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  1. Yeah it does tend to get a little noisy in there from time to time, but if you sit in one of those cubicles on the inside wall and pop some earbuds in, it isn't that bad. And another note... we need to do something about those utility poles and Fazolis/Pazzos signage. Just might make things look nicer that's all. But thanks for the pictures EZ.
  2. I suppose it would have helped if I had actually clicked the link instead of just reading what was given... Anyways, it is very interesting and if you've read "Rise of the Creative Class" by Richard Florida, you'd wonder why more cities aren't doing such programs. I guess in most cities it would be viewed negatively to bring in 'artists.' Kudos to Paducah for having the foresight to do it. I might have to go to a look at it myself, this is right up my alley.
  3. Yes! That is awesome. You couldn't make this stuff up. Thanks for posting.
  4. I saw Paducah being featured on ABC Nightly News Saturday night. Anybody catch it? I was in a busy restaurant so I couldn't hear it, but it looked like they would be talking about what this article mentions.
  5. Nice job with the photos, even though I see those buildings more than I should want to. Looks like you caught a good day with some nice light.
  6. You have to get a picture of that nondescript beige building going up across from 5/3 Center (on Vine and Mill) and the "Now Hiring Architects" sign hanging on the construction fence. It makes me laugh every time I see the banner in front of that hideous "straight-from-the-suburbs" office tower.
  7. Nice Photos. CenterCourt is quite the addition to that part of town. It caps off the vista looking down Euclid quite dramatically. They really did a great job with that. As far as redevelopment nearby, I don't think Kennedy's is going anywhere, but Fazoli's could definitely be razed for all I care. That church across the street is for sale, or at least it was, for $1 million dollars, so I'd gather something fairly significant would go in its place. I'll try to get some pictures of Shelbourne Plaza as it gets developed. Right now it looks like a gravel pit.
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