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  1. Came across this nice graphic depicting American's Charlotte hub used in a recent presentation to investors. However I got a laugh that they grouped the Non-Stop to Florence SC with all of the European flights.
  2. The Concourse Renovation saga continues. City Council just approved a Contract Change with C-Design which basically doubles the value of the design contract for the A/B/C/D Concourse Renovation. Among the stated reasons for the contract change is that American Airlines is now requesting that the airport increase the gate hold rooms. For anyone that has used the airport in the past 10 years + it has been blatantly obvious the need for larger gate holding areas. I'm glad they will be doing something to finally expand the gate holding areas...but surprised it is being done as an add-on to the planned renovations.
  3. Haven't seen any news articles on this yet but ZipCar will be expanding into Uptown/Southend this summer. The city is providing 6 on-street locations and Zipcar will be providing 6 off-street locations. This is a 2 year pilot after which the city will decide to make it permanent or not. Some sample Zipcar locations will be: -Romere Bearden Park -UNCC/First Ward Park -New Bern Station Charlotte has been really late to the game in getting a car sharing service but glad it is finally arriving. This will give those of us that live downtown and don't own a car another transportation option for those longer in-city trips where transit takes too long or isn't available. I think the city should also partner with Car2Go. I have used this service in DC before and it's a nice alternative to uber/lyft if you don't mind driving yourself...plus you can park wherever you want as long as it its a legal parking spot.
  4. WSOC and WBTV both reported it was the Element on fire while showing pictures of 300 S Tryon. Lol c'mon guys put your thinking caps on.
  5. Levine has publically stated that he is "redesigning" the apartments that are supposed to wrap the parking deck. Considering that the utilities and foundation of the apartment have already been poured I'm not sure how much redesigning can actually be done unless he is going to rip out the existing foundation and start from scratch. I'm willing to bet that UNCC and the State of North Carolina have just about had it with Levine. They gave him millions of dollars for exclusive parking rights in the parking deck and here he has stopped construction for 3 months just so he can redo the apartments. I hope they have a good contract with him and will sue his ass for failure to deliver. This is our tax dollars going to fund this parking deck and I for one don't like how Levine is just dilly dallying and not respecting us the taxpayers.
  6. I saw it this morning while biking and stopped to check it out. I like it, reminds me of the piece in front of the Trademark Condos.
  7. Anyone notice the banner they put up? #uptownstunner Lol
  8. The airport's bond rating was upgraded by Fitch which means they will save millions of dollars in interest. With all of the borrowing they are and will be doing for the billions in construction this upgrade is very timely. In other news I noticed that the terminal renovation project budget is now $70m. This is a doubling of the original budget and construction hasn't even started yet. I guess they kept on finding things to renovate. Would be interesting to find out the back story on that one.
  9. Reminds me of Courtside from this angle
  10. What does rooftop retail mean?
  11. I like the colors and materials they chose for the renovation...but yeah the problems with A, B, and C is that they are too narrow and short. The new design will likely play with the mind to make the space feel larger...but the only time you see as few people in the airport as you do in those renderings is the overnight hours between last flight and first flight. I can only imagine what a clusterphuck its going to be during the renovation.
  12. A North construction is moving along quickly, they are already installed the roof trusses.
  13. View from the Hornets Nest on the top floor. The bar is on the 2nd floor and the top floor will be used for event and meeting space.
  14. The exterior of the apartments at Remount and South is almost done. Good thing they went with blue accents and not red, otherwise they could be confused with the Silos across the street.
  15. It's actually quicker now than it used to be for sure. My most recent flights I've had to wait about 10 minutes for the bags to show up...whereas before it was common to wait 30 min plus.