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  1. Better seen here... http://www.jaxrapidtransit.com/north/phase2_ra.asp
  2. Here is a site for JTA study,actually they are close to Step 4 and might finilize project sood,if approved maybe even start building BRT. For now its North-south...two lines one next to 95 and second next to Phillips...from Airport to Mandarin. All details at site.. http://www.jaxrapidtransit.com/whats_new/
  3. What do you guys think of Skyway being build from St.John mall run it between 9A highway to Downtow by Alltel Stadium and then to rest of Skyway system.This way it would make people travel over 9A/Skyway and relive traffic in other areas and yet it would be easy and cheapER to build then in other areas of Jax.Maybe even extended latter to Orange Park using 9A highway as pass-thru,no need for buying additional land to run Skyway. This would relive so much of traffic and be very effective system,eventually run Skyway into other areas from mall and Orange Park. A lot cheaper to build it then runing whole thing over residential/office areas. Soeome might say you alredy have highway but adding Skyway will just double passage and allowed extensions to other areas saving money to buy land...for example runing station from St. Johns mall to Beaches next to JTB,to Orange Park and even Mandarin over JTB then down 95 to Avenues mall then to Mandarin over shad or one of those streets. Many people would use system and runing parallel to 95,JTB and 9A wouls save tons of money on buying land and save time building whole thing.
  4. "who designed that bomb shelter meets parking garage meets New Mexico strip mall" Design is BEFORE they captured Saddam Husein. But my question is ,does 127 milion price tag include people in picture? Somehow they alway make it look hot on picture ,once its build its empty and soulless.
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