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  1. This is when Richmond government truly aggravates me. Charlotte is an attractive city for all the reasons we are not: Mass transit? They’re working on their Third rail line not including a new downtown rail/transit hub Baseball? Proposed it far after us and built it years before us Arena? Same as above. Right on light rail station Schools? They aren’t flourishing here. They’ve actually struggled in recent years but they are innovative with the business community. See Project Lift. I taught in a PL school. I love my city for what it’s wprth and our recent progress cannot be denied, but we throw wrenches in so many projects and ideas and for the sake of...?
  2. You guys are trending on my Twitter. I hope RVA’s Nordstrom will remains in good standing, though, I am aware that many box retailers are struggling. I also hope that Norfolk (and Richmond for that matter) can lure a big-Box Target. I am one of those millennials who would much rather shop at a reasonably priced home-goods store than a luxury retailer.
  3. While I would have preferred the casino be built in New Kent, I would rather this project be in Norfolk than downtown Richmond. . It just seems to be a better fit. We will stop draw tourists due to our proximity. Hopefully we won’t draw the problems that casinos tend to draw.
  4. Very disappointing news. I hope they choose to stay along the canal.
  5. You can see the crown pretty well coming from the East on 64W into downtown!
  6. I walked by yesterday and was confused by this as well. The building loooks great with the crown, though!!! Gosh I wish it could have been 10 stories taller!
  7. I rode the Pulse. I enjoyed the right from Shockoe to Willow Lawn. I tried it yesterday and there were a good number of people (mostly firsttime riders) onboard as well. I am a little disappointed though. For starters, I don’t get why they pull up to the station obnoxiously slow. If the idea is to be more efficient, then shouldn’t they be? The “new” bus I was on had the squeakiest breaks ever, so at every stop and at every light, I regretted not having brought my headphones. Speaking of lights... I thought I had read that they would be synchronized and I thought that I understood that The Pulse had some sort of sensor that would allow lights to turn green upon approach? That. Never. Happened. The trip was just as long if not longer than the normal #6 ride. Im happy to have the new system, but I hope the kinks are fixed quick. The positives for me: the ride was cheap there is a station two blocks from my apartment the stations are very nice The system appears modern and exciting to have One other thing... I hadn’t considered the station locations so much as they were planning and constructing, but a few of the stations further west (Willow Lawn included) seemed oddly placed.
  8. On my walk to work every morning through Shockoe, there's a kid that boards a school bus at 17th Street. I kind of like it...
  9. I'm guilty, too. But my sentiment doesn't change. I'm excited for the height and infill, but when I consider the power players in other cities who've recently constructed towers (ie Charlotte and OKC) then, yea, I am a bit let down by the height. (and have been)
  10. Yes... Please. More on this 15-story tower....? Is this the Grace Street tower across from The Carpenter Center?
  11. I would be pleased with this just so long as it is not like the WalMart on Campus store at VCU. I went there thinking that I would find a router (I couldn't find one anywhere in the downtown area). I was underwhelmed by what was offered. There was another customer in front of me at checkout (I figured I could pick up a few things) that had entered "WalMart" on Google Maps and wound up at the one downtown. He, too, was disappointed. I DO get that it's catered for college students (now I do...the guy in front of me too), but I have to assume that the demand for more shopping is pent up in the area. I'd appreciate a store (PLEASE BE A TARGET) that would meet this demand.
  12. I’m also moving back to RVA from DC. I thought I’d love it (it’s ok) but I miss how laid-back and friendly Richmond can be. I was under constant stress around a bunch of workaholics. Now, I simply wanna get certified in mindfulness or yoga and live a peaceful life.
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