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  1. 210 Trade | EpiCentre

    Almost done.
  2. Charlotte Bike Sharing

    The V Bikes look more rugged than the other shareable bikes. However I haven't ridden one to confirm it's actually a better bike.
  3. Charlotte Bike Sharing

    Invasion of the Dockless Bikes!
  4. Maybe Pat should teach a course on how Republicans can actually win in Charlotte. I will say that back when Pat was Mayor he would drop in on our neighborhood meeting usually once a year....same with the At Large Republican City Council members....but that hasn't happened in years. If Republicans actually want to win a city wide race they need to get out of their South Charlotte comfort zone and actually invest in neighborhood level relationships.
  5. I wonder how the NC GOP is feeling after seeing what happened in the Virginia State Legislature elections last night. On top of that they continue to deal with the federal court case about gerrymandering. And more locally with our Mayors race a LOT of money was poured into Kenny Smith's election and the results were disappointing for the GOP.
  6. Street lights (and the lack of uniformity)

    The current policy was adopted by city council about 5 years ago as the most cost effective way to do the conversion. So there was a cost analysis done but it was done 5 years ago. Interestingly the stoplights...which are not owned or operated by Duke have almost all been converted to LED, however they run 24/7.
  7. 300 South Tryon and Kimpton Hotel

    Love the rocking chairs on the rooftop! All of my Kimpton experiences in Philly and DC have been good. Looking forward to having one in Charlotte.
  8. There is no monetary penalty for Levine missing a deadline. However by missing the deadline he gets no property tax abatements. In other words he has to pay full property taxes now instead of a discount.
  9. Meanwhile over at the Levine parking deck today they laid three bricks.
  10. Mixed Use Spirit Square and Main Library Redevelopment

    The Hunt Library at NC State is amazing....been there a couple times. Hopefully this bodes well for the new Charlotte library.
  11. Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    The first phase of the arrivals level is nearing completion. Commercial traffic will be shifted onto these new lanes soon.
  12. Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    A North is decked out in Hornets colors for a limited time only. In other news they have selected a architect to design a new General Aviaton building that will include its own customs facilty.
  13. Charlotte Greenways - The Big Picture

    As someone who has actually ridden across the Central Ave bridge on a bike on the sidewalk I can assure you there is nothing comfortable about it. Anytime you can separate bike/ped traffic from car traffic via bridge or tunnel it is much better for everyone. The cars can zoom on by without having to worry about 5 y/o kids rolling in front of them on a bike. Compared to other cities in the USA Charlotte is it at the bottom when it comes to bike/ped infrastructure. This proposed bridge is really just a drop in the bucket for where we need to be.
  14. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    Yep Craighead is due to reopen in December.
  15. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    At the Blue Line Update last night the Project Manager stated that Norfolk Southern has moved one freight rail line to the new tracks and that within the next 2 weeks they should complete the move of the 2nd track. That fact that NS is now finally doing this work removes the holdup on the rest of the work to be done at the 36th St Station and Craighead crossing.