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  1. I have a feeling the city is really going to screw this one up.....we should see more row housing going up around the city....all i see is suburban housing going up
  2. something like that.....it would have to be big and nothing else like it to have the attraction to keep people coming.
  3. The problem is with this sorry state......they take alot from us and give very little back to us. They need to stop treating us a like a red headed step child and keep their hands out of our cookie jar without replacing some of them cookies!
  4. I think we should start building more natural history and science museums downtown....maybe some really good war museums
  5. Toll fears from local leaders Man those tolls look crazy. It really would kill this region
  6. I can tell the budget was low....I didn't mean to sound like towards your work...especially since you guys did it on your own dime...I know I couldn't have done half as good so maybe I should have kept that comment to myself! I use to love the wire I am glad that some people are thinking of doing things like this....Keep up the good work!
  7. I say you are wrong because I know a Philly native that bought season tickets for the destroyers!
  8. I really wanted it in Norfolk
  9. I support the tea party for multiple reasons but I do support the light rail. I think it will give this region a edge and attract businesses
  10. was riding down rosemont leaving hybrid training center and seen a sign about a person running for city council. They were running on no light rail.....no means no. If Vabeach doesn't get in on this the light rail in Norfolk will fail.....it is critical for the connection between cities to make this successful. I usually don't like public money being spent but I really think to make this area attractive to bring in jobs this overall project must be successful!
  11. dude that place look sweet....ive always wanted to learn about unix, linux etc....want to learn web development as well. Seems like a cool place to be a sponge at
  12. I've been here all of my life and seen promises of change but it always stays the same. I hope you are right but I don't think we will see this region to change. Light rail is not going to fix our traffic problems. There are too many other places to put your business at and not worry about major traffic. State is not on our side. I hope your plan does work.
  13. I'm out looking for a job and most of the tech jobs are in DC. I don't forsee any of the leaders of this region changing any of this. I fear that I will have to move away from here. When is the region leaders going to get it through their heads that we must diversify our regions economy? We must get more technical, R&D, engineering jobs. I feel that we are our worst enemy.
  14. Their food sucks! The environment is awesome....I would rather see a Wild wings like the one by Walmart on battlefield blvd
  15. where did you find that rendering from? HRTs website?
  16. Really govt can't create the jobs. All they can do is make it a business friendly environment and hope that businesses notice it. Wish the feds realize that...there is more govt jobs in america than privatized jobs. I think that we can't rely on the people running this region anymore to change the region the way it needs to be.
  17. I'm talking more at the corporate level. Why is it so hard for this area to pull in the businesses or create the businesses here. Is it the leadership here that doesn't know what to do to create the environment? Are they too comfortable making their money and not worried about the rest of us?
  18. with the recent announcement of JFCOM shutdown, do you guys think our local leaders will get it in their heads that we need more than the military here? what makes the environment in this region not so business friendly? There are alot of nice size cities that are not a pass through from other cities. I keep thinking about what could be done to change this region to attract better higher paying jobs but I can't come up with any ideas as to why no one wants to be here. Maybe with the large amount of military they don't want to be here. opinions?
  19. If you haven't been, I would highly recommend you explore Bier Garden and the rest of DT Ptown. It is really nice down there!
  20. video shot in Norfolk and produced by a Vabeach production company: David Banner
  21. Watched that the other day...it was a good show
  22. I really don't see where this helps us out
  23. Most people I know thinks soccer sucks.....I don't see a mls making it here
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