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  1. The other day my husband and I were talking about downtown Baton Rouge and why it's not like other downtown areas. He pointed out that most downtowns are in the center of a town and everything grows around it. That way it's the core of the city, an equal distance from anywhere you travel and usually very easy to get to (he has problems with the way people built interstates/highways/main thoroughfares in BR, he's from NO). But Baton Rouge's downtown is butted up against the river and everything seemed to mainly grow east. The conversation soon turned to West Baton Rouge and why it hasn't gro
  2. That's what I want too, something like the Riverwalk. The first thing I thought when I saw that thing was what would happen if a barge got loose and bam! I would much rather walk on solid ground next to the Mississippi River than walk on a platform dangling above it.
  3. I was just wondering... is there any new info on the commuter rail idea?
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