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  1. View from the Hornets Nest on the top floor. The bar is on the 2nd floor and the top floor will be used for event and meeting space.
  2. The exterior of the apartments at Remount and South is almost done. Good thing they went with blue accents and not red, otherwise they could be confused with the Silos across the street.
  3. It's actually quicker now than it used to be for sure. My most recent flights I've had to wait about 10 minutes for the bags to show up...whereas before it was common to wait 30 min plus.
  4. Yeah that is the Concourse E expansion, the construction contract was approved by city council a few months ago. They are also in the planning stages of expanding the Maintenance Hanger at CLT. Just another sign that they will be closing the hub in about a year.
  5. In President Trump's budget he cuts funding for New Starts and TIGER. For us that means there would be zero federal funds for all future rail lines. Add that to a current 10% cap on the State level and that would mean that our Local share would have to cover 90% of all future rail lines. The local share funded by the 1/2 Cent Sales Tax currently covers 25% of the cost. This would be devastating for transit not just here but all across the country. We have a big hill to climb to ensure transit funding for future projects...or a bleak future with no additional transit lines. http://usa.streetsblog.org/2017/03/16/trumps-budget-takes-an-axe-to-transit/
  6. I was there on Monday for lunch...it's still pretty sleepy....especially when you compare it to a weekend.
  7. Good Ole Norfolk Southern....so shocked to hear that they are being slow and obstinate in relocating their tracks and being the main reason for the BLE delays. If anyone wants to see why the entire BLE project is being delayed just go take a look at 36th St Station where construction has been put on hold for good ole Norfolk Southern to complete their work.
  8. The Terminal Renovation keeps on getting pushed back and pushed back. The website now says construction will start this summer. I have a feeling this is a project they thought would be rather simple and has turned into a logistical nightmare.
  9. It is very frustrating how many times Levine changes his mind with the First Ward property. Everything has had major design changes before the projects get off the ground and then even major design changes midstream while a project is being built. The latest example being redesigning the apartments around the 10th St Parking Deck after the foundation and utilities are already in place. That being said Levine himself is very nice in person...but the universe applauds action and as we are all well aware on this forum that his actions have been lacking. Looking forward to seeing what these new partnerships produce.
  10. I'm so glad that Levine sold this land and something will actually get developed. We need development now to activate First Ward Park NOW before it becomes a big homeless camp. Because Levine hasn't gotten off his ass and developed any of the empty parcels around the park it is pretty quiet over there at night and when I walk through there it is very common to see 5-10 homeless people asleep there in the park at night. So thanks again to Lennar for actually doing something and bringing in more people. The other interesting thing to watch will be how they handle the homeless lady on 8th St. She has been camped out on the sidewalk near the LRT tracks for about 3 years now. She has had just about every non-profit agency in town stop by and talk to her to get her off the street but she refuses every time. Even when it goes down to near zero degrees outside she has remained at her spot on the sidewalk and survived. It is just one person but I have a feeling that when it comes time for Lennar to start construction and kick her out she will not go willingly.
  11. The Stephen King Express!
  12. Iberia has really cut back their hub at Barcelona to the point that it's not a hub anymore. There are 5 destinations from Barcelona that Iberia serves, 4 of those are in Spain. You could theoretically connect to another oneworld carrier in Barcelona such as Qatar or Cathay Pacific but the schedules are not setup for connections. Barcelona is truly a destination airport as far as oneworld is concerned.
  13. That was done over a decade ago when The Green was being built next door. It resulted in the church's priceless Ben Long fresco being destroyed.
  14. American has added Charlotte to its select list of cities that it offers Cadillac transfer service for it's Concierge Key members. This is notable because this service is not offered in Miami or Chicago. What this means is that there are enough high dollar or celebrity customers in Charlotte to warrant this service offering.
  15. I kinda like it...a more modern Odell building...The Illuminati will like their new HQ building in Charlotte.