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  1. Here is the thing. I wanted both the swim center and ACC hall downtown. But even though they arent going to be downtown, im still excited about both projects because they are worthwhile for our community. I agree that city leaders dont focus on downtown as they should. It takes groups like DGI and Action Greensboro to make things happen downtown. City leaders need to have a "Charlotte" mindset in this case. Downtown should be the the city's hub for cultural and recreational attractions such as the swim center. There is enough hotel rooms in the downtown area for a swim center. If you'll notice the strongest and most prosperous cities have a strong and vibrant downtown that is "THE" commercial, cultural, recreational and entertainment hub of the city, not commercial strips like High Point Rd or airport areas.

    Agreed. Greensboro biggest downfall is that it has many great qualities and assets, but they are scattered throughout the entire city which in turns causes the city to compete against itself.

  2. I havent noticed this but it looks like downtown has a new night hot spot. Called "Boston's House of Jazz" its located in the building that use to be Left Field Tavern next to the ballpark. Apparently the lounge has been in business since July.

    a sample of an evening at the House of Jazz. Its about time we have a true Jazz night spot in downtown Greensboro. I love Jazz, it really has an urban vibe to it.

    That place is kinda isolated and it also looks like a "whole in the wall" joint.

  3. This is for those odds and ends that don't really fit in any existing thread and don't really warrant threads of their own.

    Where do you all shop or visit most often, Four Seasons or Friendly Center? I work at a store in the Friendly center, but I prefer visiting and shopping (occassionally) at Four Seasons Town Centre. Friendly Center is too spread out and impersonal, kind of like Super Wal-mart.

    Wet' n Wild Emerald Pointe unveils new ride. Only one of two like it in the nation.




    I've lived in Greensboro my entire life but never visited Emeral Pointe, what is it like?

  4. The North Carolina A&T State University Homecoming is this weekend in Greensboro. What are thoughts on this large event that encompasses most of the city (are they positive or negative)? Is Greensboro too small for such an event or just right? Please chime-in.

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