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  1. I love this for South Park Mall. Id love for Willow Lawn to make the same move given the proximity to the Pulse. The attached image shows a perfect place for some good mixed use directly across from the station.
  2. I just want to acknowledge that Burt would be clicking his heels much like I Miss RVA ( love you sir) at the news of a new tallest,
  3. Like all of you, I’m so excited by this news. If Cap One moved downtown, I’d switch banks!!!! Love it. I found this news out while in an Uber on the East side of town (picture that skyline of downtown which looks very different with the new VCU Health construction). Im excited but I wish it were a 30-40 story tower that could be seen despite whichever side of town we are in… Virginia cities are far too conservative!!! Still, I’m pleased!
  4. Teacher here and I agree. Also, I do go to other forums to see how other cities are developing. I agree with I Miss RVA in the regard that I do not often comment or post in those forums, but it’s nice to gauge, envy (at times), and be motivated (as we should be given all of our development). I do love I Miss RVA’s passion. It reminds me of the honorable, former poster Burt. May he Rest In Peace.
  5. I’m sorry I Miss RVA. I didn’t read it that way at all. I’m with eandslee on this one.
  6. The Carmax in Shockoe is even more depressing.
  7. Very exciting development. I hope some of the parking around Willow Lawn closer to Broad could be developed as well.
  8. Broad Street has the potential to be like PeachTree Street in Atlanta.
  9. I'm wishing the same. I've also been waiting for these accordian-buses for some time now. I posted about this in an outside thread, but a few weekends ago I was on the Pulse on a Sunday and there was standing room only front-to-back. I contrasted this with the Tide in Norfolk after spending a few days riding the line on a weekend trip. The difference was REAL. It's such a stretch, but I hope rail in Richmond is not an afterthought.
  10. I noticed work being done at the (Old Sears?) building next to the Lowe’s on Broad Street. This would make a great location for an urban Target with other retail chains within the complex. (Thinking Target on Georgia Avenue in DC).
  11. I feel the same way. I was in Norfolk recently and envied the Downtown retail there (though, it has been declining steadily in recent years and it is very in your face). I rode the Tide to get around and was shocked how few people were on board (I also envied the light rail). Regarding the Pulse, I rode on Sunday and it was literally standing room only from front to back. I saw a few riders choose not to squeeze onboard. My thoughts riding through a boarded up arts district lingered on just how bustling this area would be if we had the retail that the area is longing for…
  12. Looking good Raleigh. I especially like Bloc 83.
  13. Hey all, I did a little walking this morning after a Pulse ride into downtown. I know the stats are obviously not there yet, but I so wish that the stretch of Broad in the Arts District was filled with a mix of local and chain retailers. I also wish the area around the canal (from Riverside on the James to Shockoe Slip around 14th Street) we’re much of the same/if not higher end. Wishful thinking, but it seems the residents, students, and visitors alike would be drawn. Thoughts?
  14. I walked by earlier today. The site next to these nearly completed condos is also under construction.
  15. New on AABoulevard https://richmondbizsense.com/2021/09/23/thalhimer-n-c-developer-plan-to-build-apartments-across-from-the-diamond/
  16. Agreed I love the refurbished homes in the cul-de-sac near the Texas Beach parking lot.
  17. Love this project so much: I really wish they had incorporated a hotel into this for additional height and ped activity.
  18. I was just going to create a post asking about this, so thanks! I snapped a photo passing by. A tower on top of that garage would have added a nice aesthetic on the drive up and down 95.
  19. Yes. I’m happy to be in the Top 50, but again, the fact that the area has been arguing about a baseball stadium downtown while practically every NC city has constructed one in 1/3 of the time we’ve been arguing is ridiculous. Instead of a dynamic, centrally-located transportation system (Amtrak, Greyhound, Megabus, GRTC, RIC) we remain so disjointed compared to others. Heck, just look at Google maps and see how dismembered our interstate “loop” is compared to our peers is telling. I love this city over any other in the world! I apologize if the post seems like a downer. I want to celebrate us but gosh I wish we were doing better.
  20. I am with you 100%. I am ill that a major arena for our region and state will not be in the core of the city. This will inconvenience residents and visitors alike. I envy the synergy that can be found in cities like Charlotte and DC when events are happening. It helps hospitality and retail alike.
  21. I wonder if that would act a regional high school or a specialty center? This also excites me, though I’m pitied that the arena will be out in the burbs.
  22. This just popped up at the corner parking lot at East Main and 22nd Streets.
  23. Thanks for this! Looks great. I like that it is up against the canal. I couldn’t help but think that the canal/creek on the stretching the flood wall has AMAZING potential if developed properly.
  24. I looked up from my walk yesterday (one that I generally take often and noticed the 6-story building behind the silos. I’m surprised I missed it here and on hikes. Anyone have any additional information that I may have overlooked? Thanks!
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