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  1. Here's an article in the P&C about the loss of some company HQs/executive leadership in Columbia due to mergers and acquisitions. It's an unfortunate trend right now and one that is happening in several other cities and surely it's an issue that needs attention, but I was pretty surprised by this line in the article: "Columbia chronically has lagged behind South Carolina’s large metro areas, Charleston and Greenville-Spartanburg, for company headquarters." First of all, this isn't true; historically Columbia contained a fair amount of company headquarters, especially banks and insurance companies and it has managed to hold on to some of those. The use of the world "chronically" implies some long-term trend and that's simply not the case at all. Secondly, we know that the Upstate has done well in snagging some big-name regional headquarters for manufacturing firms in particular, but Charleston? Where are all of these company headquarters in Charleston that the article is referring to? And thirdly, the implication that Columbia is not among SC's large metro areas is pretty jarring. That one line says much more about the perception of Columbia in the Lowcountry than the reality. Obviously Charleston has always had a superiority complex towards the rest of the state and Columbia in particular, but this goes a bit beyond that.
  2. krazeeboi

    Five Points

    The city of Columbia has purchased the six-story state office building at 2221 Devine St. in Five Points and is marketing it to hotel developers. The $3.8-million purchase includes 330 much-needed parking spots, according to City Council member Daniel Rickenmann, who has spearheaded the effort. Rickenmann said there have been more than a dozen responses to the city’s request for proposals to develop a hotel, with one developer even pitching a second tower on the site. It would be the first and only hotel in Five Points since the Inn at Claussen’s Bakery closed following the 2015 floods.. “We’re looking for a high quality brand to anchor that end of Five Points,” he said. “We’re very excited about the quality of people asking about it.” New hotel, more parking planned for Five Points - The State
  3. krazeeboi


    I'm surprised Charleston approved such a bland color scheme for this project. The Publix on the ground floor is quite nice but doesn't seem to get a lot of traffic.
  4. This will definitely be helpful and if the grant doesn't come through, I hope the city and county will get it done themselves.
  5. A Holiday Inn Express hotel is being built at the corner of Lincoln and Washington: https://www.thestate.com/latest-news/article230477934.html
  6. A 265,000-square-foot warehouse and distribution facility at 1115 and 1087 Shop Road is slated to become a 500-bed student housing complex.
  7. Cigarette alternative manufacturer Juul Labs Inc. is investing more than $125 million in a new assembly facility in Lexington County in a move expected to create 500-plus jobs.
  8. New plans for the Capital City Stadium site: a mixed-use development that includes market-rate apartments (not private student housing) and retail.
  9. Nice coverage. I've noticed an uptick of articles like these being written about Columbia.
  10. Yep, REI...huge win for Columbia Common and hopefully more retailers will follow in short order. Article from The State: https://www.thestate.com/news/local/article228373719.html Rendering from the article:
  11. I'm hearing a rumor that an anchor retailer could be announcing a Columbia Common location in a new building in the near future. We'll see if it shakes out.
  12. Looks like word is getting out about Main Street's renaissance: https://wpde.com/news/local/seeking-ideas-myrtle-beach-leaders-look-to-columbias-downtown-transformation
  13. Looks like a nice place to spend a fun weekend with your boss...as long as you don't find him dead upon your arrival.
  14. This project is finally wrapping up and will begin leasing next month. https://www.thestate.com/news/local/article224504700.html
  15. There should be some movement on the continued renovation of the Keenan Building soon. The plan is to transform them to market-rate apartments. The one-story building between the three-story Merrill Lynch building and the restored historic six-story building on Sumter Street will be demolished for a public/private courtyard according to this month's DDRC meeting agenda.
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