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  1. Not Just Coffee in 7th St. Market is [opinion] better than Amelies and also local. And you also have Local Loaf in 7th St for pastries. Amelie's turned down invitations from the CRVA to move into that Uptown spot for year(s) before finally trying it out, it wasn't their scene to start with.
  2. That could be Gateway Station on it's own. Who needs a grand building when you have a modern terminal with multiple "gates" like that?
  3. Do you have an active and inclusive neighborhood association? Property ownership is not the only way to affect a neighborhood's well-being. Pride can come from other places and not just from the possibility of financial gain.
  4. I've had a dream about this section of the track. It's going to feel pretty awesome to be in "nature" while on the train (at least for a second). I've always been jealous of these light rail lines: http://www.citytransport.info/Lawn.htm
  5. Apropos of nothing: We have an East Blvd that becomes West Blvd... not at the intersection of South Blvd (as would make sense) but a block away... but we have no North Blvd. Anyone have any thoughts about how/why this is the case? Just a little curiosity this morning on my part
  6. Levine be all like "I built a tent... see?! Told ya I'd break ground."
  7. Is the green (non rendered?) part outside of the seats getting a concourse or anything? Any other building other than inside the bowl?
  8. I'm pretty sure there isn't a wide enough ROW on the ACW for two tracks (especially at Herrin, 37th, Mercury). Now, if they rebuild the tracks (as is planned eventually to seal the corridor) to it arrives to the NCRR before Craighead, maybe... but I wonder there is enough ROW under the Sugar Creek & Plaza bridges for 2-wide tracks
  9. ^And with the door open for articulated buses, it wouldn't be impossible to imagine "mass"-transit BRT (at least on Independence)
  10. Really similar to the Ashmont-Mattapan line in Boston (even in demographic): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ashmont%E2%80%93Mattapan_High_Speed_Line
  11. What do you give the odds that someday (someday could be 25 years) Pineville will want an extension of the LYNX into town....
  12. The trees along Caldwell/Brevard in the LYNX right of way have been cut down. The views from even as far back as Brooks Burgers/Matheson Bridge into Uptown are really amazing now. OP, Villa Heights and NoDa feel so much closer to center city now than they did just a couple months ago.
  13. What's the deal with the NC Farmers Market out on Yorkmont? Could that ever move to a central city location (Levine-land?)... I like that place, but damn if it's not a PITA to drive/park over there.
  14. ^I agree. And I think that's where I was coming from in the very beginning. Instead of going around in circles for 10 years trying to get Gateway Station off the ground, make a semi-permanent concession for the safety of everyone who will TRY to connect. Boston has dual commuter train/subway stations, where you can transfer without going through North or South Station (main hub stations). You can transfer from the commuter train to subway at several platforms along the Orange and Red lines. So honestly, think about it - don't even build a new Charlotte "depot" train station.... just make a transfer possible at Sugar Creek or something...
  15. All I'll say is that I'm pretty pig-headed when following a map. If I were a visitor exploring Charlotte, I'd see that there is light rail 1000ft away and insist on walking there.... somehow. Much to the dismay of my wife.
  16. I was wondering, in +/-2 years when the BLE Extension is done, and the powers that be are still floundering over the fate of a new Amtrak station, where will people TRY to find a connection to the Lynx? It's inevitable that someone (lots of someones) will see on their smart maps that the light rail is actually pretty close (1200ft?) from the train station - and they'll try to walk it. So... how do you suppose they'll do that? And once people start getting hit by trains (god forbid) or run into sketchy people (god forbid), someone may just need to come up with a "temporary" solution... BLUE: crow flies to 25th St. Station RED: crow flies to Parkwood Station Yellow: crow flies across the tracks and makes a decision on Brevard
  17. Man, the Gov Center is the worst. A triangle building on a square lot for no reason. It can't make sense for use on the inside either...triangle office?
  18. Here's to hoping the tram opens in time/in conjunction with the opening night of the Hornets!
  19. How do these companies provide service? Is it by overhead wires coming into houses?
  20. no traffic, road closures, neighbors.... maybe they could have just built the thing completely offsite and trucked it in on a giant flatbed?
  21. Oh man, that's great ^ I had thought about that before (actually considered that a food/ice cream truck would do gangbusters out there on a schedule). Are there other airports that offer an observation area IN the airport or in an airport building?
  22. I think this may have already been covered, but could we possibly have two threads: one for speculation/critique of flights/routes, and one that deals specifically with the built environment of the airport? I keep coming back to this thread because there is so much construction and so many projects going on, but I end up giving up because I just don't care that much about the routes/critique. I just want to hear/see about the actual buildings, roads and future of the complex.
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