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  1. https://www.ls3p.com/portfolio/charlotte-douglas-international-airport-concourse-e-expansion/
  2. Has anyone else noticed the strong wind tunnel effect on this block of Tryon between Hill St and Stonewall? As a pedestrian and cyclist it is very noticeable. None of the restaurants along this block will be able to have outdoor seating on Tryon. The wind tunnel effect is much stronger on this block than any other block in the Uptown area. I know there was a rezoning for the Deloitte building to bring it closer to the street than was normally allowed and thinking this has amplified the wind tunnel effect on this block. Until this wind tunnel effect is solved I expect the pedest
  3. Everything I keep reading says "Canopy foundations"....of course I don't know exactly what that means. https://www.charlottegatewaydistrict.com/project-vision/phase-1-construction/
  4. I don't have any inside information...but remember back in December the person in the Lynx operations that had a holiday party that a good number of employees attended and there was a mini covid outbreak which forced CATS to move to Sunday schedule due to lack of personnel. My guess is that there was some disciplinary actions taken after that ...and that has really put a crimp on availability of drivers not just for the Blue line but the Gold line as well. So that is my guess as to why there are still delays...there are not enough drivers even with the Blue line still on a Sunday schedule
  5. Agreed...that would be a good question to ask the NCDOT...they have been dealing with homeless camping sites on their property for probably a century if not longer. So far NCDOT has not requested to have the homeless removed from their property so that ties the city's hands to only use voluntary means to get them to a better place. As soon as NCDOT requests it the city can use mandatory means to remove them from the property.
  6. There is enough beds in the shelters and hotels converted to shelters to house all the people remaining at the tent city. The problem is that the people don't want to go there. They feel safer outside in a tent than inside at a shelter or hotel room.
  7. For some reason I am just now seeing that the glass on Deloitte is an exact match with the glass on BofA.
  8. The purple top of Ally was looking good at sunset today.
  9. I recently heard about the city's plans for an Urban Arboretum Trail and they are already starting to spend money on construction to make it a reality. They will be making improvements to Elmwood cemetery to make it easier for bicycles to traverse from Gateway Village to the music factory through Elmwood Cemetery. They will be putting in bike ramps (to replace staircases) and wayfinding signage. Construction is approved and funded, starting soon. More details here on this trail that will connect Brightwalk/Greenville/JCSU area with Uptown. https://charlottenc.gov/GS/EngineeringServic
  10. It definitely has smaller transponders on it than when it was a tower for ATT and had the big conical long distance transmitters
  11. City Council approved the $19M construction contract on Monday for the South Blvd Water Main expansion. This project runs from Worthington near the Dowd YMCA all the way down to Scaleybark Rd. Construction starts in about a month. Expect South Blvd to be a big ole mess for the next year during construction. Obviously this is needed to support all the new offices and residents.
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