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  1. I'll take a Portobello & Mozzarella Panini over a Whopper any day.
  2. Can't wait to get fatter. I didn't scan this so don't kill me.
  3. Houghton Leelanau Ludington Mackinac G. Haven Metro Cruise '06
  4. Visited a couple weeks ago. I thought it was pretty cool although the outside appears very industrial. Had the Jambalaya and it was excellent. We arrived at 7:45pm and we must have looked like we had $ so they decided to charge us $5 ea. for cover. The band didn't start until 9pm. We ate slow so we could at least hear one song. I think our waitress was on something but she did a great job none the less. I'd return but it wouldn't be a regular place. Just seems like theme places don't last in G.R. so we'll see how it does.