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  1. Baker College shot from Saturday August 16. Notice the wind mill atop of the old theatre. Sidock windows
  2. These are three pictures that were taken August 8th
  3. A few weeks ago there were over 150 old model cars cruising around Muskegon. Here are a few pictures of the cars on Webster. After my discharge from the Air Force in 1972, my wife and I looked the Emery House, it was for sale at $18,900
  4. Bike Time, Friday Night 2008
  5. What kind of pictures are you interested in seeing of Muskegon? Is there something special that you might like to see? as an example something like this, what is your interest?
  6. A few weeks ago after flying back from Plainwell, Michigan, there were these two helicopters from Port Huron doing their flight training and stopped over in Muskegon for a rest before heading back home. We used to have Wisconsin Air National Guard flying in for touch and goes with the C130's.
  7. This is what you see on the floor as you walk into the Muskegon Bank on the corner of Western and Second. I was working on the fire place mantle this afternoon and took this picture. There is still part of the past here in Muskegon. This picture was taken on the corner of Second and Clay. This was the second day after they started working on the site for the new Baker College School Moving to the right from the last picture you can see more of the lot and what is going on. Spring is in the air and so is construction. Power polls have been hook up for the beginning of the Heritage Townhouses. That will be any time now.
  8. I was at the Muskegon Airport on Friday and as my friend and I left the grips of the ground, I notice that runway32/14 and 18/36 are shut down for construction. My understanding is that they are extending the runway. This is good for that will give runway and additional 1000 feet I think to bring in more in line with runway 24/6 which is 6500 feet long. At the present time runway 32/14 is only 5000 feet long. Be able to land those big planes on both these runways (24/6 and 32/14). I fly about once a week in a Piper Dakota. With the changes coming to Muskegon, maybe a few people will fly into Muskegon and come to our downtown, beach areas and bring back with them some memories. Some memories that will encourage them to come back again. Here is a pix from the air of Heritage Landing. I can see Heritage Landing each morning when I wake up and look out my bedroom window. What a great view. Sure beats all those factories of the past.
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