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  1. It definitely has smaller transponders on it than when it was a tower for ATT and had the big conical long distance transmitters
  2. City Council approved the $19M construction contract on Monday for the South Blvd Water Main expansion. This project runs from Worthington near the Dowd YMCA all the way down to Scaleybark Rd. Construction starts in about a month. Expect South Blvd to be a big ole mess for the next year during construction. Obviously this is needed to support all the new offices and residents.
  3. Since NCDOT is projecting $300M decrease in their budget due to less driving, they are cutting projects left and right. One of the projects on the chopping block is the Wye at Charlotte Junction which is needed to turn the passenger trains around at the new Charlotte Gateway Station. IF this is not funded soon we could end up with a new train station that has no trains.
  4. CLT Airport got $135 Million from the CARES Act...this should allow it to continue to finance the current construction contracts. Currently the airport has 3 main revenue sources Parking Fees, Concession Profit Sharing, and Passenger Ticket Fees. With traffic down some 90% those funding sources have become nearly non-existent. The model they are going with now is projecting a slow gradual return in flights and passenger numbers starting sometime this summer, and then taking over a year for a full recovery in passenger traffic. Of course that is all subject to change with reality. So I would expect all future Capital projects that don't already have an approved contract to be put on hold. (Concourse A Phase 2 expansion)
  5. Crane on the low-rise section coming down today. I would say that the lack of balconies will be a drawback on this project.
  6. I posted about this a while back but the Federal Inspection Area on the ground floor of Concourse D had its $4.3M renovation contract approved by City Council. Every interior wall in the FIS area will be torn down and the area will be reconfigured to be more efficient. Of course this will remain an active FIS area while the renovation project is ongoing. Will take 3 years to complete this project, so until 2023 expect a mess for your next International arrival at CLT. Also another little tidbit is that the West Ramp (New Concourse A) design project came back with a 50% budget increase due to a redesign of the new Concourse A Phase II expansion. My reading of the tea leaves is that this "re-design" means they are moving ahead with building new ticketing and baggage claim areas over there as part of Phase 2 of A expansion. These would be a used by all airlines except American and Lufthansa. Just a hunch on my part...nothing official.
  7. Even more important than how the building looks, that new Hunt library is heavily used. When I was student the old Hill library would be a ghost town on most weekends. I'm hopeful that the new library will once again become a very active space for learning and collaboration.
  8. I just still find it astounding that it took an architectural firm 2 years to come up with this design. I mean really?!? 2 years, for this?
  9. I'm not seeing any building permit activity for this project since February. I would put this project in the Stalled category.
  10. A little perspective of The Hawk rising.
  11. The lower level of the elevated roadway will be open by the end of this year and then the upper level will be complete when the new ticketing Hall is done, in about 3 years. Phase 2 of Concourse A North will go out to bid in about 6 months. The new 10 gate expansion should be open in 2022.
  12. Well we have a final design on the airport entrance at Wilkinson and Josh Birmingham Parkway. Going with a big crown motif that will glow blue at night. In addition they will be putting in large CLT markers on Wilkinson and some other spots close to the airport. And also some really nice landscaping to go along with all the new signage. Cost is roughly $8M and should be complete next summer. Additional images...
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