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  1. Pachuco

    Flint Off Topic

    Great! I wonder when they'll start on the Durant though?
  2. Pachuco

    Flint Off Topic

    Umm yeah Allan they have , its 300 hundred beds and I do believe after the announcement Juan Mestas saying there wont be a kitcken , so students can eat downtown.
  3. Pachuco

    Flint Off Topic

    Hmm let me see. Uptown is redoing the Dale for Food Health building and baker building, the entire Mott block, the First Street Lofts are finished, the Rowe Building and MTA Station renovation/constructions are ongoing, UM-Flint will break ground on a 21 million 300 bed student housing building, also in Spring the Land Bank will renovate the Durant Hotel for student housing and commercial use. The Berridege is being renovated for 20 market rate 90,000-120,000 condos and for two businesses, which is a five million dollar project. Hmm what else... I think thats all for now, other than Hurley and the Land Bank are going to completely restore carriage-town and the fifth avenue corridor for Hurley employees and other people. Also the whole third avenue and river restoration project gaining speed.
  4. Downtown Flint is prepared to growNew business deal means new developments By Cathy Shafran FLINT (WJRT) - (09/10/06)--More good news for downtown Flint. There's word on a new business deal that will mean re-development on both sides of Saginaw Street. The announcement came during an anniversary event for the Genesee Regional Chamber of Commerce. Hundreds of business and community leaders gathered together at Whiting Auditorium to celebrate 100 years of business history of the Flint Area Chamber, now known as the Genesee Regional Chamber of commerce. While detailing it's history, leaders were also able to shed some light on the future of business growth in the area.. Word was unveiled that the Mott Foundation, led by its president Bill White, was deeding all the buildings known as the Mott foundation block - just south of the Mott Foundation Building - to the Uptown Reinvestment Corporation for re-development. "I'm grateful that they're taking it because they have shown that they have the ability to do something with old buildings," said White. While not releasing complete details at the Chamber's Gala Centennial Celebration, Herman said development of the Mott Foundation block will mirror development on the west side of Saginaw. The old buildings south of the Mott Foundation building will turn into vital developments once again. "Over the next year we will start construction on the project of mixed use, retail, residential, office," he said. Herman says the go-ahead for the Mott Foundation block is coming now because the timing is right. The development is being backed by Michigan's governor, who made an appearance at the black tie event as well Details on what's planned for the Mott Foundation block are promised by the end of the year.
  5. Well, the rowe building is supposed to be finished in January, but I'm noy entirely sure they can finish it by then.
  6. Yeah I was totally surprised. I really hope, by atleast December, the front and back facade is up for the rowe building tho.
  7. Well, I went downtown and what do ya know, the BSC was packed! This shows downtown is beggining to comeback tho, now if those pinche UM-Flint dorms would get started then thingd would really pick-up!
  8. LOL I'm sorry tha happened. How did the Rowe Building look?
  9. Um, it dosn't matter, as long as it about flint, feel free to post here lol. I'm not to good at describing how to post pics, but do you have them uploaded on something like My Flickr? If so, just take the URL link from there, click the little icon of a tree when you want to post them and insert the URL link. I think atleast..
  10. 1,000 alone, wow ur far off. The 10k run was 8,000 and altogether the total runners was 15,400 plus.
  11. The 5k run felt great, I can do the 10k next year, sin problemas.
  12. Well lol any crim runners ? I'm juss doing the 5k this, kind of outa shape
  13. Yeah i know, they both have the best cloths, but I jus feel bad not shopping at flint business's.
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