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  1. Thats the third hint Ive gotten toward another big project in the past couple of weeks. Somewhere on this board it was mentioned that there would be another "major" anouncement soon.
  2. Citizens will be making some major moves this year. Things from the mellon takeover have settled and they are in great position to make huge moves before years end. I have no idea how this will effect their rumored tower downtown
  3. Someone has mentioned this before, but today I noticed the very large building under construction off of douglas ave near prime time. I think it is directly behind the Brooklyn coffee shop. I was quite surprised by both its location and size. Does anyone know what its going to be?
  4. The YMCA building is 190 feet according to projo
  5. frankie, the building used in the movie is the daily news buidling in new york
  6. Frankie, there is no solid evidence as to the origin of the daily news building in the superman series. Those at city hall in LA have suggested that their building influenced the depcition. There is also the daily news building in NY....some claim that this was the model. Further, you have the "superman building" in St louis. The cartoonest responsible for the design has stated that he was not influenced by any one building...which I find hard to beleive
  7. Here are some pics of what "IT" was is rumored to be modeled after....some have debunked this rumor http://www.souvenirbuildings.com/CustomWor...s/LACH101-l.gif http://www.lacity.org/atty/media/photos/Photo33.jpg
  8. If these are all built that would give us more buildings greater than 300ft (9) than hartford, which is slated to have 7
  9. Cotuit, Im confused about the powerblock heights. You have two listed at over 300. By condo tower do you mean the hilton residences at the former gulf station. Also, where will the second tower be located? Also, whats going on with the old fire station?
  10. Not impossible b/c there is a growing number of MDs who do not go on to practice medicine. More and more MDs are going into pharma & biotech or branching out into law. Like I stated before I know several recently graduated MDs who are in big pharma R&D and have no intention of practicing medicine because they are so bitter about total disgrace matching has turned into As far as Phds....there has been an explosion in the number of regional positions offered by biotech and pharma cos in which you job is to communicate scientific data throughout you regrion..aka medical science liaison/regional scientific director
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