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  1. VCU Developments

    I would be pleased with this just so long as it is not like the WalMart on Campus store at VCU. I went there thinking that I would find a router (I couldn't find one anywhere in the downtown area). I was underwhelmed by what was offered. There was another customer in front of me at checkout (I figured I could pick up a few things) that had entered "WalMart" on Google Maps and wound up at the one downtown. He, too, was disappointed. I DO get that it's catered for college students (now I do...the guy in front of me too), but I have to assume that the demand for more shopping is pent up in the area. I'd appreciate a store (PLEASE BE A TARGET) that would meet this demand.
  2. Richmond off-topic postings

    I’m also moving back to RVA from DC. I thought I’d love it (it’s ok) but I miss how laid-back and friendly Richmond can be. I was under constant stress around a bunch of workaholics. Now, I simply wanna get certified in mindfulness or yoga and live a peaceful life.
  3. Richmond Developments

    I left Richmond one month ago today for the mighty DC dollar. I've been busier than ever at work and hardly get a chance to keep up. That said, I REALLY APPRECIATE THIS AUGUST RECAP!!! Thanks for the update. Hopefully, someone will tackle a list for us next month!
  4. Retail in Richmond

    Could my dreams be coming true? Never in a million years did it seem that downtown Richmond - or any parts of her inner city - would bloom. Corporate giants are moving back (i.e. Altria, Carnac, and now Capital One) apartments are sprouting in abundance, and abandoned retail spaces are bein renovated. Is retail returning? Spaces es all along Broad, 2nd and 6th - even East Main in Shockoe, seem to be in renovation stages with no clear tenants revealed. News of new properties along Broad area keep occurring. Do developers sense something that we haven't yet? Is retail finally returning? (hopeful from my shockoe apartment)
  5. Richmond off-topic postings

    I noticed today that 2016 was the first year that Richmond International Airport surpassed Norfolk International in number of passengers. Very telling.
  6. Scores of New Hotels for Downtown Richmond

    So yea...What IS the latest with The Moxy?
  7. Scores of New Hotels for Downtown Richmond

    Looks like a hotel is going to happen (after the lawsuit) along the canal. It seems to be atop the big, brown warehouse. beside the long parking lot.
  8. Richmond Developments

    I like the design as well.
  9. Richmond Developments

    I saw some road construction around the Farmer's Market. It looked as though they were laying asphalt over the cobbles. What's to come of this plan and when?
  10. Richmond Developments

    Again, hotels in the city's center continue to flourish. Commonwealth Park, the old Doubletree, and now the Crowne Plaza are all being renovated. Quirk Hotel, two Marriotts, the two hotels on Main Street...all open up within the year (give or take a few months). Could this be the end or will we see another major hotel opening sooner rather than later.
  11. Richmond Developments

    The hotels in the city's center seem to be doing quite well.
  12. Richmond Developments

    This really is a lot of good news ... a highrise, an area water park, and new development on the Southside... It is good to see new development in the city. Heck, the grass needs cutting! Thanks for Sharing
  13. I'm with the last two posters. I'd love to see another dozen floors, but, at first glance, this is a really beautifully building. And I, too, am grateful for retail space.
  14. Richmond Developments

    my sentiments were posted above. I live downtown and love living downtown, but much of what downtown has to offer is much too expensive for my daily needs. I prefer reasonably priced clothing and house wears, and I'd prefer to get them in the city versus going out into the counties.
  15. Richmond Developments

    This was great news to wake up to... I love the height and the design. And I can concur, the pedestrian activity throughout downtown has increased significantly. I live near the Marriott's in the Slip and the increased activity from those two hotels alone is very telling. With the two hotels that have opened in the CBD, I am certain that this will create a new after hours buzz. I had friends from NC visiting with their two small children this past weekend and they were shocked by the size of the downtown footprint. We went to Graffiato's on Broad on Friday and were stunned by the First Friday's activity on our work from the Hilton (another testament to the liveliness of downtown RVA. Now, if we could just sprinkle East Grace with some national retailers...