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  1. krazeeboi

    Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    Admittedly, I don't want Trump to be more civil because I'm gleefully amused by these regular Joes taking their cues from him, only to discover that they aren't him and have to face consequences and repercussions for their xenophobic, hateful tirades. Plus there's no need for wishful thinking here; Trump is in his 70's with an ego as big as the planet Jupiter. He's not going to change.
  2. krazeeboi

    Learning from Other Places

    All large sports venues will not be in the core of a metro's primary city, nor should they be. As far as the Braves go, they probably should have remained in the city but Atlanta is large enough to support several types of suburban sports venues (which it does). The Battery could most definitely serve as a model for those other venues, albeit on a smaller scale.
  3. krazeeboi

    Amazon HQ2
  4. krazeeboi

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    Ah ok; sorry for the misunderstanding. So with that in mind, I would say the tunnels are unnecessary. We're only focusing on the retail aspect in this discussion, but a lively streetscape is the result of having a critical mass of 'stuff' that can be easily accessed on foot within a relatively compact area. Even if one's destination is a jewelry store or boutique clothier, there should be active uses of all sorts within the vicinity to make the trip just as much about the journey than the destination itself. The most successful urban spaces are those where people can wander a bit aimlessly because there's so much stuff around that engages them and pulls them in. Uptown isn't there yet, but tunnels would certainly work against this ultimate goal.
  5. krazeeboi

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    Also, at this early stage in the game, do you actually think there's enough retail to go around at both the street level and above the street? And do you think retailers, if given the option of where they would prefer to locate, would actually prefer being above the street instead of along the street?
  6. krazeeboi

    Amazon HQ2

    No doubt Tennessee is conservative, even more so than NC and GA, but their politicians don't seem to be prone to pulling public stunts and antics that result in bad publicity for the state, and I think this is what Amazon was particularly concerned with. I'd say a big reason for this is that the state of Tennessee itself has a brand that it has worked to cultivate, particularly with respect to tourism, and it is careful to not do unnecessary damage to that brand. A second reason is that there doesn't seem to be the same level of tension between conservative state officials and more liberal local officials from the larger cities in Tennessee. Historically the relationship between the state and Memphis hasn't been the best, but being that Memphis is a bit stagnant, it poses no real threat to the state political establishment. Knoxville and Chattanooga lean more to the right, and Nashville's rise to prominence is a relatively recent phenomenon. Although the state has intruded on Nashville's ability to get some things done, there doesn't appear to be much in the way of high-level ideological contention between the two entities. Nashville is a city that is fundamentally built on conservative cultural aspects like country music and Protestant evangelicalism. Now that it's clear that Nashville's brand has evolved to become more appealing to the masses (particularly college grads and young professionals) , you may just begin to see some of these ideological conflicts bubble up to the surface. We'll see how things play out as time goes on.
  7. krazeeboi

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    If the goal is to create a livelier, more active streetscape, putting retail at the street level seems to be the best way to go about that, no? That is where it will be best accessed by the public and not just office workers.
  8. krazeeboi

    The South's next rising star(s)

    It was true nine years ago when the statement was initially made. Was there really any point to responding to such an old post?
  9. krazeeboi

    Amazon HQ2

    That's a fair point. The pace at which the 5K jobs will be added will certainly play a role. And the mentality among Nashville's leadership has got to catch up to what will soon be their reality. The "We don't want to become another Atlanta" days are clearly over, and it's rather unfortunate that sentiment included the things Atlanta got right, most notably establishing a regional rail-based transit system. Nashville is already lagging in this area and inasmuch as some have said bad traffic has discouraged corporate investment in Atlanta, what does this portend for Nashville which doesn't even have so much as an officially approved plan as of now?
  10. krazeeboi

    Amazon HQ2

    DC was most likely chosen due to Amazon being the frontrunner to win the multibillion dollar JEDI contract from the Pentagon and all of the benefits that come with doing business with the government in general, and NYC is NYC. We're talking about the nation's political capital and cultural/commercial capital. No other cities in the country can make up for not being those things, including Chicago, SF, LA, Boston, Chicago, etc. Certainly cities should always conduct a review after losing economic development deals to assess what could have been done differently or better, but there was nothing typical about this. NYC and DC were always the top two choices but Amazon engaged in this public reverse-RFP process in large part to collect tons of data regarding sites, workforce quality, etc. from cities all across the country and don't be surprised to see Amazon adding jobs in several of these cities going forward.
  11. krazeeboi

    Amazon HQ2

    Nor was I arguing as much. But they have to start somewhere, don't they?
  12. krazeeboi

    Amazon HQ2

    I'd consider that a good thing. I think more structural density with active street-level uses is preferable over height.
  13. krazeeboi

    Amazon HQ2

    It's one thing to think Charlotte and Nashville are more preferable for corporate relocations at the moment; it's something else entirely to think that Atlanta is "completely undesirable" as a city for corporate relocations. Your statement simply is not factual; this is not in the realm of opinion. And once again, you're making another inaccurate statement as many companies that to go Atlanta these days head to Midtown (that's where Norfolk Southern plans to build its new corporate headquarters), and there have even been companies that have moved from the suburbs to Midtown--including F500 company NCR that recently completed its new corporate headquarters in Tech Square. Certainly there are companies that still opt for the suburbs, such as Mercedes Benz and State Farm, but just as companies that head to Midtown, they tend to locate at or very near MARTA stations like those companies did. That tremendously helps in mitigating the traffic factor. It seems that you're also unaware of all of the companies that have moved and are moving to the core of Charlotte where workers can take LYNX as well as the bus. Your perspective is pretty outdated. Urban cores all across the nation are adding jobs at a pretty brisk pace, especially those with robust and improving transit systems.
  14. krazeeboi

    Amazon HQ2

    "Atlanta is actually becoming undesirable for relocations at this point." That is simply not true; Norfolk Southern is relocating its HQ to Atlanta and there have also been major corporate expansions announced in Atlanta lately with most of them locating to Midtown near MARTA stations. However, it's clear that other cities in the Southeast have grown to become corporate magnets in their own right and this has been the case for the past 25 years or so.
  15. krazeeboi

    Economic Development in South Carolina

    Green Tech Solution, Inc announced plans to locate new recycling operations in Cherokee County. The company’s $75 million investment is projected to create approximately 200 new jobs. Located at 210 Henson Road in Blacksburg, the company’s new facility is expected to come online in the second quarter of 2019. Hiring for the new jobs is projected to begin in February 2019. JTEKT North America (JTEKT), a subsidiary of global automotive and industrial supplier JTEKT Corporation, has completed a $5.8 million expansion of its headquarters on the campus of the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR). The expansion project began in 2017 to accommodate the new jobs JTEKT has and will continue to create in Greenville, totaling 100 positions, all of which will be filled by 2020. Capgemini, a global consulting and technology firm, announced it is expanding its operations in Columbia with the opening of an advanced technology and development center. The new center is projected to create at least 200 jobs, with the potential for additional positions in the future. Synergy Steel announced plans to establish new operations in Lancaster County. The $2.8 million investment is projected to create 139 new positions.