it should be tempered with forethought. The urban sprawl that took place in both of those locations can be a great example for us here in NWA for growth and the problems that can arise from unfettered expansion. Sustainability is also key for us here. As a growing area, we can make a huge impact on material usage over the next 10 years. Additionally, it can provide us opportunities to generate rapid returns on our investments here. Just adding my two cents worth. Hope everyone doesn't take this the wrong way. Look forward to exchanging ideas. Jeff
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