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  1. Economic developments in the Midlands

    Zeus Industrial Products, Inc. is expanding its existing operations in Calhoun County. The company’s $76 million investment is expected to create an additional 350 jobs over the next several years.
  2. Amazon HQ2

    Given the fact that cities not known to be quite as economically dynamic as Charlotte (yet still overall healthy) like Columbus, Indianapolis, and Miami made the short list but Charlotte didn't tells me one of two things: 1) Charlotte's weakness on the higher ed front was more of a liablity or 2) Charlotte's bid simply sucked.
  3. Waterfront Park Addition/ Lowe Hotel

    A rendering of the proposed hotel:
  4. Amazon HQ2

    In terms of pedestrian activity, Midtown > Downtown.
  5. Economic developments in the Midlands

    Tidewater Boats, a designer and manufacturer of premier saltwater boats, is growing its Lexington County operations. To accommodate the production of larger models, the company is investing $8.3 million and creating 100 new jobs.
  6. Main Street/CBD Developments

    The city Design/Development Review Commission approved plans by Columbia-based Quackenbush Architects to revamp Boyd Plaza, the open space in front of the Columbia Museum of Art. The plaza features a fountain and sculpture and serves as a hub for Main Street events such as First Thursdays and Soda City Market. It is currently home to the city’s winter ice skating rink. The fountain would be redesigned and two new pavilions would be added – one a large, covered structure with roll-down canvas walls that would provide event space, and the other a smaller framework on a raised platform with views of Main Street.
  7. Economic Development in South Carolina

    Stanley Black & Decker, one of the world’s largest tool and storage companies, is opening a new manufacturing facility in York County. The new operations are projected to bring $31 million in capital investment and lead to the creation of 500 new jobs. Allied Air Enterprises, a manufacturer of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) solutions, has committed to investing approximately $10 million at its existing Orangeburg County manufacturing facility over the next five years. This new capital investment is expected to create 100 new jobs.
  8. Columbia Economic Notes

    Columbia tied for 18th (with three other MSAs) for per capita income growth among the nation's 75 largest MSAs from 2014-2016. Income grew by 7.3% to $41,591. Charleston ranked 30th (tied with one other MSA) with its per capita income growing by 6.6% to $44,998 and Greenville ranked 35th (tied with two other MSAs), experiencing 6.3% per capita income growth to $40,246.
  9. Economic developments in the Midlands

    Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation recently announced a $12.5 million expansion to add 36,000 square feet of manufacturing space. The new investment is expected to create 125 new jobs.
  10. The State of Higher Education in Charlotte

    I think UNCC is too new for that to happen anytime soon; seems like another, older campus would have already been on track for that to happen if the UNC system was intending on going that direction. Plus the UC system is so massive and well-funded that in addition to Berkeley and UCLA, there are four other UC campuses ranked in the top 50 according to USNWR (not the end-all, be-all when it comes to college/university rankings but worth noting): Santa Barbara, Irvine, San Diego, and Davis.
  11. AC Hotel on West Main

    This is the most beautiful contemporary hotel I think I've ever seen. I'm proud of Spartanburg!
  12. Economic Development in South Carolina

    Metromont Corporation, a manufacturer of precast concrete materials, is expanding its existing Greenville County operations. This latest $8.8 million investment is projected to create an additional 100 jobs over the next five years.
  13. Amazon HQ2

    Atlanta and NoVA, sure. Charlotte and the Triangle are dark horses IMO. If state politics are a major concern, then as far as the East Coast goes, I see this going to NoVA, Baltimore, Philly, or New Jersey.
  14. Amazon HQ2

    It's really a regional thing; can't forget about Rock Hill's status among disc golf enthusiasts.
  15. The Good News Report

    Hygiene and cleaning solutions company Diversey is locating its corporate headquarters in York County, a move projected to bring $6.1 million in investment and create almost 400 jobs. Located at the Lakemont Business Park, Diversey’s 100,000-square-foot headquarters is slated to open in the first quarter of 2018. The building will feature 18,500 square feet of lab space to develop cutting-edge technology.