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  1. It's just not a heavily traveled road. The people who travel north from Charleston, Beaufort, Savannah, Georgia, etc., are going to get off I-95 in Manning or Summerton, and take a totally different route into town. At that place you're talking about, the 378/I-95 interchange, really only handles traffic that comes into Sumter from Myrtle Beach, or from eastern North Carolina and farther. That road is always empty. However, it is true that they could develop it a little more. You think they would put something there besides two gas stations.
  2. I-95 appears to run through the boundaries of the city of Florence. Looking at a map, it probably takes 2 minutes to get from the center of downtown Florence to I-95. At its closest point, assuming you're headed northbound, Sumter is a solid 20 minutes away from I-95. If you're southbound, you have to drive all the way to Manning to reach I-95. To me, that means that Sumter did miss out on I-95, since it doesn't run through town. I think that extra 20 minutes by car makes a very big differences to businesses and commuters.
  3. Growing up in Sumter, I never thought of it being in the midlands. I thought of Columbia, Irmo, Lexington, Lugoff, and others as being such. Obviously there's no set definition of "midlands". Some people include Sumter, some people don't. You can definitely make arguments for both. I'm not aware of any organizations or businesses based in Sumter that use the term "midlands" - that is something you find in Columbia. I will say that radio and television stations like to call us the midlands, because we don't have a major network affiliate in Sumter, Columbia's radio stations typically reach the city of Sumter, and of course these outlets have a fiduciary interest in capturing the Sumter market as part of the midlands. I'm not claiming the following are authoritative, I'm just doing a google search: -The "SC Business Development Club of the Midlands" doesn't include Sumter. -The State newspaper doesn't consider Sumter a part of the midlands. In the context of sports, at least, none of Sumter's schools are included in the "Midlands Roundup", "Midlands Preview", etc., yet the Orangeburg and Calhoun schools are. -The "MIMS Hub" (Midlands Improving Math and Science) doesn't include Sumter - only Richland/Lexington. -The United Way of the Midlands serves 6 Counties: Richland, Lexington, Fairfield, Orangeburg, Newberry, and Calhoun.. but not Sumter -The "Central Midlands Council of Governments" does not include Sumter, only Fairfield, Lexington, Newberry, and Richland -The Central Midlands Regional Transit Authority does not include Sumter -Midlands Technical College does not serve Sumter -USC's "Midlands Writing Project" does not include Sumter -The "Window Coverings Association of America" has a midlands chapter, which doesn't include Sumter .... .. ok.. I know most of these are obscure, I'm just saying that it's debatable whether Sumter is the midlands or not. You could do a similar search involving "Pee Dee" or "Santee Cooper", and you'll find that Sumter tends to bounce in and out of different regional organizations. Personally, I think of us as the Pee Dee, and not the midlands. My perception is that most Sumterites think of Sumter as in the Pee Dee, since the Black River runs through Sumter County. As you can see, this map from SCDHEC shows that the city of Sumter, and most of Sumter County is in the Pee Dee watershed. Maybe when I cross over the Wateree River, going west towards Columbia, I'll say I'm in "The Midlands"
  4. Yeah, Sumter missed out on I20, I95, and being the state capitol (Stateburg). Apparently politics and geography have not been kind to us. I suppose things could've turned out much differently. I've always thought it was funny how populated the Sumter area is, yet you never hear anyone discussing it, not just on UP. Sumter is at the convergence of several different regions. Columbia folks don't seem to want to include it in the midlands, even though it's closer to the geographic center of the state than Cola. Florence folks don't want it to be a part of the Pee Dee, even though it lies in the Pee Dee River basin. It's not quite in "Santee Cooper Country," but it's on the border.
  5. Welcome, sumter. I'm a sumterite, but I don't keep up too much with what's going on in my hometown.
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