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  1. Anyone know what's going on around Cushing street on the East Side by Brown?
  2. Cotuit, is there a policy or a rule about placing advertising on this site? I'm selling my condo and thought this might be a nice place to post given the traffic this site gets for info on living in and moving to Providence. Thanks
  3. great idea PVDJack, turbines would be a nice addition - although I don't know where the best place would be for them. As far as the RISD solar house goes, it will not be right next to the river from everything I've heard. It will likely end up just down hill from the Woods Gerry building on the corner of Prospect and meeting. Apparently RISD made a space which is closer to the corner of Angel and Congdon but I'm not really sure.
  4. Anyone know whats burning? I saw a large amount of smoke rising from around the Jefferson Apts area (guessing) when I came into work this morning. I suppose it could be the fruit market building but I really have know idea
  5. I realize this might be a tall order but I don't get the ProJo and I can't find on their website a copy of the picture they have on the cover of the Rhode Island section today. It's this crazy shot of a stranded car in cranston with water almost up to the windows. If someone could scan it and share it with all of us, that'd be sweet
  6. Just saw some of the deepest water I've ever seen in PVD. I'd guess there was 8-10 inches in some places on the streets. Obviously in the low lying places only but still very impressive. On a few streets I couldn't see under a single car - the water was a couple inches above the bottom of the door sill. Rapids were everywhere too... anyone got a kayak?
  7. I will add one thing though with regards to police presence and action on the East Side as well as Downtown/city, I've lived here since 1984 and I have never even heard of someone getting a DUI. I work with students frequently from Brown and RISD and I ask everyone I can if they have even heard of this happening and to date not a singe "yes." Do people get DUIs anywhere in this city? It certainly has nothing to do with the idea that people don't drink and drive. I see people on a regular basis doing between 50 and 70 mph down benefit street as bars/clubs get out swerving all over the place an
  8. I completely agree with you, Garris. Tickets happen all over Providence.
  9. Cotuit, you are correct about Tazza having internet. It's free too!!
  10. wow frankie, thats a bummer. What if anything do you have for spyware/virus scanners. There are some good free ones that can clean this sort of thing up but you may have a more serious problem on your hands. If you don't have anything give Adaware a try (can find through a google search and its free) but do it in conjunction with something else like Spybot search and Destroy (also free) Run one then the other with the latest updates, then select Adaware to run on startup, restart and hope for the best. If nothing improves try sending me a message so we don't force everyone else here to follow
  11. No problem at all. Same for all the others I know who have downloaded it. What 's wrong with your computer?
  12. For those interested in one of the coolest things on the internet try this link and download the first option. If you like google maps and want to see something that blows it out of the water you will want to see this. http://desktop.google.com/download/earth/index.html
  13. Don't know many details but at least the top floor of the Art Bar building in the Jewlery District is about to be converted to condos. I'll try to find out more on the future of the bar but demo upstairs is days away.
  14. While it's not in Providence, here are some events within reach by public transport. http://www.gonewport.com/whattodo/august.htm Check out the whole list but the JVC Jazz fest is a huge deal for those into the scene and may help you cool off as it's usually about 10 degrees cooler in Newport. RIPTA offers cheap ferry service from Providence and a word of advice if you're renting a car- do not drive to Newport unless you care more about the ride there and back. Ferry's way better and drops off right in downtown Newport. I realize you're looking around PVD but thought I might mention these an
  15. The red part of this map is mostly called college hill and is probably the first place you should look. Try walking up and down Benefit street and looking on side streets like Transit, Arnold, Jenckes, Pratt etc. There's quite a range of housing and it's a bit more expensive compared to living a few miles further away but if walking distance is important the red zone is your best bet. Also try heading further east (or right on the map) - its a little further of a walk but probably some good options (Governor street area) The blue zone is what is really considered downtown (taller building
  16. Welcome Traci, As far as finding a place to live goes, this is a good time of year and better than August. Many of the apts within walking distance are changing hands and the possibility of parking for two cars is best now. My girlfriend is a grad student at RISD and she will be living in a building downtown which is brand new (RISD Student Housing but won't be ready til fall) There is no parking but they do allow significant others to live in loft style/2br suites which is a plus. Also its mostly grad students which should keep things a little more mellow. Not to mention its one of the best
  17. One piece of advice I often hear is to stay away from Bilodeau Property Management. I think they may only offer rental properties on the East side but I've never heard anything good about them, from anyone, ever. Some of the best deals are in the paper which is the Providence Journal (projo.com) Figure out roughly where you might want to live and then you might get more advice- if you want to be as close to Brown and RISD as possible, you'll pay more but the location is great in general and there are countless for rent signs out this time of year with student leases ending in May or June.
  18. I left Wayland Square because I found a place to buy that was simply too good to turn down; I'm now closer to downtown. Also at 23, Wayland square was just a bit too relaxing at times. Given your interests, Judy, WS is an excellent choice.
  19. Hi Judy, Congrats on the position at RIH, I actually work there too. My personal preference of the places you mentioned in your post is Wayland Square (which on a map would be the intersection of Wayland Ave. and Angell/ South Angell.) Within a few blocks you have two great supermarkets (a Whole Foods and another, Eastside Marketplace), a few coffee shops (including a Starbucks with outdoor seating, some upscale shopping and a couple of bookshops. Also right on a bus route to downtown which isn't too far a walk either. I lived in the wayland square area for a year and liked it a lot. Not too
  20. Stopped in to the Biltmore Saturday afternoon and got a tour of that new spa that just openned and I have to say I was really pretty impressed. With all the rumors of the Biltmore struggling financially (which it may well be anyway..) I was happy to see some solid outside investment (they did not skimp on anything, at all). Could even have some positive risidual effects on the rest of downtown as well if people decide to make it a destination if not at least make the hotel itself more of a draw.
  21. no emily, I'm not trying to make you cry... although if I keep having to pay these super high oil bills you can be sure that I'll be the one who's doing the crying. Hopefully you can get a chance to see your rental choices before you commit- if you do, be sure to check on the windows and not just the view
  22. Just to add a high quote on heating costs, for the past few months my heating has ranged from $240 to $320/month. My windows are just as old as my condo from 1909 and that has a lot to do with it but having no insulation either can't be helping me much. Keep in mind that I'm heating about 1400 square feet as well- doesn't make me feel much better but as oil prices keep going up you can bet I'll be getting new windows soon
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