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  1. Cool pic! Looks like a nice place for a high speed communter train.
  2. 33 days till I move to the D and I don't have a neighborhood picked out yet. Insurance is way to expensive in Detroit, so I'm going to trade the focus in and get a moped. Anyone have advice on the best neighborhood to reside in without a car? I need a bar, grocery store, close to WSU, and access to bus routes in the city. Any feedback is appreciated.
  3. Does anyone know how long it takes to recieve notice on graduate admissions from WSU urban planning?
  4. I moved from ypsilanti to oregon in august for an americorps job. It's been awesome but my heart is in Michigan and it's really exciting to see all of the projects going on in Detroit. I am applying to WSU for grad school and I hope that I get in because Detroit is awesome. Oregon is great, but Detroit has soul and history that cannot be offered anywhere in the west. Ever since I moved to Oregon I have been telling everyone how awesome Detroit is, but they laugh at me and tell me that Detroit is nothing but a dirty slum and Michigan is due for collapse. I think otherwise. I look forward to bringing new thoughts to the Michigan planning world and hopefully will find a job in Detroit after planning school. P.S. - Nothing is better than Detroit sports! GO TIGERWINGSTONS!
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