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  1. Mr. Downtown

    The Rumor Mill

    There were crews from Triangle on site last week taking down some rebar and hauling off the plastic barricades. Perhaps Peacock and Kent were hard up for some cash and decided to sell some rebar for scrap? How long until the city demands that this eyesore be torn down?
  2. Mr. Downtown


    I think that Gman is joking in this case, maybe June Fool's Day got the better of him. If he's not, how many times did he cry wolf about that damn Pinnacle building? I have heard that the problem with the Peacock is that even before the "credit freeze," no bank in their right mind would take on this turkey, and the owners decided to back it with their own cash. If a bank won't finance a $60 million hotel, why would you start it out of pocket, especially if you've never run a hotel in your life before?
  3. Mr. Downtown

    UPDATE:New Greenville Restaurants

    The building that Takosushi is in is in desperate need of a makeover. I haven't tried it yet, but I do think that it would be a shame if they fail because of lack of adequate signage here.
  4. Mr. Downtown

    Greenville Photo of the Day

    Dogs on Wheels does have the best hot dogs in town. The beer cooked brats are excellent too. The thing that sets all of it apart is the toppings, specifically the sauerkraut. The Hot Dog King's sauerkraut is too mushy, and lacks flavor. It's fun to go, but if you want a mediocre hot dog at a Greenville landmark, visit Tanner's Big Orange. Dogs on Wheels, what do you think of the competition that has popped up around town? I see that guy at the corner of Main and Beattie all the time - does it effect your business? You definitely have the better position.
  5. Mr. Downtown


    I think I just threw up a little in the back of my mouth.
  6. Mr. Downtown

    New Statues downtown...?

    This space was nothing except an empty lot next to a former drive through bank building.
  7. Mr. Downtown


    Actually, I heard that they hit a pipe while they were digging this morning. Sorry to cause so much excitement, but there was serious water in the hole!
  8. Mr. Downtown


    The hole on the site (10-15 ft deep) is about halfway full of water. Looks like somebody found one of the many fabled springs in Spring Street.
  9. Mr. Downtown

    Poinsett Highway

    The "purple porno shop" near the Rutherford intersection (where the Gooder 'N Good restaurant was YEARS ago) has recently closed and the building has been painted a less atrocious color.
  10. Mr. Downtown

    UPDATE:New Greenville Restaurants

    Sec. 24-215. Possession of beverages containing alcohol on public property. (a) Open containers. It shall be unlawful for any person to be in possession of any opened container containing beer, wine, alcoholic liquor, or any similar intoxicating beverage, inclusive of mixed drinks, by whatever name called or known, which contains alcohol and is used as a beverage, while on any public street, sidewalk, or mall, except to the extent authorized by permits for outdoor cafes issued under section 8-257, for special events and block parties under section 36-136, and for other public facilities and buildingswhen a permit is issued under subsection (b)(5) of this section. My question is: if I buy a beer at the window, do I have to stand directly on the sidewalk in front of the building and drink it? I know that it wouldn't be an issue at an event like Main Street Jazz, but what about after it ends? THUMBS UP TO BERTOLOS! Beer makes everything better.
  11. Mr. Downtown

    UPDATE:New Greenville Restaurants

    The city has no business shutting down any businesses at a certain hour that generate revenue for them. I can remember a couple of years ago seeing a show at the 40 Watt in Athens that didn't get out until 1am and there was a sausage vendor outside of the venue that was making an absolute killing. After several beers, you need something to eat!
  12. Mr. Downtown


    Yeah, they're tearing it up over there today! They've got a backhoe moving all kinds of dirt. They might just be moving it to the other side of the lot and then back again, but it looks like they're staying busy.
  13. Mr. Downtown

    Pete Hollis Gateway

    Poinsett Highway from Rutherford to Cherrydale is an eyesore. I'd like to see bulldozers running up and down either side of the road tearing down everything in their path. I would probably consider the phone poles to be one of the more aestheticly pleasing things along that road. Are you using a camera phone?
  14. Mr. Downtown


    Yeah, that seriously ticked me off this morning when I was planning on coming down the ramp, and the city has absolutely no signage before the ramp to let you know. I ended up going the wrong freaking way on Washington because it put me in the turn lane. The city seriously needs to get its act together on street closures in this area of downtown. Spring is unusable, Broad is a mess, McBee is closed for a project that might not happen - come on traffic engineers! Get out and drive around instead of watching it happen through the windows at City Hall!
  15. Mr. Downtown


    I forgot to make the point originally that I do think that Riverplace is a MAJOR improvement over what was on the land originally - a couple of fairly unattractive, bland, slightly rundown buildings and old parking lots. Riverplace is a very dynamic development, and an excellent way to "start" your journey into the West End.