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  1. The tree in front of my unit looked like that back in 2005. It's now almost as tall as our 4-story building (Eola South). It's getting quite big (as are the other 5 they planted along S. Eola), but for some reason the one in front of our unit is growing like crazy! Those are pathetic for 6 years.
  2. Hey my tree in front of my 1 S. Eola unit (planted in 2004) is now getting quite large. They actually had to trim it back a few weeks ago.
  3. I really am enjoying this site the more I read. When did you start this? It's very well done.
  4. If you look at the drawings, it's the ENTIRE lot... street to street on all four sides.... Also, it is totally the block to the North of Star Tower... See below:
  5. Ah, just North of The Jackson... (otherwise known as the S. Eola valet overflow lot).
  6. And when the market changes, they'll convert into condos much like MANY other apartment complexes did during the last boom...
  7. Isn't this lot the empty lot just north of Star Tower? I think it IS one of those empty lots, and from the plans it does indeed look like it will take up the entire block... https://www.google.com/maps/place/420+E+Church+St/@28.5400531,-81.3714734,499m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x88e77ae2c73cb5ff:0xe24cb760974c6776
  8. Some more info I found on this... The area has been pretty lively in terms of people "out and about" - looking forward to packing in a little more density and hopefully some more options for retail/dining. 290+ units is nothing to shake a stick at for what now is a large vacant block.... I wonder why all the growth has been around colonial lately when all these empty or underdeveloped blocks remain in TP/Eola South? http://bungalower.com/2013/09/new-apartment-building-coming-to-downtown/
  9. corpkid


    Interesting - I always pegged Thornton Park as the gay district of Orlando...
  10. corpkid

    Amway Center

    Not sure if anyone saw THIS but it sounds pretty promising.
  11. Aperture was at 4.5" w/ a 20 sec exposure for that shot. Believe it or not, this was my 1st set of pics with a "real" camera (besides a point and shoot). I did a lot of homework before I bought this There is no post-processing on these, either (I'm reading up on that, however lol)
  12. Thanks for the nice comments - I have been also been taking a bunch of pics of UCF which I will post soon. I'm a sucker for night shots... so many, many more to come. Amazing what a $500 camera and $700 lens will do for you! My buddy who has a sick pro-level Nikor lens (almost $2k) is letting me borrow it next weekend so I should have many more nice pics for you all... Any requests? thanks again for your kind comments!
  13. Hi all, Well, I just got my new camera (Nikon d40x) and a sweet 18-200mm Nikor lens. So I was out a few nights ago playing around and had a few great shots I thought I would share. Enjoy
  14. Agree - ate at the pointe orlando location several times and it was akin to Ruby Tuesdays or another "casual" restaurant. Quite average, IMO.
  15. corpkid

    The Plaza

    I think I recall he doesn't drink, either...
  16. No, they have lots of oysters, too. I ate there last night and it was great and pretty cheap. The fresh fish done Cajun style w/ mac & cheese and Salt Potatoes was SO GOOD. Couldn't finish it, either. Will be heavily frequenting this place! So glad to see this place in the neighborhood!
  17. corpkid

    The VUE

    No - they have it in OCT because the huge Gay Days thing in June kind of steals the thunder.... Typically pride parades are held in June but we're Orlando and we are so "special" we get a massive circuit party in June (Gay Days) and our own special pride day in Oct. Last year's was huge! I'd say at least twice as big as anyone expected. Gay or straight it is a fun day downtown.
  18. corpkid

    The VUE

    Is this your first new home (by new I mean Just Built)? This stuff happens all the time in my experience, even in single family homes.
  19. My god man... did you just dig all of that up or just find it at one collective source? If the former I applaud (yet wonder about) you! Orlando is a great city, no doubt. We're in a slump (who isn't) yet I think our market and weird as hell culture will eventually lead to us being a VERY big city with a VERY dynamic and diversified population. I feel it and live it every day. The "wins" come in waves but I see the bigger long term picture. I'd say within 10 to 20 years, Orlando is going to be a big city that really has a sense of PLACE. I'm way too tired to back that up right now. To summarize, we are moving away from the hospitality / tourism trade. UCF is exploding (hello med school!). The skilled job market is so good it hurts. The only problems right now? INTERNATIONAL SPECULATION on real estate and sprawl! We'll "walk it off" soon and things will be a-ok. These are not fatal flaws - I consider them to be fixable by all accounts. I appreciate your efforts on that list. Orlando is by no means perfect, but it is something to watch and I anticipate good things.
  20. Just ate at BJ's over at Millennia and saw we are getting a Village Tavern! It's going right next to Circuit City. I ate at one of these in Scottsdale and it was really, really good (and the prices weren't off the hook either). I was happy when I saw the BJ's go up - now I'm even more excited. Anyone seen my treadmill? http://www.villagetavern.com/
  21. Yeah, there are a LOT of people who still tie downtown Orlando to Church street. I primarily work over by the convention center. However I have to sometimes commute to my other office in Lakeland. As I talk to these "polk folk" (I made that up, btw) and mention that I live downtown their first reaction is usually - Oh, you mean by Church Street Station? Living in Thorton Park I answer "sort of" and then give my canned speech about what's happening downtown. The discussion almost always ends with them mentioning the "terrible" traffic problems we have. Down in Lakeland, they seem to think we are like LA or something! Yeah our traffic sucks but it's not THAT bad! Anyways, I always chuckle when I go through this routine (and trust me, it's a routine!)
  22. Have I mentioned lately how much I detest Rosen? What a scrooge! For someone who is so successful, he certainly has no "big visions" for the city at large. Are there any good interviews/articles that outline his objections?
  23. They're still doing their thing... It's a good hop from Thorton park, so I have to side with the Breakfast club as it's so close to where I live and, well, it sure does TASTE good (and they are prob. the fastest diner I've ever seen).
  24. Crap- the breakfast club doesn't seem to be all that "clean" (duh!).... Anyways, the single best place to eat before and after a hangover!
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