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  1. So Levine repeats what he said to the Charlotte Observer 2 years ago and that is considered news? I think the fact that he was unable to give The Ledger a timeframe tells us that he is not doing a damn thing to move this project forward.
  2. Allstate might take issue with Lowe's CEO claim to being the first major corporation to stake it's flag in Southend. Especially considering that Allstate is ranked higher on the Forbes 500 than Lowes. #doYourResearch This new skyscraper looks to be like a stretched version of Railyard. Here is to hoping that the ground floor retail is just as good.
  3. Earth is now moving on this site! Full steam power ahead!
  4. So glad the airport has decided to transition their diesel bus fleet to an all electric bus fleet. This will cut back on the fumes while you wait on the lower level for the bus to come pick you up. The transition begins later this year and will be 100% electric by 2025. You can read more about the buses here: https://www.proterra.com/ Also as a sign that the future Honeywell and BBT HQ are really happening: both companies have signed contracts with the airport to build/lease hangers at the airport for their corporate jet fleet.
  5. Well I could certainly see where that would be confusing considering how otherwise similar the trains are. But that also seems like something that could be remedied with training and extra signage on the dashboard. When you add it up this extra 5 sec wait adds almost 2 minutes the travel time.
  6. Trust me the 5 second wait time is not normal for any rapid transit line. I've ridden subways and rails on 4 continents of this Earth and none of them have had a 5 second delay. Also trust me it doesn't prevent crowding as it allows more time for more people to walk up to the door and wait for it to open. A 1 second delay is normal. 5 second delay is obnoxious.
  7. I was on a Lynx train up front the other day and was able to see into the operator cab where at every stop the operator would count to 5 before pushing the button to open the doors. Not sure why this is happening but it is very intentional and part of their policy. A very annoying policy at that. Let me off this damn train!
  8. I feel sorry for the people that have to work on the first 6 floors of this building. The back side is only the view of a parking deck. What a depressing place that would be to have your desk.
  9. Speaking of the New Concourse A, City Council earlier this week approved the architectural contract for Phase 2 which will be a 10 gate expansion. Construction is expected to begin by the end of this year. When complete I would expect Delta to move to these new gates and American will take over all of original A.
  10. So to summarize, this is clickbait copyright violation of a pr piece that the Statesville Record did almost 6 months ago. I haven't seen any hard news that NCDOT has actually committed to do anything. At this point they are reporting that NCDOT plans to meet with the federal government to discuss the concept of hydrail. Anyone know if anything has actually happened?
  11. Thumbs up to whoever put the mulch down yesterday in the planter between the tracks and the arena. Looks soooo much better.
  12. Anyone know if they are going to put in any landscaping here. Even just putting down some mulch would be better than the weeds and gravel that is there now.
  13. Who is the hot guy that shows up at CCCP meetings? Shorter, dark hair, Olive skin tone. Dreesses to impress. Is he a developer?
  14. Good News for International travelers arriving in CLT that have to go through the CBP facilities. City Council just approved a $1.1M contract with RS&H to program and scope the renovation of the CBP area at CLT. The plan is to completely demolish and reconstruct all interior areas of the CBP at CLT (ground floor of Concourse D) Sounds like as part of the redesign they will be adding 15,000 sq ft of space. This is just the initial design which usually takes 6 months. Later this year the full design contract will come before the City Council for approval. A fully redesigned and expanded CBP I would estimate could be operational by 2023. Referring to the Master Plan there will be an additional 12 Passport Kiosks and 16 more CBP Podiums. There will be 6 total bag claims. http://www.cltairport.com/AboutCLT/Documents/Development Master Plan/CLT ACEP 02232016 - FINAL.pdf
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