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  1. Absolutely, and then there are the two proposed hotels for the Kline site also. The demand for a bigger convention center is already there; all that is needed is the political will to make it happen.
  2. Same here. I think some spiffy renderings would really help with pushing the convention center expansion forward, which would in turn make this development a reality. According to this month's DDRC agenda, it looks like the Edge at Assembly and Washington next to the county library and the Cambria Hotel at Lady and Park should be moving forward soon.
  3. It will be 11 stories and the Board of Zoning Appeals granted a variance since it will be set back so far from the street and won't really impact the aesthetic of the Vista. https://columbiabusinessreport.com/news/real-estate-commercial/76911/
  4. As long as I-77 in York County doesn't become the parking lot that I-95 in NoVA is....UGH.
  5. A new quarterly program will deliver an up-close look at Columbia's charms while helping the city recruit and retain professional talent, organizers hope. Crash Course Columbia, a joint initiative of nonprofit organization Columbia Opportunity Resource and city tourism arm Experience Columbia SC, will give participants a behind-the-scenes glimpse of local attractions as well as a firsthand look at upcoming area development. The two-day program is geared toward those new to the workforce or to Columbia and will ferry around 30 participants to Columbia-area food and drink hotspots and entertainment venues such as Riverbanks Zoo & Garden. It will feature exclusive experiences available only to those in the program, officials said.
  6. Columbia didn't fare too well on Milken Institute's 2020 Best-Performing Cities list, ranking #128 out of 200 large metros. Last year it ranked #111.
  7. This project is massive. Can't wait to check it out in person!
  8. The city has finally adopted a new flag. I don't think it was the best design of all the options, but it's distinctive enough and better than the current one.
  9. Apparently the Live PD show on A&E has resulted in the Richland County Sheriff's Department becoming a tourist attraction of sorts. Who would've thunk?
  10. Hopefully third time's the charm for the Kline site. In its first phase, the project will include 250 hotel rooms in the upscale AC Hotels brand from Marriott that will have a rooftop bar. A second hotel is included in a later stage. Plans developed by the Windsor/Aughtry Co. of Greenville also include about 75,000 square feet of office space, 35,000 feet for commercial/retail development and a 307-space parking garage that is open to the public. No date to start construction has been announced. The garage and other improvements, including sidewalks, will be counted as public infrastructure, creating a tax break for the project under a joint program of the city and Richland County introduced last year. The developer will be entitled to a 50 percent tax credit for the dollars it spends on improvements that benefit the public.
  11. I figured the joint city-county tax breaks would put the Kline site back into action. I see the current plan nixed the residential and went with two hotels instead which is probably smart. I hope that it would tie into the state museum/Edventure property to provide pedestrian access. Winsor-Aughtry does good work (they developed the Hampton and Hilton in the Vista as well as the Hampton in the Riverplace development in Greenville) so I expect to be impressed with the renderings whenever they are released.
  12. Earlier this month, ground was broken for Orangeburg County's new $8.5M library and conference center located at 1645 Russell Street, between the city's historic commercial heart and the campuses of SC State and Claflin universities. The existing library is about 22,000 square feet. The new one will be about 50,000 square feet. In addition to providing more room for the 127,000 items in the library’s collection, the new location will also have additional space for gatherings, including for up to 200 people. A fenced-in outside space that visitors can access through the library’s entrance is planned. There will be outside seating for reading and some playground equipment for children. The library will also feature an outside amphitheater with tiered seating and green space for sitting.
  13. There's an unprecedented amount of investment occurring in downtown Rock Hill these days, which is nothing short of impressive. It all centers on Knowledge Park which is a newly designated urban district consisting of the campus of Winthrop University, downtown Rock Hill (officially referred to as Old Town), and the historic textile corridor linking the two now known as University Center. University Center is where much of the activity is concentrated with old textile mills being renovated and adaptively reused. Old Town will get a lot of new construction on large sites. All in all, the core of Rock Hill will become much more cohesive and connect Winthrop with downtown proper, a very worthy goal.
  14. That's a new one for me. And I'm talking about in the course of casual conversation with "regular" people and not políticos. Now they may say something like "state politicians in Raleigh, Annapolis, etc" but I've never heard folks regularly reference a state capital the way people regularly reference DC, especially with a note of disdain. Even in Atlanta where there a good bit of animosity towards the city from rural folks and their politicians, the vitriol aimed at Atlanta is 95% about the city itself and has little to do with state government. In any case I don't find it to be a common occurrence that folks in SC say "Columbia" to refer disparagingly towards state government.
  15. We can agree to disagree here. I once had hope but I don't see USC being the catalyst for knowledge-based economic development that I once thought it could be. I most certainly don't see Caslen moving the university in that direction. His selection reminded me of Glenn McConnell's appointment as president of CofC. That's good ol' South Carolina for you.
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