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  1. That's a new one for me. And I'm talking about in the course of casual conversation with "regular" people and not políticos. Now they may say something like "state politicians in Raleigh, Annapolis, etc" but I've never heard folks regularly reference a state capital the way people regularly reference DC, especially with a note of disdain. Even in Atlanta where there a good bit of animosity towards the city from rural folks and their politicians, the vitriol aimed at Atlanta is 95% about the city itself and has little to do with state government. In any case I don't find it to be a common occurrence that folks in SC say "Columbia" to refer disparagingly towards state government.
  2. We can agree to disagree here. I once had hope but I don't see USC being the catalyst for knowledge-based economic development that I once thought it could be. I most certainly don't see Caslen moving the university in that direction. His selection reminded me of Glenn McConnell's appointment as president of CofC. That's good ol' South Carolina for you.
  3. Of course you don't, but still nobody really references their state government like that. When people talk about Columbia, Atlanta, Raleigh, Annapolis, etc., they are talking about the actual city.
  4. Stop being so dramatic; I never even implied such. That sounds like a pretty random incident; nothing like that has happened to me in Charlotte or any of the major cities I've lived in or near, several of which have crime rates on par or higher than Charlotte (Atlanta, Philadelphia, DC). Random incidents do happen, but you're being sensational to say that everyone in Charlotte has to watch their back all the time based on what happened to your friend, which was quite unfortunate.
  5. Eh, I don't think Columbia or any state capital really is referenced in the same way Washington, DC is in a political sense, and I've lived in a few different states. Furthermore, SC is a conservative state with a conservative state government so why would folks in other parts of the state regularly talk in that way? I don't think folks in other parts of the state, particularly the Upstate and Lowcountry, are fixated on Columbia, but it is often referenced in a pretty dismissive way or, at best, indifferently. Some of that is due to institutional rivalries, some of it is due to longstanding history, and some of it is due to personal preferences which can involve a few different factors. That said, I think much of what we've seen regarding USC leadership in recent history has been a direct reflection of the priority SC puts on higher education. Neither Pastides nor Caslen were the best choices to move the institution forward, but favoritism and politics were apparently more important than actual qualifications.
  6. LOVE this....awesome architecture for a newly constructed building. Gotta love the design standards in place in old cities like Savannah.
  7. Maybe if you're involved in stuff that causes you to have to always watch your back.
  8. Here's a detailed write-up about Market on Main in Columbia Regional Business Report. The upfit of Market on Main has added around 1,500 square feet of space, including bathrooms, to the former Zoe’s location, bringing the total interior space to 3,500 square feet. The outdoor patio, which will feature a stage and 20-foot LED television screen, has enclosed the former House of Fabrics property and will abut the green space at the corner of Main and Lady streets.
  9. Segra Park, home of the Columbia Fireflies minor league baseball team, has been named the Class A Ballpark of the Decade by Ballpark Digest.
  10. I checked out the preliminary renderings which jogged my memory; at full buildout it stands to be quite impressive and I'm pretty confident the architecture will be high quality. That's at least a decade out though.
  11. I need to take another look at that development. Right now, I consider Courier Square in Charleston to be the best new mixed-use development statewide.
  12. This could potentially be the best urban mixed-use development in the state upon completion.
  13. A recent research and forecast report from Colliers International South Carolina determined that added parking options in Columbia would increase economic growth and found that the lack of parking is a deterrent in attracting new office and retail tenants. The report concludes that the 2,039 garage parking spaces in downtown Columbia are not enough to encourage new development, but rents need to be higher to make it feasible to build new office spaces downtown that include parking... But parking problems also can signify commercial success, because customers are visiting your office, suggested Lee Mashburn, president of Mashburn Construction. Although he said downtown Columbia needs another parking deck, he said people can also “park one street over and walk.”
  14. A new multi-purpose event venue is coming to the Congaree Vista. Junction 800 will occupy 16,000 square feet in the former Jillian’s space in the 800 block of Gervais St., Columbia-based developer The Arnold Companies said in a news release. The venue will have open floor space and seat more than 500 guests, with the capacity to serve up to 1,000. Junction 800 will be available for events beginning Nov. 1, according to the release.
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