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  1. I stopped and spoke to someone about the property behind Target. It is only being used for a staging area for Bluebonnet Road construction debris. The contractor will be grading the land after use.
  2. Any idea of the holdup on the builds of the car and RV dealerships?
  3. I see dirt being moved behind the Target. Any idea what's going on? Also I see the apartment complex across the interstate is expanding.
  4. I'm hearing the car dealership will break ground this coming July. I'm also hearing rumors of Rouses going in where Buccees was supposed to go.
  5. Freddy's is going up next to Golden Corral. Someone told me that he was told last year by the councilman and by the developer that a Dunkin Donuts will be built there. I'm hoping something builds next to Chilis.
  6. According to the BR Planning Commision agenda, a Dominos Pizza is looking at the Capital Bank at Millerville/Old Hammond. Also a Freddy's and Aspen Dental/restraunt were approved for Millerville Greens. But then again, Buccees was also approved. Lol I was also told someone is clearing some land on Millerville.
  7. Zaxbys and Golden Coral will be between the access street and Millerville. I think there is only one spot left and it will be all taken.
  8. According to Business Report, Golden Corral is looking into a 2.5 acre lot. Also, a undisclosed retailer is looking into a 15 acre spot.
  9. Does it come across like work has stopped? Seemed like they were making progress on the onramp, then no more.
  10. The RV Shop is relocating to the Greens at Millerville. I would think this is the other dealership previously mentioned (I hope). How long does it generally take to install an onramp? 6 months?
  11. I guess some news is better than no news. I have the assumption Richards Mazda or Nissan will be the other local car dealership. I'm certain the subdivisions behind these locations are not too happy. I'm confused why it is taking forever to put down the interstate onramp. I guess a lot of Federal and DOTD red tape. It appears this development will still be a development for the next couple years.
  12. Just like Juban Crossing, I guess the costs to bury those lines are too great. Thanks for providing those plans. I have never seen them. I'm hoping some of the outlaying retail will result in being restaurants.
  13. I was thinking the on-ramp would be wrapping up by now. Soon I guess. Is anyone familiar with this developer's previous developments? I'm hoping this development will be nice but with a car dealership included, I have my doubts.
  14. Richyb83, CVS was going to buy the lots and house behind the Avalon Garden homes. Is Stirling Properties still planning on putting a bank or something on the vacant lot next to Chili's? Months back, there was a 'for sale' next to Mattress Firm. I'm not sure if it is still there. I wonder if someone will buy the old Capital One bank at Millerville and Old Hammond and redevelop that area. Also, I think that mound of dirt behind Target can only be turned into a subdivision. Can't think of anything else. I guess time will only tell.
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