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  1. A farmers market and coffee shop is coming soon to a historic building in the Vista. The building at 912 Lady St., historically a warehouse, will have its ground floor converted to be a grocery store and its old bay doors restored, said Larry Schneeberger, whose family is pursuing the project.
  2. So 16 years later with 9 more to go for 25 years to have passed since I first created this post, I have come to realize that many of these predictions were wildly optimistic (or unrealistic) and just how significantly unforeseen circumstances--in this case, the Great Recession and the pandemic--can interrupt development trajectories....not to mention declining population growth rates nationwide.
  3. I'm pretty sure all the NC'ers that flood coastal SC every summer and the countless NC-based companies dependent on the port of Charleston would beg to differ. Seriously though, you think such an attitude is good for the region? I've always considered the congenial relationship between Charlotte and all of its suburbs to be a major advantage and point of distinction compared to metropolitan Atlanta. I enjoyed my time living there, but the not-so-infrequent clashes between the central city and its suburbs (especially in Cobb County) was something most folks could do without. And don't think that Tepper won't play hardball with Charlotte either. What he's done in Rock Hill is probably a shot across the bow to let Charlotte/NC know that if he doesn't get what he wants, he'll leave them holding the bag as well.
  4. Yes, unfortunately: https://www.postandcourier.com/ap/panthers-practice-facility-in-rock-hill-dead-after-chapter-11-filing/article_9517004a-e29c-11ec-bb87-13af1666993c.html It's all just so baffling to me.
  5. I agree. I expect the DDRC to require some architectural tweaks before approving this so that it doesn't look like a basic stock design.
  6. Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens is asking Richland + Lexington Counties to dedicate a combined $80 million toward Bridge to the Wild — a new proposed improvement project part of the zoo’s innovative master plan. The master plan has been in the works for several years + one of the goals outlined includes transforming both sides of the Saluda River into SC’s leading conservation resource. The lower banks of the Saluda River would be developed into a multifaceted orangutan habitat that would also become home to other ape species in the zoo — like the siamangs + gibbons. Other developments would also include the South Carolina Nature Preserve where guests can learn about + experience our region’s most at-risk species — like black bears, bald eagles, and red wolves.
  7. A seven-story hotel under the Hilton brand has been proposed for Gervais Street in Columbia’s Vista. The 249-room hotel would be built on an L-shaped lot that surrounds the McDonald’s location at Gervais and Huger streets. If approved, the project would break ground in early 2023 and take 18 months to complete, said Ashok Patel, CEO of developer Naman Hotels of Florence. The hotel would bear two brands: the upper-end Homewood Suites and Tru by Hilton, a mid-range brand.
  8. I don't think most tourists will even be thinking that deeply about it.
  9. Haven't seen Tampa and Charlotte mentioned so often together since 2012.
  10. When it comes to their convention centers and tourism/hospitality sectors overall, they unquestionably have Charlotte beat. As far as size and economic development, Nashville and the Triangle are Charlotte's peers but towards the less populous end of the metropolitan spectrum. While each has its economic specialties and varying metropolitan GDPs, all three perform highly for economic development and have impressive track records.
  11. I think Charlotte/Mecklenburg County has more than demonstrated its capability to successful juggle multiple potential eco-devo deals simultaneously. I haven't read anything that has indicated that local economic officials had been giving the ACC HQ relocation opportunity an excessive amount of its time and attention to the extent that it imperiled bigger and better potential deals.
  12. Since we're talking about convention centers and tourism/hospitality, how exactly is Charlotte competing with New Orleans and Nashville "thinking smaller"? Also in what sense are Cincinnati, Denver, Orlando, St. Louis, the Twin Cities, Atlanta, DFW, Seattle, and Phoenix all considered "peers" of Charlotte in your view? It's definitely harder to make the case for Atlanta, DFW, Phoenix, and Seattle, all of which are clearly in a higher tier of cities.
  13. Since when has SC and its local jurisdictions ever been anything but willing to bend over backwards to accommodate high-profile eco-devo deals with taxpayer funds? The city/county picking up the tap for infrastructure is basically par-for-the-course for such developments and SC/York County's reputation for successfully doing so many times over the past several years is practically unblemished. Believe what you want about SC, but it doesn't screw stuff like this up. Who's going to believe a billionaire hedge fund manager-turned-NFL franchise owner with no previous ties to the Carolinas isn't attempting to strong-arm local taxpayers into forking over even more money for this project?
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