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  1. Has anyone heard what happened to Bombay Bistro on Woodruff? Looks like they're replaced it with a Papa Chin's.
  2. I found the news article from WYFF: http://www.wyff4.com/news/14249375/detail.html It says the owner will put the monetary value of the membership towards a new one when the gym reopens. I'm guessing that isn't going to do a lot of good for the people who snapped up those $99 memberships.
  3. My boyfriend was a member of that gym, and the only notice they recieved was on Sept 30, the day the gym closed: "Dear Members: The purpose of this letter is to inform you that I have sold Pulze Fit Club to a new owner. The club will close on Sunday, September 30, 2007 for much needed repairs and remodeling for approximately 30 days. It
  4. Do you think it has something to do with GSP's cost in comparison to Atlanta and Charlotte's airports? I know I'd usually fly to one of those instead of GSP when I lived cross country to avoid paying $100+ extra. (in some cases) I think my ticket to NYC cost $60 more than it would have been to fly out of the other two airports, although I still went with GSP to avoid the drive to the others.
  5. I wrote a while back questioning how GSP was in regard to the no liquids ban and such. I just wanted to say that everything went really smoothly, and I was impressed with the service there. Everyone was so friendly and full of smiles. In NYC, gah... lol, they were nice there too, but sooo rushed in comparison! I forgot to take the liquids out of my carry-on and tried to tell them so as they were scanning it in, but they brushed me aside to hurry me through and didn't even notice them. Oh, and then my flight was delayed by a good four hours - so I had to sit in the airport for six hours total. It is nice to be back home. ^^b
  6. Well... I finally tried Doc Chey's yesterday. It was either that or PF Chang's which we'd already had ( and liked), so I wish we had gone there instead. I ordered their curry, and my bf got the chicken fried rice. My curry was pretty bland, the food didn't really have much of a taste. I also thought it was weird that the chicken seemed to have a coating on it? (like fried chicken) My bf's chicken fried rice tasted really dry, and wasn't all that special. He liked it though, so I guess that's good. I guess I just prefer more flavor? I could have asked them to make it more spicy, but I don't think it would have really helped.
  7. Thanks for all of the suggestions! To answer your question, Cheryl - that is why I'm asking for suggestions, so I'll have an idea where to look without wasting my time at other apartment complexes. My boyfriend is from Easley/Greenville and doesn't even know of the "good" apartments, so it is word of mouth, really. When I moved to the Plantations, I had NO IDEA that there was a strip club right around the corner. It doesn't *seem* to be in a bad area, but gah... I just can't stand hearing about all of the break ins, and reading about the peeping toms they had problems with not too long ago. When I moved here from CA, I used a moving company to get my stuff out - ABF, or something? It ended up being twice as expensive than expected, unfortunately. We had hired some packers, and they really did a great job which actually saved us some money on the ABF truck - but they were $600 themselves. Crazy.. (but we saved more than $600 from having them pack things the way they did in the truck.) We moved during the middle of a workday, so couldn't reply on having friends help out. Oh well. I had to have my car shipped too, which was it's own set of troubles. We used a company recommended by ABF (forgot the name, but it is the only one recommended by ABF, I believe), and gah... I paid $900 to have them take THREE WEEKS longer than they said it would take - and then had it sit in Atlanta for a week before they could tell me that they had "no idea" when it could leave that area to get to me? I was paying for a car rental that entire time, so that was pretty ridiculous. My boyfriend ended up going to Atlanta to pick up the car - and then they wanted to charge us extra for him doing that?? Ironically, my car completely broke down three days later, and I had to get a new one. Figures. If I find any apartments I like, I'll write about it here. I'm going to check out the Estates at Bellwood in two weeks - I like that they have two bedroom units with screened in porches available. Screened in porches is a huge reason I went with the Plantations. If I had more time, I'd look for a house... maybe I could rent one for a while.
  8. Can anyone recommend any good apartment complexes? My lease runs out in May, and I really want to get out of the one I'm in. Too many kids running wild here, and I already have big scratches on my 2007 car. I moved here from cross country and didn't get to see the apartment first - it was NOT as advertised. I'll never make that mistake again. The apartment is so run down, and I have to have constant repairs done. We were also told the building was only 15 years old. Yeah, maybe in 1960. There was a big hit and run in the parking lot soon after I moved in which damaged a truck we were driving, and the cop told us the area had been opened up to section 8 housing, that there was a lot of crime, etc. too - ugh! "Luxury apartments", my arse. >.>
  9. I saw something similar. Some woman in an SUV was absolutely going insane screaming at any vehicle that got in her path, because god forbid she miss that light. (as if no one else should have that right, when SHE was the one who insisted on cutting through traffic?) I've also witnessed some people being VERY rude to people working in restaurants, etc. I'm the type to make loud verbal remarks when I see that happening, heh. I can't stand rude people.
  10. Thanks for the link! That is a really interesting article, and the prices quoted do reflect what I've noticed in the past. When I lived in CA, that is the very reason I usually chose to fly in to Charlotte (my parents are near Charlotte anyway) or Atlanta instead. (when you're also renting a car for the week, that extra $100 is nice!) I paid a little extra to fly out of GSP for my trip next weekend since I planned on flying out pretty early, and wanted a direct flight. Honestly, the price really wasn't bad at all. I don't mind flying in the cheaper seats either, since I'm a rather petite person, ha ha!
  11. How goes GSP as far as the 3oz liquid in a one quart bag rule? I'm trying to get ready for my trip next week, and I'm hoping they don't try to take anything from me. I bought travel sized containers to put the toiletries I already use (shampoo, conditioner, etc.) because I'd rather not buy new items once I get there, nor do I want to use the little cheap shampoos, etc. - I'd rather use my own if I can!
  12. Haha! I grew up hearing that expression very often!
  13. I remember one thing that shocked me when first moving to CA from NC was how free people were with thier horns there. Yikes! I'm kind of free with mine now though, became a habit after three years. >.> I agree about people not wanting to let pedestrians walk around here. In CA they're so used to it that you can walk out and feel safe - but not here. You practically have to stare someone down so they'll slow down enough to let you walk by - and that's at a crosswalk!
  14. That'll be me next month! Hehe... I've flown a lot since I lived in CA and tried to visit my family often in NC/SC, but I've never flown out of GSP before. I'm hoping it will be easy to get around, and that checkin and such won't be a lot of hassle since this will be the first flight I've ever taken alone. When I flew in to NC/SC from CA, I'd usually fly to either Charlotte or Atlanta since their prices were consistently about $100-$150 cheaper than flying in to GSP. I've had flights where I had to walk outside to the plane at LAX, but I think that was because it was one of the very small planes. I actually thought it was fun to walk out to the plane in the middle of the night, but that's just me.
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