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  1. Hi, This is the Updated Version of the Downtown Durham Development Map. I know that I've forgotten a few things and there are many mistakes in my (quickly written) descriptions, so please reply to this list with additions and comments. thanks. Red = Transportation Aqua = Mixed Use (Residential + Something Else) Blue = Municipal (city or county) investments Green = Parks Space Yellow = Residential (can include retail) Orange = Office (can include retail) Pink = Retail Purple = Potential Future Development (plans haven't been enumerated) A larger version of thi
  2. The buildings filmed in Bull Durham were Liggett and Myers Buildings, now West Village.
  3. These forbes rankings are pretty annoying to me. For one, the data that they use is typically mixed up. For instance, median house price is for the Raleigh-Cary Metro Area, but the median income is for the city of Raleigh. Typically, though not in this case, Forbes refers to Raleigh when they really mean the Triangle in general. When Forbes ranked best cities to live in, they said that the "closest city" to both Cary and Durham was Raleigh. What the hell does that mean?
  4. So, just to make things more clear: There are two Scientific Properties buildings: 1. Triangle Biotechnology Center at Durham Central Park, which is a much smaller building (used to be a garage of some sort), which is where Serenex is. 2. Triangle Biotechnology Center at Venable, which is not finished yet. It's an old tobacco warehouse that has been/is being renovated. It held artists, but they're being kicked out for the biotech stuff. (Fortunately, the owner is offering them the move to a space on Foster St at good rates.)
  5. Here's the map of the new plan: (if you can't read it, orange lines are transit, green lines are pedestrian/bike ways, red lines are vehicular ways)
  6. Hey: an image of the current and recent Durham Downtown redevelopment Areas. Hope you enjoy. In Yellow (North-South): North-South Greenway/American Tobacco Trail In Red (East-West): Future TTA/SouthEast High Speed Rail Line In Green: Recent Projects A. Durham School of the Arts B. Brightleaf Square C. Peabody Place D. West Village E. Durham Bulls Athletic Park F. Durham County Jail G. YMCA H. Durham Civic Center/Carolina Theatre/Arts Council In Blue: Current/Proposed Projects 1. Duke Arts Building 2. N.C. Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Building 3.
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