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  1. When the human race ends, Whatever then next generation of life is on earth. They will find remains of 840 as an incomplete circle. The part I would love to see is from Lebanon, thru Gallatin, and onto 65 North. But maybe that'll be 4008. Then the north west side of the ring 40 west to 65 North will be completed by 5008.
  2. HI, The Avenue (new shopping center bound for Medical Center Pwy) is trying to get an Apple store. I have been a Macintosh fan for years and would love an Apple store without haveing to goto Nashville.
  3. HI, I wish the rail system would run more often. It is only good if you work downtown Nashville. It would be nice if it ran every hour from early morning to late night. It would be cool if I wanted to goto downtown to shop for a couple hours and return home I could do it via rail rather that the busy and annoying interstates.
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