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  1. I wish the rail companies could give right-of-way to Richmond VA’s Main Street and beyond. We are stuck with two stations. The most populous being like the old Raleigh and Charlotte stations. Meanwhile we have a majestic, under-utilized facility downtown.
  2. Land being cleared along the cap trail/Dock Street.
  3. This makes me giddy with excitement.
  4. I’m looking forward to the towers along the canal to get moving quickly. That area could use the increased activity. (Carmax looks to have vacated its canal property so there is room for new retail/dining there too). I’d like to hear plans pushed for the Bridgepark and the Mayo Bridge renovations. Hopefully this quarter be bring about some infill and retail in Shockoe. I feel that the area lost some momentum over the last two years and I’m ready for a rebound! Will Lego announce a relocation of its’ headquarters from Connecticut?! ☺️ Finally, I’d like to see that Glass and steel 20+ apartment tower advance on W. Broad.
  5. Above is the Manchester skyline, apartments at 7th Street and Decatur, apartments on 7th and I think Bainbridge, and across the street new townhomes breaking ground. Also, the huge hole in the ground receiving foundation is at 7th and Hull. It’s amazing what’s happening in Manchester!
  6. Could we be getting a new Lego HQ? According to this article, we shouldn’t be holding our breaths. https://www.wtvr.com/news/local-news/new-lego-factory-chesterfield-virginia-enfield-connecticut-headquarters
  7. I saw what looks to be the entrance to a below-grade deck on the rear of Opus. I could be wrong, but if so, how many levels of parking?
  8. I walked the canal with a friend from NC yesterday and we both imagined the canal area becoming the site of this. Casa del Barco recently renovated their outdoor seating and it looks amazing. We envisioned the power plant with similar restaurants and shops as well as the plaza around Riverside on The James. We envisioned the Lady Hat Byrd building being sold by Carmax and reopening the canal to restaurants and shops. There is a coffee and wine spot in the Vistas and an adjacent spot is being upfitted (hopefully for a restaurant) at the moment. The spaces filling the old First Union building would add more space as would the soon-to-be vacant La Diff store. There is so much potential to make the canal more of a destination. I hope the three towers will help jumpstart this.
  9. Any word on whether or not the Dollar Store on Broad near VCU is set to reopen? I see the other retail that was set ablaze has reopened. I’m wondering will The Dollar Tree reopen in The Opus?
  10. Not what I expected for this section of Scotts Addition, but I assume this is because of 95 access. https://richmondbizsense.com/2022/02/09/thalhimer-adds-to-holdings-along-arthur-ashe-blvd-lines-up-big-name-tenants/
  11. The pandemic effect is still fascinating to me. I’m glad that we are bouncing back. Thanks for this.
  12. I love this for South Park Mall. Id love for Willow Lawn to make the same move given the proximity to the Pulse. The attached image shows a perfect place for some good mixed use directly across from the station.
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