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  1. I flew to NYC last Tuesday and flew back in on Monday of this week. All the moving sidewalks were working both times I went through as well. Perhaps they were only temporarily out of service for maintenance or something.
  2. From all I've read here, the problem is not the demand for 210 Trade. Sales seemed to be OK. Infighting between Ghazi and F&C, inexperience with these types of projects, and bureaucratic issues have gotten us to where we are.
  3. elvigy

    The Vue

    Good news! This is one I definitely can't wait to see topped off. It will instantly redefine the Charlotte skyline all by itself.
  4. No, no PDAs in Charlotte for me and my partner. It is simply not an option in Charlotte. At the very least, it causes a LOT of staring and I'm actually fairly shy by nature and don't like attention. We are much more open and affectionate when we travel (depending on where we go, of course). It's not a problem in NYC or DC. Even small areas of Atlanta are OK. Charlotte just isn't there yet. At least not in any of the neighborhoods we frequent.
  5. I voted for Neal as well. I pretty much figured it was a lost cause, but to the best of my memory it's the first time I've gotten to vote for an openly gay candidate for anything ever. So that was pretty cool. As for Gov, I won't vote for Pat. I just can't. Maybe NC Dems are just as craven as Republicans on gay issues, but I tend to doubt it. They might not be pro marriage rights, but they are way better than NC Republicans. I have a feeling that if the anti-gay marriage amendment were to come up again, Pat would be right there signing it while Bev would find some way to quietly sweep it
  6. I kind of agree with cityboi in the sense that it irks me when people refer to Charlotte as medium sized. I think of it as a big city. But then I realize that it's a very subjective thing anyway. It doesn't surprise me that someone in Atlanta or NYC thinks of Charlotte as medium sized. To them, we always will be. But I can tell you that people in Mt. Holly, for instance, think of Charlotte as a big city. My company has an office in Mt. Holly and many of our staff and customers simply are not willing to drive into Charlotte to our main office because they don't like dealing with the traffic and
  7. There would really be no point in throwing more money into the pot just to cover up a mistake. I seriously doubt that they'd get Little involved, create a website, update the website, have Little update their website, etc, just to cover up a whoopsie. Especially since they already said earlier that the project was on hold. All that would have been required was an additional press release saying "Sorry, folks, we goofed and didn't pull the ad in time. The project remains on hold but please do enjoy the pretty pictures." I'm pretty sure quite a few people, including Doug Smith, have tried to
  8. Ignoring the "debate" over the term recession, it really doesn't matter if we are or are not in a recession. Each project in the country is evaluated on its own basis, not on the status of the national economy. For example, the Empire State Building was built during the Great Depression. If Trump has his ducks in a row, this project will happen. If he doesn't, then it won't. They say all politics are local, but that saying applies to real estate as well.
  9. Um, you left out the part where I did say that the Trump project seems even more ambitious than One Charlotte, the difference between the two being that the Trump project is a much more mixed use development.
  10. Well, again, this stuff wouldn't even be opening until well after the current downturn has ended, unless this lasts for several years which would be pretty bad. And of the other condo projects, only 1 has been cancelled/postponed due to lack of sales-the One Charlotte tower, which really was a bit ambitious for Charlotte and had some basic problems in location. 300 South Tryon's problem was more related to the office part as I understand it. And 210 Trade had bureaucratic problems which have supposedly been resolved. The Vue is on track. The Park seems to be suffering from financial problems u
  11. Just to comment on the timing of this (possible) tower, I tend to agree with those who've speculated that this might actually be a good time to start a new tower in Charlotte. Large companies like Trump don't just freeze in place when things go bad in the economy. They will regroup and focus on more sure-fire projects (at least, as much as anything can be considered sure-fire in real estate) while suspending the riskier projects. They don't just stop operations and wait for the good times to come back. And as someone else has pointed out, somehow Charlotte has managed to continue increasing th
  12. I'm another gay Obama supporter. I originally supported Edwards but once he dropped out I just was completely on the fence. I wavered back and forth between Clinton and Obama. But now I'm pretty firmly in Obama's camp. I just really really don't like the negative turn that the Clinton campaign has taken. I don't understand why Democrats feel the need to tear each other down. Republicans don't do it. Anyway, I was pretty peeved about the McClurkin thing as well, but have forgiven him for it since with his speech to a (mostly) black audience saying that gays need to be treated better by the
  13. I have to admit I have nothing to contribute to the conversation except "OMG-please let this happen!" Don't check the forum for a couple days and this happens!
  14. In addition, a 50% increase in unemployment makes it sound really bad, but if the rate was low 10 years ago, say around 3%, then a 50% increase means that the rate now is 4.5%, which is still pretty good. I certainly haven't heard or read anything to indicate that the Charlotte metro area is undergoing a massive unemployment problem. There's a website with monthly statistics for the Charlotte-Gastonia metro area- http://www.economagic.com/em-cgi/data.exe/...a/lauMT37167403 That pretty much bears out what I'm saying. Yes, it would be nice if we could stay at 3%, but 4.8% (the sta
  15. I don't think it's possible to predict vacancy rates 2 years out. There are so many unknowable factors (status of economy, relocating companies, health of our banks, blah blah blah) that looking forward two years based solely on 2 or 3 single factors won't be anywhere near accurate, imho. If it was that simple, real estate wouldn't be the tricky business it is. You'd simply do the math and know where to build.
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